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  • Napier in identified-entity-practice 
  • Only mentioned in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Querent in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Patient in identified-entity-role 
  • No in gentry 
  • Yes in social-network-recorded 
  • Male in person-sex 
  • Third party in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Not recorded in death-cert 
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Idenfitied entities

Identified entity is
Identified entity was never
  • Only mentioned
  • Querent
  • Third party
Person is
  • Male
Identified entity is asking about
Entity’s age
Date of birth
Date of death
  • Not recorded
Question asked
Occupation mentioned
Residence mentioned
Event mentioned
Identified entity practice
  • Napier
Member of the gentry
  • No
Social network recorded
  • Yes

Christopher Booker (PERSON9852)

Male, b. 1549-06-08-1551-06-06 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Newport Pagnell (town)’, c. 7 June 1600

Anonymous (PERSONGRP62)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Occupation: ‘Servant’, c. 30 September 1616

Thomas Silby (PERSON58735)

Male, b. 1573-12-23-1575-12-21 (est.), d. not recorded

Occupation: ‘Innkeeper’, c. 22 December 1626

Residence: ‘Unspecified’, c. 22 December 1626

Mr Skidmore (PERSON58861)

Male, b. 1606-03-31-1608-03-29 (est.), d. not recorded

Slingsby (PERSON58884)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Edward Smith (PERSON58976)

Male, b. 1620-01-12-1622-01-10 (est.), d. not recorded

Mr Francis Smith (PERSON58983)

Male, b. 1607-10-06-1609-10-04 (est.), d. not recorded

Thomas Smith (PERSON59066)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Valentine Tomkins (PERSON60262)

Male, b. 1598-08-18-1600-08-16 (est.), d. not recorded

Thomas Tookefild (PERSON60333)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Occupation: ‘Dyer’, c. 17 July 1627

Residence: ‘racket court in flitstreete’, c. 17 July 1627

Christopher Troughton (PERSON60504)

Male, b. 1631-08-17-1632-08-15 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Potterspury (village)’, c. 16 August 1633

William Turner (PERSON60564)

Male, b. 1566-05-13-1568-05-11 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Stevenage’, c. 12 May 1623

Tyrringham (PERSON60687)

Male, b. 1631-08-03-1633-08-01 (est.), d. not recorded

Thomas Udden (PERSON60715)

Male, b. 1576-04-06-1578-04-04 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Water Eaton (now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 5 April 1627

Mr Vans (PERSON60795)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Residence: ‘New College, Oxford’, c. 11 May 1630

Anthony Ward (PERSON61080)

Male, b. 1585-07-14-1587-07-12 (est.), d. not recorded

Mr Wells (PERSON61365)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

John Westbery (PERSON61472)

Male, b. 1566-07-26-1568-07-24 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Sibbord’, c. 25 July 1627

Lewis Wheeler (PERSON61520)

Male, b. 1629-08-03 (14:00 approx.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Olney (village; now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 8 April 1630

William White (PERSON61610)

Male, b. 1616-04-06 or 1617-04-26, d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Steeple Claydon’, c. 7 July 1622

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