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  • Yes in social-network-recorded 
  • Querent in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Female in person-sex 
  • Third party in identified-entity-was-never 
  • No in occupation-mentioned 
  • Inferred in dob-cert 
  • Medical::Not specified in question in entity-question-asked 
  • Others in identified-entity-is-asking-about 
  • Yes in residence-mentioned 
  • Only mentioned in identified-entity-was-never 
  • No in gentry 
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Idenfitied entities

Identified entity is
Identified entity was never
  • Only mentioned
  • Querent
  • Third party
Person is
  • Female
Identified entity is asking about
Entity’s age
Date of birth
  • Inferred
Date of death
Occupation mentioned
  • No
Residence mentioned
  • Yes
Event mentioned
Identified entity practice
Member of the gentry
  • No
Social network recorded
  • Yes

Margery Abraham (PERSON9030)

Female, b. 1547-07-17-1549-07-15 (est.), d. 1598-07-30 (approx.)

Residence: ‘Olney (village; now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 16 July 1598

Frances Anslowe (PERSON9189)

Female, b. 1598-11-24-1600-08-31 (est.), d. not recorded

Residences: ‘Newport Pagnell (town)’, c. 23 November 1602; ‘Tickford End, Newport Pagnell’, c. 1 September 1606

Mrs Mary Pen (PERSON62744)

Female, b. 1618-12-29-1620-12-27 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Stony Stratford (village, now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 28 December 1637

Mrs Anne Wise (PERSON62062)

Female, b. 1607-04-08-1609-04-06 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Stoke Goldington (village)’, c. 7 April 1629

Weltch (PERSON61417)

Female, b. 1602-05-24-1604-05-22 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Unspecified’, c. 23 May 1633

Tyrringham (PERSON60694)

Female, b. 1573-04-01-1575-03-30 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Nether Winchendon’, c. 31 March 1635

Elizabeth Starton (PERSON59526)

Female, b. 1624-11-14-1626-11-12 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Piddington (village, near Northampton)’, c. 13 November 1627

Swelpson (PERSON59841)

Female, b. 1626-03-17-1628-03-15 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Newport Pagnell (town)’, c. 16 March 1631

Mrs Frances Tarry (PERSON59903)

Female, b. 1630-08-15-1631-08-13 (est.), d. not recorded

Residences: ‘Hanslope (village)’, c. 10 August 1632 & 14 August 1632

Elizabeth Snagge (PERSON59239)

Female, b. 1628-04-12-1630-04-10 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Unspecified’, c. 11 April 1631

Gertrude Snell (PERSON59247)

Female, b. 1622-07-02-1624-07-01 (est.), d. not recorded

Residences: ‘Cornhill (EC3)’, c. 1 July 1632 & 2 July 1632

Mrs Elizabeth Pipkin (PERSON56820)

Female, b. 1620-11-03-1623-09-16 (est.), d. not recorded

Residences: ‘Berkhamsted (village)’, c. 2 November 1630, 9 November 1630 & 17 September 1631

Thomasin Pristman (PERSON57128)

Female, b. 1620-02-25-1622-03-23 (est.), d. not recorded

Residences: ‘the Inne’, c. 24 February 1623; ‘Newport Pagnell (town)’, c. 24 March 1623

Anne Quicke (PERSON57233)

Female, b. 1620-02-07-1622-02-05 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Melchbourne’, c. 6 February 1629

Elizabeth Parker (PERSON56105)

Female, b. 1621-06-10-1623-06-08 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Olney (village; now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 9 June 1630

Mrs Pemberton (PERSON56488)

Female, b. 1561-02-26-1563-02-24 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Woodford’, c. 25 February 1631

New (PERSON55297)

Female, b. 1620-06-11-1622-06-09 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Boarstall’, c. 10 June 1630

Man (PERSON54122)

Female, b. 1616-12-22-1618-12-20 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Turvey (village)’, c. 21 December 1625

Margaret Mansell (PERSON54176)

Female, b. 1619-01-18-1621-01-16 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Cosgrove’, c. 17 January 1636

Dorothy Kent (PERSON52825)

Female, b. 1613-03-28-1615-03-26 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Henlow’, c. 27 March 1633

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