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CASE12287: Horary consultation concerning John Trueman (PERSON16582)

Question asked by the patient on 24 April 1599 at 09:30

RN Iohn Trueman of Willing i9 come lāmas. hath a swellinge in his legs fallen downe lately wthin this sennet his \belly & body/ was before swollen. he hath taken phisick this 4 yeres. & hath taken Drink of many & of Mr Glover of Northampton. Drinkes losing him yt hath had taken a diet losing Drinke for 3 days fasting & had 2 cakes & hath in a day. his excrement looke white & his face & eyes all yellowe but a fully faced youthe. 24 of Apr. die h. 9. 30 p m {sic}. 1599. cathed it wth a wet & cold. faynt & feeble.

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 228, f. 135v (upper left part of page)

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CASE65917: Horary consultation concerning William Lute (PERSON53991)

Question asked by the patient on 25 April 1628 at 13:39

RN Will Lute of Ravensthorpe natus Octob vlt h. 11. 30 p m 1611 stroken wth a palsy at Rackbe 3 weeks before Whitsontyde vppon a sonday about h 5. p m 1625.

but Came to me Ap 25. h. 1. 39 p m 1628

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 410, f. 191v (upper right part of page)

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CASE54155: Horary consultation concerning Mrs Cornelia Farmer [Farrar] (PERSON48747)

Question asked by the patient on 11 May 1622 at 15:39

RN Mres Cornelia farnor of Summorton in Oxford sheere. 15 y may 11 h {sic} hor. 3. 30|9| p m. 1622 |subiect to cold & to cough|

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 223, f. 99v (upper left part of page)

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CASE77979: Horary consultation concerning Joan Stevens (PERSON59588)

Question asked by the patient on 5 August 1633 at 10:30

RN Ioane Steaphens ma\r/yed a w sinc tweltyde 19. y. Aug. 5 h. 10. 30 ant m. 1633 |of Grandborough| /Dove gave her a vomyt & let her blood in the left arme.\

a great payne & gryping in her stomack had thē 18 weekes sinc & 10 weekes sinc

quærit an sit gravida /head stomack & backe\

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 211, p. 355 (upper left part of page)

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CASE78557: Horary consultation concerning Mrs Dorothy Norwood (PERSON55682)

Question asked by the patient on 2 November 1633 at 12:00

RN Mres Doro {sic} Dorothie was baptized 7 of Iuly 1613 19 y old sent novēb 2 h {sic} hor 12 1633 /a maryed womā 3 y. neaver had child. her husb: hath a dropsy she looketh well & hath a good coulor.\

[Astrological Chart]

Mr Thomas Norwoods Daughter in law of wythybrooke octob. 31 hath taken a course of physick vnder an Apothecary in Coventry alnost {sic} a yere & is no way mended but weaker

her stomack almost quite gone & wanteth sleepe

hath often vomyted blood but more of late & cōmonly after meate hath a stupidity & lightnes of head her stomack always payned wth an Inward soarenes wch payne doth now descend vnto the back, hyps, thighs, & legs wth an extraordinary swelling. begyning \taking his begȳing/ at the chest

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 412, f. 22v (upper left, and upper right parts of page)

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CASE11095: Horary consultation concerning Mabel Pettit (PERSON14884)

Question asked by the patient on 30 July 1600 at 11:30

RN Mable Pettite of i6 y. of Groundon. Iuly 30 die h. 11. 30 ant m. 1600. a great swelling in her face & throate.

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 202, f. 146r (upper right part of page)

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, John Young, Joanne Edge, Janet Yvonne Martin-Portugues, and Natalie Kaoukji (eds.), The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,;f2-querent-age-band=010-019;f3-practitioner-is-astrologer=Yes;f4-question-asked=Medical%3A%3ASymptoms%20%28specified%29, accessed 29 March 2020.