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  • Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]] (PERSON5218)
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CASE17928: Horary consultation concerning Alice Dennet (PERSON11251) and Anne Broughton (PERSON10089)

Question asked by Alice Dennet (PERSON11251) and Anne Broughton (PERSON10089) on 16 September 1602 at 13:45

RN Alce Dynnet of Wellingborough 32 y.

An Broughton 26 y maried this 4 yeres had on child miscaried had anothr after Sept 2 i6 hor. 1. 45. p m. 1602.1

[Astrological Chart]



Alce dyet. troubled wth the mother

the mother.

’ in chart

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 221, f. 201r (bottom right part of page)

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CASE10602: Horary consultation concerning Elizabeth Beauchamp (PERSON9583) and Alice Tingswick (PERSON16448)

Question asked by Elizabeth Beauchamp (PERSON9583) and Alice Tingswick (PERSON16448) on 17 May 1600 at 16:00

RN Elisabeth Becham of Astwood 29 y may 17 die h. 4. p m. 1600 |& Alce Tingswick. for the mothr & wind cholick:|

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 202, f. 72v (upper left part of page)

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CASE63659: Horary consultation concerning Mr Playdwell (PERSON34368) and Mrs Dorothy Playdwell (PERSON34369)

Question asked by Mr Playdwell (PERSON34368) and Mrs Dorothy Playdwell (PERSON34369) on 16 April 1627 at 17:30

RN Mr Pledwell \44 y/ & Mres Plet{illeg}|dw|eld|l|. |40 y| Ap. 16 h. 5. 30 p m 1627/ /she was deadly sick of ye mother.\

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 227, f. 64r (bottom left, and bottom right parts of page)

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CASE61307: Horary consultation concerning James Evington (PERSON48671) and Mrs Dorothy Boyes (PERSON44613)

Question asked by Anonymous (PERSON40204) on 19 November 1625 at 08:00

RN Sr Iames Evington litle Child Iames Evington 3 y novēb 19 h {sic} hor. 8 ant m 1625

|Dorothy Boys.| troubled wth Divrse hot fits of a hot feaver & hath had it a good while & cānot be quit of it |his vomyt wrought not|

And also his gentlewomā & wayting gentlewomā sorely troubled wth sore & strong fits of the mother.

[Astrological Chart]

Iames Evington 2 y of Offord Cluny novēb 19 h {sic} hor 8 ant m 1625

Mres Dorothy Boy{s} 2|i|8 y

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 224, f. 45r-v (f. 45r upper right, f. 45v upper left, and f. 45v upper right)

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CASE73625: Horary consultation concerning Elizabeth Spenser (PERSON59353) and Mr William Harrison (PERSON50994)

Question asked by Mr William Harrison (PERSON50994) on 14 January 1632 at 16:15

RN Elis. Spencer nata 1610 of the house 21 y of Ashbe dwelleth {illeg}|w|th Mr Rich king Mr Harryson yt wayteth on Mr Anth King Ian 14 h {sic} hor 4. 15 p m 1632.

nata tuesd before mydsomer h 6 ant m 1610

the mother causing swounding arising on the Left syde

Mr Harryson craveth of me how to vse two Bullets of . /and a vomyting lozeng of 5d.\

sent a 12d for 2|t|hese 2 people

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 212, p. 391 (upper left part of page)

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, John Young, Joanne Edge, Janet Yvonne Martin-Portugues, and Natalie Kaoukji (eds.), The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,;f2-patient-sex=Female;f3-number-of-patients=Multiple%20patients;f4-practitioner=Mr%20Richard%20Napier%20%5BSandy%5D%20%5BRichard%20Napier%20%5BSenior%5D%5D%20%28PERSON5218%29, accessed 28 February 2020.