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Our blog

The casebooks blog is intended as a sort of starter set. It is in two sections.

I. A curated collections of cases, fully transcribed and in modern English, on witchcraft, venereal disease, mind-gut connection, angels, study, ‘troubled in mind’, chastity diseases, devil/haunted/possessed, tied/chained/restrained, pregnancy and fertility, taken in by mouth.

II. A list of things in the casebooks, drawn from untranscribed judgments as well as transcribed questions. We have grouped these under the following headings: marriage/sex/adultery/in laws pregnancy/ fertility/menstruation/childbirth and after/children homes/domestic apparatus/clothing etc. speech/speechless/cursing/ill tongues/laughter sights and sounds/eyes/vision/apparitions conceits/love/memory/thoughts fear/fright/grief/sadness devil/witchcraft/haunted/ill thing violence/murder/beating/suicide food/eating/not eating/drinking/corpulent/taste & smell sleep/dreams/moon/bed/waking business, finances, property, law, work medicine/physicians/treatments/recovery/relapse/malpractice/etc. religion/despairing of salvation/prayer books/learning/study/scholars

The blog transcriptions have been prepared by subject specialists and members of the casebooks team. Some have been checked by the casebooks editors, but the cases are not transcribed or tagged with the editorial rigour of the material on the editorial site.

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, and John Young, ‘Our blog’, A Critical Introduction to the Casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634,, accessed 14 December 2018.