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CASE52076: Horary consultation concerning Elizabeth Fyrth (PERSON49529)

Question asked by the patient on 26 February 1621 at 11:15

RN Elis. fyrth of Slapton. 14 y borne the first weeke of Lent feb. 26 h. 11. 15 ant m 1621 was brought heather cā see neavr a whit

[Astrological Chart]

Elis fyrth of Slapton \{sic}/ 14 y feb 26 h. 11. 15 ant m 162i

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 233, f. 67r-v (f. 67r upper left, and f. 67v upper left)

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CASE53089: Horary consultation concerning Agnes [Anne] Shelton (PERSON35249)

Question asked by the patient on 4 September 1621 at 14:00

RN vide An Sheldon of Brafild yt could not see but her eyes were stopt 3 y sinc last Christmas. tooke pils for 3 days was let blood boath armes ceph an viij & recoavered & cā see but a furlong of prty well to goe & to guyd her selfe was here when mr vnderhill sept 4. h 2. p m 162i was blind 22. weekes.

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 231, f. 90r (upper left part of page)

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CASE53918: Horary consultation concerning Alice Butler (PERSON45428)

Question asked by Anonymous (PERSON39410) on 18 April 1622 at 10:25

RN Alce Buttler of wavendon 2 y A next shrovetyde a w{illeg}|e|eke before weddensd morning at the first cocke being about on came to me {illeg}|A|p. 18. h. {illeg} {sic} 10. 25 ant m. 1622. eyes red sore waterish

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 223, f. 59r (upper left part of page)

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CASE60952: Horary consultation concerning Mrs Joan Stanton (PERSON59498)

Question asked by Mr Tomlin (PERSON60287) on 15 August 1625 at 13:20

RN Mr Tomlyns of Tinswicke 53 y brought me xs for mres Stanton of warwick in token of love & kindnes Aug 15. h. 1. 20 p m. 1625. she found some helpe in her back but applying pigeons but onc to her feete. ma Drow so mutch as yt{sic} her sight is weaked. & her eyes swelled |a widow womā|

gave me xs gratis brought vntome by Mr Tomkins of Tinswicke.

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 217, f. 170r (bottom left part of page)

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CASE71912: Decumbiture for an Anonymous (PERSON41300)

Question asked by Martha [Matthew] Jinkins (PERSON52561) on 27 April 1631 at 09:30

RN yest was month stretched out her hands cōpl of a lightnes in her head her eys {rune} & is sleepish

It tooke her sorely & had \a/ very greevous fit in the morning & so always in her bed h. 6. 30 in aurora martch 30  {sic} |march 29. | h. 6. 30 ant m 163i

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 232, p. 284 (bottom centre, bottom left, and bottom right parts of page)

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CASE52448: Horary consultation concerning Mary Harvey (PERSON51120) and Harvey (PERSON51090)

Question asked by Mary Harvey (PERSON51120) on 12 May 1621 at 14:15

RN Mary Harvey of Olny a young widow 24|6| y may 12 h. 2. 15 p m 162i

for her legs swelled red eys dym & her litle child wth hot red eyes

child sent

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 233, f. 138v (upper left part of page)

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, John Young, Joanne Edge, Janet Yvonne Martin-Portugues, and Natalie Kaoukji (eds.), The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,;f2-question-asked=Medical%3A%3ASymptoms%20%28specified%29%3A%3AEye%20troubles;f3-patient-sex=Female, accessed 24 February 2020.