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CASE50202: Horary consultation concerning Mrs Mary Smalbones [Hartley] (PERSON35387)

Question asked by Mr Hartley (PERSON31451) on 27 January 1620 at 11:45

RN Mr Hartley of Stonystratford for his Daughter Mres Smalebones extreme feeble & weake & cānot sleepe. Ian 27  {sic} h. 11. 45 ant m 1620

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 213, f. 116v (upper left part of page)

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CASE50313: Horary consultation concerning Mrs Frances Conny (PERSON29239)

Question asked by Matthias Conny (PERSON19343) on 24 February 1620 at 10:15

RW Mr Matthias Cōny of Newport for his daughter Francis. y. 4. d . h: 10: 30 \15/. ant: m Feb: 24. 1620. eateth nothinge: is verie faynt & weake./ had a little of diaprunis wch brought away ij wormes.

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 213, f. 137r (upper centre part of page)

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CASE45310: Horary consultation concerning an Anonymous (PERSON38261)

Question asked by Anonymous (PERSON38260) on 19 July 1617 at 08:00

RN the father in law of Mr Beamon surg. of Pollixhill came to me for his wife. brought a bed 3 we{ekes} sinc. taken with the new ague extreme sick & feeble & troubled wth stitches

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 220, f. 38v (upper right part of page)

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CASE66496: Horary consultation concerning Elizabeth Tyrlington (PERSON36237)

Question asked by Tyrlington (PERSON60670) on 3 July 1628 at 18:00

RN My Cosen Tyrlington sent me 12 rings cost 18s 6d Iuly 3 h. 6. p. m. 1628

sayth his wife is inwardly very hot, but cold outwardly faynt weake wasteth in her body weak in her back feareth yt shd shall not live longe & hopeth to see me/

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 405, f. 95r (upper left part of page)

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CASE25066: Horary consultation concerning Taylor (PERSON35928)

Question asked by Mr Taylor (PERSON35913) on 21 June 1610 at 11:38

RN Goodmā \Mr/ Taylers wife of Bedford 40 y Iune 21. . h. 11. 38 ant m 16i0 /weake & feeble\

[Astrological Chart]

quærit causā morbi et nomen et vtrū vivit vl morietr.

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 239, f. 73v (upper left part of page)

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CASE75373: Horary consultation concerning Lady Windfild (PERSON61994)

Question asked by Dr Surcot (PERSON59795) on 27 August 1632 no earlier than 14:38

RN Sr Iames Wynfields lady. 46 \36./ y Aug 27 {illeg}||. h. 2. 2. 38 p m 1632. /at keyston by kemolton\ |D. SibCoate /Syrcot{illeg}{sic}\| /SyrCot{ott}s.\

[Astrological Chart]

\Sr Ians {sic} wynfilds w lady 36 y/ D syrcot Desyreth some revulsion or derivative a great cough very weake.

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 416, pp. 403, 402 (p. 403 upper left, p. 403 upper right, and p. 402 bottom right)

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CASE23474: Horary consultation concerning Elizabeth Hilsdon (PERSON31676)

Question asked by Anonymous (PERSON37201) on 28 May 1614 at 15:15

RN Elisab. Hillersdon of Amptill 14 y maij 28 h {sic} hor. 3. 15 p m 1614. our lady day in lent vppō the thursday last sent after noone fell exceeding sick & so cōtinued vntill mydnight. in sutch extremity yt she knew not well what she sayd sithenc hath slept & taken some rest. yet ill & weake. hath beene sickly this halfe yeere. my wife thinketh it is the greene sicknes.

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 237, f. 13v (upper right part of page)

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CASE75523: Interrogation (Question) concerning Mrs Baughy (PERSON43797)

Question asked by Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]] (PERSON5218) between 17 September 1632 at 16:15 and 18 September 1632 at 04:30

RN Mres Baphy Im {sic} kee at Stony stratford 36 y Sept 10. h. 10 30 ant m 1632.

dyed in Childbed h|e|xtremely weakned wth the abudanc {sic} of her floures

[Astrological Chart]

Transcribed excerpt from MS Ashmole 214, p. 23 (upper right part of page)

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, John Young, Joanne Edge, Janet Yvonne Martin-Portugues, and Natalie Kaoukji (eds.), The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,;f3-patient-sex=Female;f4-patient-consent=Not%20specified;f5-querent-sex=Male;f6-question-asked=Medical%3A%3ASymptoms%20%28specified%29, accessed 31 May 2020.