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Mr Edward Tyrrell (PERSON36295)

Male, b. 1610-04-23 (15:00) or 1610-04-23 or 1611-04-23 or 1611-04-23 or 1612-04-23, d. 1621-03-11 or 1621-03-12

Residences: ‘Tyrrle’, c. 10 June 1616 & 31 August 1619; ‘Thornton’, c. 6 September 1619; ‘Thornborough’, c. 2 March 1621

Thomas Dudley (PERSON11386)

Male, b. 1594-09-15 (13:00), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Great Woolstone’, c. 19 June 1600

Edward Hanson (PERSON31323)

Male, b. 1610-04-17-1611-04-14 (est.), d. 1611-04-16 (6:00 p.m.)-1611-04-17 (6:00 a.m.)

Residence: ‘Nether Winchendon’, c. 15 April 1611

Dorothy Haselwood (PERSON19884)

Female, b. 1605-08-14-1606-08-13 (est.), d. 1609-04-16

Residence: ‘Haversham (village)’, c. 5 April 1609

John Rogers (PERSON57811)

Male, b. 1623-01-30 (10:00), d. not recorded

Residences: ‘North Crawley (village)’, c. 13 February 1627 & 3 February 1632

George Brittain (PERSON19119)

Male, b. 1603-07-26-1605-07-24 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Sherington’, c. 25 July 1606

Wilkson (PERSON26072)

Unknown, b. 1603-01-16-1605-01-14 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Broughton (now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 15 January 1607

Smith (PERSON15933)

Female, b. 1602-03-02-1604-02-28 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Quainton (village)’, c. 1 March 1605

Gardner (PERSON23354)

Female, b. 1599-02-13-1601-02-11 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Little Linford (hamlet in the parish of Great Linford; now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 12 February 1608

Ralph Whitton (PERSON26103)

Male, b. 1607-09-24-1608-09-22 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Stony Stratford (village, now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 23 September 1609

Child (PERSON28903)

Unknown, b. 1608-10-13-1610-10-11 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Hardwick (village)’, c. 12 October 1615

Mary Gadstone (PERSON30738)

Female, b. 1607-11-18-1609-11-16 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Ravenstone (village)’, c. 17 November 1614

Margaret Honour (PERSON31807)

Female, b. 1607-08-14-1609-08-12 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Wolverton (village)’, c. 13 August 1610

Harvey (PERSON51090)

Unknown, b. 1611-05-13-1613-05-11 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Olney (village; now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 12 May 1621

Holman (PERSON51739)

Unknown, b. 1625-02-03, d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Newport Pagnell (town)’, c. 15 February 1625

Nashe (PERSON55173)

Unknown, b. 1623-04-21-1625-04-19 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘North Crawley (village)’, c. 20 April 1627

Henry Ashby (PERSON9250)

Male, b. 1591-03-12 (00:00-06:00), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Bletchley (village; now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 15 March 1600

Agnes [Anne] Linge (PERSON13726)

Female, b. 1592-04-26-1594-07-05 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Great Brickhill (village)’, c. 6 July 1603

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