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  • Yes in residence-mentioned 
  • Male in person-sex 
  • Querent in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Only mentioned in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Patient in identified-entity-role 
  • Not recorded in death-cert 
  • Third party in identified-entity-was-never 
  • Others in identified-entity-is-asking-about 
  • England in residence 
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Idenfitied entities

Identified entity is
Identified entity was never
  • Only mentioned
  • Querent
  • Third party
Person is
  • Male
Identified entity is asking about
Entity’s age
Date of birth
Date of death
  • Not recorded
Question asked
Occupation mentioned
Residence mentioned
  • Yes
Event mentioned
Identified entity practice
Member of the gentry
Social network recorded

Thomas Jackson (PERSON32055)

Male, b. 1603-11-30-1605-11-28 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Cotterstock’, c. 29 November 1611

William Jackson (PERSON32056)

Male, b. 1573-10-20-1575-10-18 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Lowick (now part of Lowick and Slipton)’, c. 19 October 1619

William Jennings (PERSON32105)

Male, b. 1615-06-03-1617-06-01 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Drayton Beauchamp’, c. 2 June 1619

John Jinkins (PERSON32120)

Male, b. 1611-12-18-1613-12-16 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Simpson (now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 17 December 1616

Captain Lane (PERSON32493)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Horton’, c. 20 November 1618

Thomas Licet (PERSON32703)

Male, b. 1607-06-26-1609-06-24 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Cranfield’, c. 25 June 1610

Samuel Lovering (PERSON32802)

Male, b. 1603-10-30-1605-10-28 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Dunton’, c. 29 October 1610

William Mabbet (PERSON32877)

Male, b. 1614-03-15-1615-03-13 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Abington’, c. 14 March 1616

Maples (PERSON32959)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Occupation: ‘Keeper’, c. 25 February 1618

Residence: ‘Salcey Forest’, c. 25 February 1618

Tobias Mariot (PERSON32974)

Male, b. 1603-04-12-1605-04-10 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Brafield-on-the-Green’, c. 11 April 1613

Stephen Marken (PERSON32989)

Male, b. 1601-04-18-1603-04-16 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Emberton’, c. 17 April 1611

Thomas Marks (PERSON33000)

Male, b. 1610-07-21-1612-07-19 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Newton Blossomville’, c. 20 July 1619

John Martin (PERSON33053)

Male, b. 1605-04-26-1607-04-24 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Sherington’, c. 25 April 1615

Simon Mates (PERSON33088)

Male, b. 1613-01-06-1614-01-04 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Little Brickhill’, c. 5 January 1615

John Grise (PERSON3309)

Male, b. 1591-05-20-1593-05-18 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Ratcliff(e) (now London)’, c. 19 May 1597

William Growe (PERSON3321)

Male, b. 1592-06-30-1594-06-28 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘St Laurence Pountney’, c. 29 June 1599

Richard North (PERSON33724)

Male, b. 1618-05-30-1619-05-28 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Houghton Conquest’, c. 29 May 1619

Odell (PERSON33752)

Male, b. not recorded, d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Little Linford’, c. 4 June 1615

Thomas Odell (PERSON33757)

Male, b. 1567-01-14-1569-01-12 (est.), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Walton (parish, now part of Milton Keynes)’, c. 13 January 1612

Mr Henry Osborn (PERSON33821)

Male, b. 1610-05-03 (05:00), d. not recorded

Residence: ‘Chicksands’, c. 5 January 1617

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