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CASE1125: Horary consultation concerning Mr Peter Sefton (PERSON6384) and Dr Simon Forman (PERSON2824)

Question asked by Dr Simon Forman (PERSON2824) on 23 January 1597 at 09:00

SF Peter Sefton 1597 the 23 Iani An m’ at / 9 p 9 best to Agre wth hm {sic} or no et quid inde sequitur/

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 226, f. 3v (upper right part of page)

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CASE4392: Horary consultation concerning Eustace (PERSON97) and Dr Simon Forman (PERSON2824)

Question asked by Dr Simon Forman (PERSON2824) on 22 October 1598 at 15:00

SF Eustac of Lambeth at 3 p m’ the 22 of octob / p|b|est to tak him &c/

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 195, f. 180r (bottom left part of page)

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CASE8128: Horary consultation concerning Winifred Graves (PERSON3198) and Dr Simon Forman (PERSON2824)

Question asked by Dr Simon Forman (PERSON2824) on 3 September 1600 at 10:00

SF Vnifret Graue of 20 yers 3 Septm an’ m’ at 10 missa fuit mihi magistrā quid inde sequtr {sic} // primū tempus

Et promissa est mihi si vnquā sit Digna 40 libris erit ad mandat{} meū. et sub eadem Cōdioe dedit mihi manū suā. Et missa est vltra erit filia mea et si aliquod facio se. vult Requit me Again Cum Amore/ et vult me Amare ad hoc tempus sic’ missa est

at 10 an’ m’ 3 Septm 1600.

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 236, ff. 202v-203r (f. 202v bottom right, and f. 203r upper left)

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CASE19492: Horary consultation concerning an Anonymous (PERSON27019) and Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]] (PERSON5218)

Question asked by Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]] (PERSON5218) on 29 June 1601 at 06:00

RN R. N. quærit vtru quomodo cognat se habet. vtrū viv an mortuus. vtru Oxonij nec ne. vtru obtinet petitione nec ne Iunij et quid mihi in hoc intinere boni vl {sic} mali cotinget Iunij 29 die hor. 6. ant m. 160i

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 404, f. 130r (bottom left part of page)

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, John Young, Joanne Edge, Janet Yvonne Martin-Portugues, and Natalie Kaoukji (eds.), The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,;sort=sort-date;f2-practitioner-is-querent=Yes;f3-question-asked=Personal%20affairs%3A%3ABusiness%20affairs;f4-querent-is-asking-about=Self%20and%20others, accessed 21 January 2020.