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A critical edition of Simon Forman’s ‘The Astrologicalle Judgmentes of phisick and other Questions’

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 4>

formans prologe to this his Boock of Judgmentes

Let no man knowe thy seacreat deedes

{illeg}hi frind have alwaies soe/

while frindshipe Laste doe thou forsee

He once may prove thy foe.

{illeg}t be not rashe in Judgmente, nor

Condeme none hastely

{Mi}struste a woman by hir wordes

thoughe shee doe wepe and Crye

{illeg}fairest speach which sonste beguiles

{illeg}e not in Credit then

{illeg}ie then truste soe maiste thou oste

{illeg}{d} the snares of men.

{illeg}on triste, before thou trie

{illeg}inge speache

{illeg}nge frinde shal thee deceyve

{illeg}the over Retche

{illeg}is treason old men saie

{illeg}{llerye}rs have no Luste

{illeg}{neve}r was I yet Deceyved

{illeg}wher I put my truste

{illeg}a space on matters greate

{illeg}epe a nighte or twaine

{illeg}n doe procead ther in

{illeg}at thou work in vaine

{illeg} Lawes of god thi Lord

{illeg} thou in noe case

{illeg} medlinge in such thinges

{illeg} shalte thi selfe disgrace

{illeg} ar good. used to good end

{illeg} did them create

{illeg} thinges used to ill intentes

{illeg} god and makes Debate/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 5>

THE Astrologicalle Judgmentes of phisick and other Questions writen by Simon forman {Of}|Dr| of Astronomy and Phisick 1606. Lambeth the 16 of September In which is Comprised his Experience for 20 yeares before And many yeares after.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 5A>
Questions to be asked of the commer i
The folly of ydiotes i
of the cominge of the messanger for the sick 3
Judgmente of diseases perteining to the first house 20. 94
Wher the question be with the consent of the sicke or no. &c 20
Yf a stranger make the question for the sicke 20
Yf the brother or sister mak the question for the sick 22
generall notes to be observed before Judgmente 28
The manner howe to give Judgmente 38
Yf the father or mother mak the question for the childe 40 91
The husband for the wifes grandfather &c 52
The master or mistress for their nurse 54 91
The master or mistress for the servante 64 91
The servant for the master or mistres 66. 91
The sonn or daughter for the father or mother 70 91
The wife for the husband 78 91
The husband for the wif 78
The sick for him selfe 20 91
Judgmentes on the firste house 94
howe the plannetes and signs do rulle mans body 55
of the 57
<MS Ashmole 389, p. 10>

<A witness in MS Ashmole 363 starts here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. Unidentified Hand B>The natures of the 12 howses for Judgement of diseases and the cause therof.

  • . The first house is cold and moiste flegmatick engendreth thin water salteshe
  • The 2. house is cold & moiste flegmatick & engendreth venemouse salteshe water
  • . The 3 house is cold and moiste causing thick flem.
  • The 4. house is colde and drie and causeth thicke melancoly
  • The 5 house is cold & drie. and causeth somwhat thick melancoly.
  • The 6 house is cold and dri & causeth Thin & subtill melancoly
  • The 7 house is hote and drie natur of and causeth thin yellowe collor
  • |the 8. house is hot & Dry [add. MS Ashmole 363]| causeth yellowe and red coller hote and dri
  • Sagittarius causeth red collor hote and dri
  • |the 10th house is [add. MS Ashmole 363]| hot and moiste causeth somwhat thick blode.
  • |the 11th howse is [add. MS Ashmole 363]| hote and moiste causeth thin blode
  • |the 12th howse [add. MS Ashmole 363]| hote and moist causeth thicke blode
1 2
<MS Ashmole 389, p. 10A>

<Unidentified Hand C>The natures of the 12 Signes

  • hote and drie engendreth thin yellow collor.
  • Taurus cold and drie engendreth thick melancoly
  • hote and moiste engendreth blod somwhat thick.
  • Cancer cold and moiste engendreth thin flem and water
  • Leo hote & drie engendreth yellowe & red collor somwhat thicke
  • Cold and drie engendreth melancoly som what thick
  • hote and moiste engendreth and causeth thin blod/
  • cold and moist causeth thick stincking venemose flem saltesh
  • hote and drie causeth red collor
  • cold and dri causeth thin melancoly
  • hote and moist causeth thick feculent blod.
  • cold & moist engendreth flem and water saltesh<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 starts here and MS Ashmole 363 provides the best reading. >

{The querent}

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 2r>

<Unidentified Hand B>The first chapiter sheweth of Certain Questions that are to be asked of the party, that commeth with the urin. or asketh the question for the sick:/

¶4904When any man or woman cometh unto thee for himselfe, or for any that is sick or diseased, whether they bring the state of the sick or noe, it is not materiall, you shall following our Practice and Experience demand of the commer these Questions following. viz.

¶4905The Name of the party for whome they come, his Christian Name and Surname.

¶4906Secondly you shall demaund his age as nere as they can guesse.

¶4907Thirdly whether the sik bodie did send them or noe, or did consent to their comming or noe, for herin lyeth hidden all the secret of Arte, and the Mysterie of Physicall Judgement to know his diease and the Cause therof.

¶4908For often tymes it falleth out, that a Man is so sick that his minde is not on the physician, to send to know what diseaze he hath. {illeg} but som one els, that is about him or of his kindred or frend, desirous to know the state of the man, sendeth out to the physician.

¶4909In such a case let the Physicion be wise, and macke diligent inquiry, who was the cause of his comming.

¶4910If the sick party did bid him come or bid anie to send out for him, Then the first house which is the Angle of the East shall be the Asscendent of the Question, for the sick. for life. and for the Urin, because he sent, he did know of the comming of the Urin, or Messenger himself.

¶4911But if the Messenger say the sike man did not send me nor consenteth thereunto, then it is to be demaundeth|th|. who was the cause of his comming, either his father, mother, Sister or Brother, Uncle or Aunt, or his Sonn or Daughter or the Wife of the Sick, or the Housband of the sike. For everie of these have severall Ascendents, and according |to the| |causer| {illeg}|o|f the Question, so shall you seeke the Ascendent of the Question, as it is more plainly showed, in theyr particular chapters after wards.

The 2. Chapter showeth the follie of Idiots & shallow witted fellowes, more scrupulous then wise./

¶4912Manie there be in the world of Idiots, Gibers and shallow witted fellowes, that be more scrupulous then wise, more Nice in their points and sophisticall then learned in theyr actions. They are greate Clearcks, but have but little witt and lesse understanding, according to the saying of the philosopher, The greatest Clarks are not the wisest men, yet they would be accounted wise whan their Actions, many tymes show that they are not so wise, as they should be, or at least as they would be accounted. These men and such like I know will sey unto me many tymes behind my back, as well as they have some tymes sayd unto my face. Why should this Phantasticall Fellow demaund such foolish Questions, Is it Materiall to know the Name of the sick, or is there any differe|nce| in Names, or is ther any thing to be knowen by once Name? Or in the Age of the parties? Or is it to any purpose whether the sike bodie doth send dim self or no? Cometh not all to one end, Or will not the Judgement be all one? To which I answer and say, No Sir, it is not one. Your reason Sir sayth another; and my Reason Sir is this, And first to the Name, because that thou that demandest these Questions shalt know, that I do not aske the Name for Nought, thou shalt know how much avaylable it is unto thee that will professe Art as I do to sit and give Judgement to all commers. Some come as well to try a mans cunning or skill some tyme as well as for the sicke, some bring a Mans urin & say it is a Maydes or Womans, some bring a Maydes Urin and say e|or| Womans and say it is a Mans, some will not sticke to bring a beasts water, and say it is a Mans or Womans, some cast out the urin they are send withall and pisse in it themselfes, and sometymes they breack the glasse by the way, and buy a New & tacke the horse pisse, or Mares pisse, or their owne, and so licke Deceiptful knaves and Cogging mates they come to the <MS Ashmole 363, f. 3r> physicion, thinking to deceive the physician, But because these knavish people shall not deceive me, as sometymes they have done, as hereafter I will shew you, Therfor I say I aske they Name of the party, his Christian Name and his Sur Name, for by the Name I know partly whether it be a Mans or Womans water, but if He or She whatsoever tell me a false Name, and say it is John, when it is Joane, and If I give judgement then upon John, and he say my Judgement is false, then I say he is a false knave for telling me a false name. And the fault is in such fraudulent fellowes fooles as themselves, for they came with a lye, and they had an Answer to a lye, for would they looke for to reape better seede then they did sowe, a man can not gather grapes of thornes, nor figs of thistles, Neither can they have a {trew} true answer to a false demaunde, For the philosopher sayth Omnis Questio aut propositio habet suum proprium Responsum. And Aristotle sayth A fine uniuscujusque intentionis oritur principium. The beginning of everie thing doth spring from the end of his intention. And the end of these fellowes intent is to deceive the Physicion, and therupon he Counterfets a lye and begins first with a lye, and tells the physician a false name, thinking to deceive the Physician but in the end deceives himselfe, and may be sold for a foole at Chering crosse; Although this former saying of Aristotle may be better applyed to the searching of the Φilosophers stone, & there for I say, for this Cause I aske the Name. And again I aske the Name for an other Cause also and that is for because I will not forgett, what everie once diseaze is and what counsel I have given them, for having their Names on my booke, I can allways tell thereby, what thyr diseases be, and what counsel I have given them, For suppose there comes to me this day 3. 4. 5. or 6, 10. or 20., and to Morrow as Many more & the Next day as manie more, some of them will take physic. <MS Ashmole 363, f. 3v> and some will take none, some tymes again, the tyme doth not serve to give physick, and sometymes men, or the parties have no tyme to tacke it, because of necessarie businesse and they come again. 2. 3. or 4 dayes or a weeke after/

¶4913If {illeg}|I| had not their names, and disease on my booke, how could I tell what their diseases were, or what to doe unto them, or what to give them, but so soone as they tell me again their Names I find it one my bou|o|ck, there do I see the cause of their diseaze, and how ther|y| are troubled & what I must doe unto them, els should I forget as many doe, and soe give them chalek for cheese, and so perhaps give them that which will doe them more harme then good, for many there be that have as Large consciences as Lawyers, that cares not, so they are well payed and have their fees how their matter goeth forwards, but for such Lawyers and such physicians hell openeth her mouth wide and it were no greate matter, If the world were well ridde of all such Caterpillers of the Commonwe\a/alth, for the one Makes Rich men poore, but they never make poore men rich, and the other makes whole men sick, but they never make sick men whole, the one consumeth a mans felicitie, & the other a mans Libertie, and both a mans wealth the more pitty, yet who so bold as blind Bayard. for they are Johannes fac totum, viz ubis but non factis/ what is it that they will not take upon them to do? yea they will sweare and stare, & promise golden mountains to cover their Ignorance withall; to cosen men of their monny, but when it cometh to the act, they then will give them they know not what, but so that they give them something they thinck it is good enough, & so they try experience upon mens bodies, when they neither know the Estate of mens bodies, nor the Cause of their Diseases, and then give them such medicins as worck so extraordinar extemely, that nature not being able to beare the force therof, or because it worketh on a contrarie cause, that manie tymes through blind Ignorance and follie they turne up their Heeler and bidd men good morrow at midnight.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 4r>

¶4914Of such fellows we have to manie in England, butt their Names of Doctourshipe doth cover their knaveries when plein Experience showeth their ignorance, & yet they think they may kill men by authority, but yet I will them to remember this that they must all come to judgment for it, therfor we say there are three things, nay rather three manner of persons not tolerable in a Commonwealth a Lewde unlearned Priest, a Lawyer whose conscience is Like a broad Cart way, and an Unskilfull and Ignorant Physician, for thorough these three many decay and come to nought, for thorough the Lewdness of the Priest manie soules go to the Diuel; thorogh the greedy coveteousnesse of the Lawyers many are undone, and {tow} thorough the Ignorance of the physicion many bodies come to their graves before thier tyme.

¶4915Secondly towching the name I will here shew unto you certain names that be common as wel to men as to women, at least in the Vulgar pronunciation, of these which know not the true reason and right originall of the Name, And these Names are doubtfull, & may decieve thee, therefore in such names be plain with them, to aske them whether it be a man or a woman except thou canst gather it by their talck, as often tyme thou mayest, the names are these. Adrian Constancye Collet Bennet Dennys Jackman Frauncis Fortune Harman Jiles Joyce Luke Phillip. Silvester. Swythin Vincent Zaccharie Clement

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 4v>
Of the Age:

¶4916Now I will showe you why I aske the age of the partie, for some will say why should he aske the age of the party, Is there any thing in the age, or is there any difference of diseases in respect of the age, To which I answer yea Sir there is, for there is as Much difference in the age, as there is betweene a child and an old bodie, for children are subject to the redd gumme, to wormes, to the small pox, to measels, to scabbes, etc: which old folcks are not./ Again, young maydes are subject to the greene siknes, which old wœmen nor children are not, old men are subject to the gowte which children or yong men \folckes/ are not or verie seldome and we see by experience, that manie diseazes come in children, that come not in middle aged nor old folck, and many come in Middle age, that come not in children nor old age, and many come in old age that come not in Children nor middle age, because in tyme in respect of age, the heavens \humors/ do alter, and strenght and complexion {illeg} and so much for that./

Of the comming of the messenger with consent or without consent of the sik and of the falsnesse of Urine:

¶4917Thirdly some In like manner will say again, why should he aske who sent the Urin or Messenger, or was the primary cause therof, or whether the sicke party consented thereunto or no, Is it any matter who sent, or whether the sick did know therof or noe? To this I Answer yea Sir, for the philosopher sayth; mens hominis movetur secundum cursus cælorum, the mind of man is moved according to the Curse of heaven. And I say that the Course of heaven doth not all wayes fit to aske a question, for as the Course of heavens is allways running, some to one thing some to an other, and when it seemeth to the motion of one mans mind in one thing, an other mans mind is <MS Ashmole 363, f. 5r> moved the same instant to an other thing according to his constellation, under which he was borne. So that a man can not move a question, neither of himselfe, nor of any other, so that it have a Radix or a deepe Impression in the Resolutions thereof, but when soever he makes the Question, the heavens do fit to shew the truth therof, for he shall have no power to do it, till his mind do aggree with the Course of heaven, If he aske it in a good Intent. And therefor I say, when the sick mans mind doth concurre with the Course of heaven by a speciall desire that he hath to knowe the state of his bodie or siknese then shall he move the Question or send out the messenger to that Intent, And then is the Ascendent taken by the first house, because it is the sick mans intent and demaund to know. But because the sik mans mind some tymes is not thereto by reason of his sicknesse, for that it is so tediouse, or for that he hath little Credit in the physicion, or lesse in his art, not because Physik is evill, if it be well used or well given, for physick of it selfe properly is good, but the best things may be abused, and so may physick, For some complections can not abyde physick, espescialy women of a High complection, or men verie chollerick in 3 degrees of Nature; Or els because in these Dayes they see that many physicians for want of art & knowledge, have dealt so evill with them or their friends in former tymes making their bodies Apothecaries shops & consume their substance and wealth, and use so much Physick unto them, that they bring them from better to worse And where before they were a little out of quyet, they macke them sik, and where they be a little sicke, they detinewe them so, till in the end they day dye, so that more in a yeare often perish thorrough the follie of Ignorant Phisicions (for want of art and knowledge, to know the Cause of the disease) then other wise, for the maxime of physick is sublata causa tollitur effectus. He sayth not take away the diseaze but the Cause of the diz|s|eaze

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 5v>

¶4918But I demaund of you whow they can make3 an Effect, when they know not the cause, will they say we looke in his urin, why I answer, you were as good in respect to looke in the urinall case, for galen, Hippocrates, Avicenna and all the ancient philosophers do utterly condemne a urin saying urina est meretrix. the Urin is a strumpet, false and may deceive any man, And Johannes Albiosus sayth in his 33. demonstration. Urinæ est judicium fallax potest namque tingi per cibos, per calidititatem hepatis, renum, per iram, per exercitium, et per lapsum humoris nigri, quam ob rem judicaretur propter choleram, & varias commixtionis incognitas quantitates, aliquando est defectus in sanguine, & repletione venarum, expellentium choleram ad fundum stomachi, qui mordicatus nititur eam expellere. The Judgment of the Urin is deceiptfull for the Urin may alter his ch colour by reason of the meate that one eateth, or by heate of the Liver, or Reynes, or through anger, or much exercise of the Bodie, or by falling downe of some burned cholerick humor, whereby a man may Judge Melancholi much heate to abound in the boddie, Or it may chaunge by reason of the unknowen queantities of divers commixed humors, for somtymes there is som defect in the bodie by repletion of the veines expelling choller to the depth of the stomack, which being bitten endevoreth to expell and drive it foorth, Again we know by experience, that much fasting doth alter the colour of the Urin and mackes it loocke exceeding redd, enflamed, because of the heate of digestion and much Circulation; how then can any man give a Just judgement of the cause of the any mans diseaze by the Urin which doth alter his colour by many occasions. Again we have seene our selfes the Urin of one looking exceeding black deadly. when there hath bene no danger at all; also we have seene the Urin of one, that hath bene verie sicke, which hath bene excellent cleare and of a right Amber colour, and yet the partie hath dyed within 48. howers after, What credit then I pray you should <MS Ashmole 363, f. 6r> one give to Urin, or to these Phisicions, which judge of the cause of mens diseazes only by the Urin? Some will say, we Judge by the puls, If they say so, I say that the Pulse is also false and utterly condemned of the ancients And Johannes Albiosus sayth Pulsus quoque nos decipere pro caliditatem, &c. The pulse also may decieve us thorough much heate, and straightnesse of the passages and some tymes through feare. And we have knowen by our experience that the pulse hath kept a due course to 5 or 7 and hath broken as at 8 and hath begon again to hold till 13 or 14 and then hath broken again, and some tymes the partie dath ben in greate danger & somtymes in no daunger at all, and some some tymes the pulse hath kept a just Course in one hand, and in the other hath ben no pulse at all

¶4919Some may now say we will judge by the egestion, why that is utterly condemned also for a man can Judge nothing of that as concerning the Cause of one disease wherupon Joannes Albiosus sayth Aliquando Egestiones videntum phlegmatice & tamen peccat cholera caliditatem aperientem {ponis} & fit caloris digestivi Resolutio &c. Some tymes the Egestions doe seeme phlegmatick, yet choller doth offend by reason of heate opening the pores and there is resolution by digestion of heate, Therfor to conclude of all these superficiall matters, as the Region, the Regiment, the tyme of the yeare, the Complexion, the pulse, the Urin, the sidge, the sweate, the rednesse of the chicks cheekes, or Lipps, the hollownesse of the Eyes, and all such old wives fables, they are as false to lay any ground theron for to know the cause of the disease therby, and it is the cause of \everi/ diseaze that we seeke, and that we ought to know, for Art sayth Tacke away the cause./

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 6v>

¶4920Some again will say we talked with the sick party & he tells us the whole state of his bodie and disease, I graunt that it is good in dangerouse diseazes to se the sick and to talcke with him, and to take all the Informations you can, or that he or these that be about him can give you. But what what can he or she say unto you, They can say perhaps they have a burning fever, or they vomit much or scowre, or that they have much paine in their head, stomack and back, or that they have the strangurie, Goute or palsey or atche in their boanes, or the pox, or that they cannot sleepe or eate their meate or such like, but what is all this to the purpose to a man of art, he can cure him never the sooner for all this, because he knoweth not the Cause of this Distemperature, for the sike although he can tell the Physicion his diseaze and paine, yet he can not tell him the cause of his paine, which is the cheefest thing, and the ownly thing which a physicion must and ought to know, or els all his labour and cunning is in vain, for Physick sayth allwayes take away the Cause, it sayth not take away the disease but take away the Cause, and the effect is eradicated But how can any take away the caus Cause when they know not what it is, nor by all the skill and cunning they have can they learne, for the Urin, the Pulse, the si|e|dge, the sweate the Complexion, no nor the sick themselves can not tell them the Cause thereof, Alas how simple are physicians then that will take one them to minister any medicin to owne that is sick for to Cure him of his disease, when he knowes not the Cause therof, but giveth his Medicins at all adventures, and perhaps gives him that which is cleane contrarie to his diseaze, and so mackes him worse then he was, as for exemple, I will reherse the Circumstance of a Gentlwoman here in London, that was Frantike, a Certain Dr Juthe Cittie, whome she had|th| some affiance In was called to see her by her husbands procurment & to remedie her <MS Ashmole 363, f. 7r> of her diseaze, he made no doubts therof, and tocke on him the matter, and administred unto her for the space of 6 weeks, but the woman was nevver the better, and the which tyme it was my chaunce to come home, having bene out of the towne, The Goodman hearing that I was come home, [because once before (through Gods grace) I had set her in her right minde when she was in the same taking:] he send for me, I cam to her and met her doctor there, & had conference with him about her, and he demaunded of me this question, what is the Reason Mr Forman that for these 6 weeks space I can not set this woman In her right wits, and you did once set her in her wits before when she was in this taking, and I have tryed all the wayes I can devise & can not do it     I answered him in this manner, the Reason is because you do not know the cause of her frensy, And her answereth|d| again, I suppose the cause to be, by reason of Melancholy humors in her matrix mixed with her menstrues and I told him noe, quoth he Let me try my skill once more, do quoth I, he provided his Medicine, quoth I, when will you give it her, at such a tyme quoth he, then quoth I. the tyme is evill for this diseaze, and again she will not take it, why quoth he? I know a reason to the Contrarie quoth I; when the tyme came he would have given her the medicin, but he could not make her \to/ take it, when he saw that, Now quoth he let me see what you can doe, the next day night following I led layd a thing to her head, and the day following she was reasonably well come to her selfe but not well, then I did so once more the night following again, and she was well thanks be to God, So that in two dayes we stopt the cause of her diseaze, which they could not do in 6. weekes because they did mistake the Cause.      Here you may see the skill of such Doctors as work without art.

¶4921This same Doctor as well as he is accounted of, it was my chance to met him at Gentlemans house in the Countrie whose only Daughter was sik, and I told the Gentleman that it was but a follie, to bestow any cost on her she would dy within 6 dayes following, and again I told him that he should give her no medicin, if they did she would be Frantick within 6 howers after <MS Ashmole 363, f. 7v> But this learned Doctor comming thither gave her a Glyster, and the Mayden waxed Frantick within 6 howers, so that 4 women hath much adoe to Rule her, the next day her Father sent for me again, where I met this Namles Doctor and In conference about the Gentlewoman he demaunded of me, what I thought of her, quoth I, she will dye within 3. dayes except God give her longer life, as he did Ezechia the King, why should you say so quoth he, and I see no signe of Death on her, are not (quoth he) her eyes quick and her lips red, and a good coulour in her face and a reasonable good pulse, but he knew not that she was Frantick, and that her coulour came with striving; what quoth I doest thou tell me of her eyes, of her lips, her nose or of her tayle, I tell thee she will day dye, for art saith she will dye. O quoth the Doctor you are one of them that is not free of our house, you stand much upon art, of which we have no skill. So it seemeth quoth I, it were better for your Credit, and also those with whome you deale with all, if you hath skill in art as you have not, but your owne talke quoth I, sheweth your Ignorance, and such blind Doctors as you are, quoth I, doe discredit art and your profesion and make mens bodies Apothecaries shopps, & then to bestowe their monneyes idly to maintayne your follies and to kill themselves by your foolish Doctrine.

¶4922This fellowe quoth the Doctor to the Gentleman talkes he knowes not what, I will warrant your daghter Sir quoth he, do so quoth I, and if she overlive fryday next, I will never studie art, nore minister any phisick more, & with thayt I tocke my leave and went my way and left this skillfull Doctor there to Cure the Gentlewoman, and this was the Wednesday, and she Dyed|d| the Fryday after. This Jolly Doctor shall yet be Name lesse for a season, because I will not alltogether shame him for he may be well ashamed of him selfe and of his howse wherof he is free, except he learnes better what belongeth to art, but of such Physicions Galen. octavo de Ingenio sanitatis capite 20 dicit |Quod| Medici Astrologiam ignorantes pejores sunt spiculatoribus & Homicidis non cognoscentes necessaria requisita ad medicinam./

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 8r>

¶4923Physicions that are Ignorant In Astrolgie are worse then Spiculators and menslayers for that they know not things necessarie belonging unto physick.     And Eberhardus enveyghing against such and Lamenting the misery of the tyme, wherin so manie unlearned men do live saith Heu miserandum Tempus etc: O miserable tyme, now the tyme is come that there is scant one found among a hundered Physicians that know how to Judge of mens diseases, or that can tell, what tyme medicin should be made, or when and what tyme it should be given, wheras it is most necessarie, above all things to observe the tyme in giving of medicin;/ And for myne own part, I know this and the Inhabitants of London and the Countrys adjoining can wittnesse the same, and some leærned men in this Land, that have seene the experience thereof. That in one hower the Course of heaven a man will give a Medicin shall cure a diseaze, that missing such a tyme, a man may give a hundred medicins and not cure it, well sayd that wise Solomon therefor when he sayd, there was a tyme for all things. Johannes Tasner upon his Canon on diseazes sayd|th| stultum hoc medicorum vulgus, quod nostro sæculo sic videmus insolescere atque impovere nobis purpura sua, cum sibi ab Authoribus suis preceptum sciant, ut absque astrorum consilio nulli medicentur, & tam longè a medicina est, qui astrologiæ Ignarus est, ut non medicus dici debeat, sed Impostor. |Which| may be well englished thus: Wee see in these our dayes the common sort of foolish physicions to waxe arrogant and prowde, colouring their bad deedes with smooth words and greate shewes, making manie beleeve the Moone is made of a greene cheese, and that Authors do say this and this, when they them selfes do verie well know, that their Authors do forbid them to deale or medle in Physick without Astrologie, for that none can be Cured, but by chaunce without the Counsel of the starres and knowledge in Astrologie and he that is Ignorant In Astrologie, is so fro far from the true knowledge of medicin and physick that he is <MS Ashmole 363, f. 8v> not worthie to be called a Phisicion but an Impostor or an Intruder. And Johannes Albiosus sayth that in his 39 proposition Cæli juvant Medicos ut Salutem ægrotis conferant.

¶4924But now to come to our former matter again, of which we spack afore towching the Cause of the diseaze for Example, Put the Case I take a threed or a string and tye it about my thomb or handwrest verie hard, and thereby my hand and arme doth swell much, I com to a Physicion, putting a glove \on/ my hand that he can not see the string, wherewith my finger is bound which is the Cause of the swelling of my arme. I show myne arme to the physician, he administred many medicins to me, but all helpes not, because he findeth not the cause, but when he seeth the string, he taketh it away, and when it is gone myne arme and hand were well of them selves or with verie few medicins. The like is in Surgeons that take in hand to cure old sowres, Ulcers fistules, Cankers and other sores and woundes, they macke a greatest hearvest with a little corne, and keepe their patients long under their hands, and all for want of witt for they see not nor know not the Cause why the sore will not heale And then they use manie salves, and try manie experiences upon them, making them worse then they were before, as for Example at my first comming to London there was an Ancient Gentlewoman of 64 years of age that hath a Sore legg and was first taken in childbed, and she beare it 25. years, and she had spent above 200{ld}, as she and her husband both affirmed one Physicians and Surgeons, and could get no remedy, except she would have her legg cutt off. This woman through the grace of God I cured in 5 weeks, and made her legg as sound and as small as it was in 30 yeares before, even to her owne content, that afterward she went a broad lustely and well & when I had don she gave me but 50ss. for my labour, yet I was contented therewith, because she did it willingly, and allwayes thankfull unto me after.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 9r>

¶4925But you unskilfull Surgeons I mervayle how you dare to take on you to cure such wounds & sores as you have no skill in, you are horse leatches and no surgeons, that go on like blind Bayard, not regarding the end of your profession, your Credit nor honesty, nor the Slandering of arte, you are ennemis \both/ to your selfe and to all humain kind and Caterpillers to a common wealth, and more men are made lame and dismembred through your lewde Ignorance and blind boldnesse, then would be other wise if you never meddleth with them, I merveil much how you should be good Surgeons, Seeing that art sayth. a man may be a good Physician, though he be no Surgeon.4 But he cannot be a good Surgeon except he be a good physicion, because the cheefest part of Surgerie consisted in Physic. to judge of the Cause, and to take the Cause away for if the accid acces of humors which fall to the sores and are the cause why they heale not be taken away then the sore soone healeth, good Dyet and skill observed.

¶4926Again one is apprentice to a Barber Surgeon: 7. 8. 9. or 10. years, and in all that tyme his Master healeth a sore finger or some such simple matter, yet this fellowe so soone he is out of his yeares will say, he is a Notable Skillfull fellowe and will take upon him to do any thing yea the greatest cure that is, and so worcke to find experience on the poore patient to his utter undoing, but because they have eloquent termes and a few words of art they make men belive they are brave and skilfull fellowes when their apparel on their back is more worth then all their cunning./ But remember this all yee Ignorant phsicions and unskillfull Surgeons, that you must all come to Judgement, and give account for everie finger, for everie hand, and for everie arme, legg and member that you have cutt off, or causeth to be lost thorough your Ignorance, and for everie one that hath Dyed through your follie./

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 9v>

¶4927And this shall suffice for comming of the Messenger with consent or with out consent of the sik for this tyme, the rest shall appeare in the chapiters following of severall parties comming for the sike./

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 10r>
De Quæstionibus super 8am sphæram ex quodam Authore, which wer false, But I have corrected it, for he put the 9. house for the 8. house./

¶4928Nota quod signa 8æ Sphæræ, quam vis per se sint Mansiones non habentes opera, tamen eis ascribimus opera, secundum qui operatis in eis, Deinde propter diversitatem situs, & secundum quod invenit materiam producentem taliter disposi{illeg}tam a temporibus precedentibus unde illam proprietatem accerbimus5 Virgini, quam Arieti, quamvis6 situm consimilem habeant. Quia alio modo inveniat electam dispositionem in Æstate quam In hyeme, Ex istis satis patet {illeg} quod omnia Judicia fiant per 9am sphæram & non per 8., quia in eadem signo non operatur similiter in {illeg} omnibus climatibus, Sed omnes operationes m|M|agiæ, ut Imagines, Laminæ, Characteres, sigilla, appendentia, annuli & similia fiunt per 8am sphæram & non per 9am, quia maxima differentia est inter Caput Arietis Nonæ sphææ & 8 Ergo per 9am & non per 8am. Et quia Mansiones æ 28 Mansiones æ 8æ spheræ sunt maxima fundamenta Artis Magicæ pro operatione Annulorum, Imaginum, Characterum & similium, Et Nota quod Judicia 9æ spheræ Circa 4or consistunt, viz Circa Revolutiones, Electiones, Nativitates, & Questiones. .

¶4929Circa Revolutiones, hoc est, ut per dispositiones planetarum In 4or Temporibus Anni viz in Ingressu is in primum minutum & . Specialiter quando in principio Anni ingressum suum facit in primum minutum Arietis, predicere que futura sunt in Anno ex quolibet Temporum, ex mortalitate, peste, fame, guerra, pace Inundatione & similibus & hoc in uno climate

¶4930Sed hic nota In Revolutione Anni, figura Cæli ordinata {per} Tempore ingressionis is in in principio Anni secundum locum, si eo tempore, fuerit in Ascendente Signum fixum, tunc sufficit illa figura & judicium pro toto Anno.

¶4931Sed si fuerit in Ascendente Signum commune quando inient in tunc fac Aliam figuram quando intrat in

¶4932Si In Ascendente fuerit signum mobile quando sol Intrat in tunc fac aliam figuram quando intrat in . & aliam quando intrat in , & aliam quando intrat In & sic pro 4 Temporibus anni.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 10v>

¶4933Item circa Electiones, hoc est ut eligamus quo tempore eidem Convenienti habeat fieri si forte futurum sit viz ut in Itineribus, & pro plantatione, seminatione, tonsione, pugnatione, & pro administratione medicaminum & pro medicatione Infirmitatum Et pro ædificatione domorum, & destructione, pugnatione, pace et Similibus, ad eligenda Tempora idonea eis, omnes istæ resolvuntur per 9am sphæram.

¶4934Item Circa Nativitates, ut sciamus scita Naturæ alicuius producere & prædicere, & futura in tota vita sua, viz de pauppertate, de divitiis, de Magisteriis, de Infirmitate, de studiis, de dignitatibus, de Domagiis & cæteris bonis & malis accidentibus ut de Matrimonio de liberis &c: omnes istæ Cognoscentis pro figuram 9æ sphæræ

¶4935Item Circa Questiones ut secundum sciamus in Instanti Respondere ad omnem Questionem interrogatam, utrum sit de Infirmitate, de Itinere de salute, de Morte, de vita de controversia, de adversario de furto de re sublata, de abscondito, de thesauro, de amore, de Matrimonio, de emptione de Venditione, de divitiis, de Magisteriis de piscatione, & omnes ista debent resolvi pro figuram erectam secundum 9am sphæram & non secundum 8am.

De Judiciis super Annum &c:

¶4936Primum est scias Invenire Dominatorem rei, ut in Revolutionibus Anni, considera ergo in 9o signo fuerit Dominator Anni & utrum sit fortunatus vel Infornatus. Quia si fuerit fortunatus in aliquo signo tunc bonum & perspicacem Annum signat Anni Dominum illam Planetam esse dicas, qui plures habet dignitates in figura Temporis & pro illum judica principaliter Artum mundi vel Nati, vel alterius Rei

¶4937Considerentur quinque in Revolutione alicuius Nativitatis. Et sunt istæ. viz. Divisorem id est Dominum Termini ad quem provenit Divisio vel directio. Dominus Radiorum Divisionis Particeps vel Receptor Domini Radiorum Dominus Anni. & Dominus Profectionis.

¶4938Sed si requisitus fueris in aliquo anno de peste, de fame &c: æqua omnes planetas ad instans in quo eo Tempore ingreditur in signum de 4 Temporibus Anni, & quando ingredit primum punctum Arietis.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 11r>

¶4939Et considera Tunc quonum se habent planetæ de Retrogradatione, Dominatione & statione, ut si sint Retrogradi & Diminuti cursus, aut utrum sint in Cæsu, aut Exaltatione, aut In Domo. &c.

¶4940Tunc vide quis planetarum fuerit in gradu Ascendentis, quia ille fortior est quam planeta in Ascendente, et ille planetarum qui est in Ascendente, habens plures dignitates. viz de domo, exaltatatione, Triplicitate, Termino aut facie, ipse eorum erit domin Dominator in omni, eoque ad naturam illius signi protinet.

¶4941Et si fuerit Infortunatus erit e contrario./

¶4942At si adspexerit aliquod signum aspectu bono, & non fuerit signum illud impeditum sed prospicax in his que protinent ad illius signi bonum significat.

¶4943Et si aspexerit 10am domum aspectu bono & non fuerit planeta fortunatus & signum, sed perspicax in his que protinent ad Regem vel Regnum bonum erit, et e contra.

¶4944Et Idem Infortunium erit secundum planetæ qui Infortunaverit illud signum ac Planetam.

¶4945Statum plebis judica pro Ascendentis Revolutionis Anni, Mundi & Dominum ejus.

¶4946Si Dominus Ascendentis est in 8a Domo sciant Mortalitatem plebis nisi Dominus 8æ Recipit eum.

¶4947Si Dominus Ascendentis est in 6a Domo, it sheweth many diseazes and sicknesse among the people and so forth, as In everie speciall Chapiter you shall finde./<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 ends here and it provides the best reading. >

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 20>

The Judgmente of diseases perteyninge to the firste house And to knowe when the firste house of the figure: which is the Angel of the Easte, shal stand for the Querente And be the Ascendant of the question./

¶4948It is to be Noted generally in all questions made for the sick whosoever |it be that [add. MS Ashmole 363]| make the question or sende for the sicke yf it be done with consente of the sick. or yf the sick bodie be presente before the phisisione at the time of the question as mani tymes fathers And mothers doe bringe their Children with them when they Aske the Question for them/ In all thes The first house which is the Angel of the Easte shalbe for the Querente for the urine and for lif

¶4949Lykwise yf any straunger doe com for the sick {illeg}|be|ing moved with pitty not beinge of his Line or kinred wher he com with consente of the sicke or without Consente of the sick. the firste house which is the Angel of the Easte shalbe the |house [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Ascendent of the question for the sick for the querent for the urin and for life

¶4950And in such questions the 5. house shalbe for the liver and his Lord excepte som other planet have more dignities in the Signe Assending of the 5 house then the Lord therof. as in the chapter of the 4 vertues & in the 5 house/

¶4951The 6 house and his Lord is for the Infirmitie, to knowe wher yt hath byn Longe on the partie or noe or wilbe Longe on him, And also to knowe wher his diseas be at worste or noe, or wher the sicknes be old or newe, or wher yt will alter or chaunge to Any other infirmitie or noe &c as in the chapter of the 6 house/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 21>

¶4952The 7 house and his lord, shalbe for the sick person. to knowe wher the sick shalbe eased of his diseas or noe and howe he shal Like of the phisision, And wher the phisision shall doe him good or noe, and to knowe wher the sick parson wilbe Ruled or noe &c: as in the Chapter of the 7th house/

¶4953The 8 house and his Lord is for death to knowe wher the partie shall Live or die of that diseas &c as in the chapter of the 8 house

¶4954The 9 house and his Lord is for the phisision. to knowe wher he shall or can cuer the party or noe, And to know wher the partie hath taken Any phisick before or noe as in the chapter of the 9 house

¶4955The 10 house and his Lord to knowe wher the finger of god be on the partie or noe &c as in the chapter of the 10 house

¶4956The xi house & his Lord for to knowe what nature the medison shall be and howe the cuer muste be begon and ended as in the chapter of the xi house

¶4957The 12 house and his Lord shall showe wher the partie be bewitched overseen or Inchaunted or possessed or vexed by som evill sprite &c as in the chapter of the 12 house

¶4958The 4 house and his Lord showeth the end of every Cuer the poticary And his druges and composision of his medisons as in the chapter of the 4 hous

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 22>

The 4th chapter is of the brother. sister Unkelle Aunte or kinsman./

¶4959In a question wher the brother, sister, Unkell, Aunte kinsman, or kinswoman doth com for the sicke body without the Consente of the sick. And doe ask the question for the sick or for his Disease or for life or Death. wher they bringe the urine of the sick or noe. so that yt be without consente or knowledge of the sicke in such a case the third house and his Lord shalbe the Ascendent of the question. for the querente And \sick/ for Lyfe and for the sick person and for the uryne and shall stand for the first house of the figure for Judgment & the first house shalbe for the querent

¶4960The 7th house shalbe for the Lyver as in the chapter of the 5 hous

¶4961The 10 house for Death. as in capitulo mortis 8e/

¶4962The 8 house for the Sicknes. ut in capitulo 6e/.

¶4963The 9 house for the 7th. ut in capitulo 7e

¶4964The first house for the medison as in capitulo 11e

¶4965The 11 house for the phisision ut in capitulo 9o

¶4966The 12 house to knowe wher the finger of god be on the sick ut in capitulo 10e/ Domus

¶4967The 2. house. to knowe wher yt be by witchcrafte or no as in capitulo 12e Domus.

¶4968The 4th house and his Lord which is the 2. house from the third. to knowe wher yt wilbe cured with small coste or noe/ and wher the physision shall have profit therby or noe ut in capitulo 2e domus

¶4969The 6 house and his Lord for the end of the matter or end of the Cuere. And for the Appoticary. and composision of the medison wher yt be Rightly composed or noe as in the chapter of the 4th house/.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 23>

¶4970Example wher the Brother or Sister bringeth the urine or Asketh the question for the sick without the Consente of the Sick. Anno 1596. the 21 Julii. Wednesday. Ante meridiem at 50 minutes past 9. A man made this question for his Sister without her Consente to knowe wher shee wold Lyve or die of that Diseas. of 33 yeares

[Astrological Chart]

¶4971This woman dyed Saturday nighte folowing at midnighte being the 2{0}|5| day at night. in her sicknes shee was heavie hedded and slepie and very hote and burninge and full of melancoly for she had a fever of too fites & veri drie.

¶4972her Disease was caused of in || and seperans a in . that is of much melancoly in the begininge of 4 degres. and of moch yellowe Collor hote and Drie in 2 degres. soe that the drith was in 4 degres Extinguishinge the Radical humidity and moisture of nature inferring death.

here youe shall note for Judgmente

¶4973The 1. & 3. houses ar the Ascendant the first house and his Lord which is the ascendant of the figure is for the querente. The 3 house and his Lord is the Ascendant of the question |and [add. MS Ashmole 363]| for the sicke person and for life

¶4974The 10 and 8 houses & their Lordes for death

¶4975The 7 and 9. for the sicke person howe he wilbe Ruled

¶4976The 8 and 6 for the houses of imfirmitis and sicknes

¶4977The 7 and 5. for the state of the Lyver

¶4978the 9 and the xi for the phisision

¶4979The 4 Angels ar thes in the question vz. 3. 6. 9. 12.

¶4980Dominus ascendentis questionis. is at a to the 8 house. a signe of death

¶4981 which is Lord of next ascending in the 3 house. is in 8o at |a [add. MS Ashmole 363]| to in the 8 house of the question and showeth death.

¶4982The last grades of in the ascendant of the question. is a sign’ of death

¶4983venus Domina ascendentis figure is in her falle in an evill place vez in 4o questionis ys an evill signe/.

¶4984Luna in via combusta to the 8 house applicans domino 8e showeth spedy death

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 24>

¶4985Another Example 1596. 24 May Monday ante meridiem at 40 past 7. wher the Coosine sent the urin of the sick without |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Consente of the sick to knowe the Dizease & of Life and Death of 26 yeares

[Astrological Chart]

¶4986The diseas of this woman was in the braine in the harte belly and Lefte side: a fever of 2 fites. somtims better and somtims worse. of and one: she was full of melancoly and toke yt with a freite: she was alsoe fainte and moch stopte in the stomak. yt was caused of in and seperat a in and here melancoly had the dominion & her mind is moch trobled. she lyved/

¶4987The 3. house of the figure for the ascendant for the sicke body and for the urine

¶4988The 5 and the 7. for the Lyver and vertue debilitate

¶4989The 10 and 8 for death. as in the chapter of the 8 house

¶4990The 6 and 8 for the sicknes as in the chapter of the 6 house

¶4991The 9 and 11 for the Phisision as in the chapter of the 9. house/

¶4992The 7 and 9 for the Sick person and howe he wilbe Ruled as in the chapter of the 7 house

¶4993The 12 house and the 2. to knowe wher he be bewitched or wher yt be Any unnaturalle disease. as in capitulo 12 domus

¶4994<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 starts here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >The 4 Angells ar the 3. 6. 9. 12.

¶4995<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 ends here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >Luna here goinge from which is Lord of the ens house of infirmities and of Death in parte applying to . showeth that the Disease is paste the hieste and Doth abate and that the party will not Die

¶4996 dominus ascendentis questionis in applicat per . ther is reception betwen and . for receives in his house and receives in his face. which showeth that in the extremity and |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| height of her diseas. beinge lyk to die she Revived./

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 25>

De Intentione querentis

¶4997Every question. that a man doth or will demaunde he ought to doe it upon a good entente and fervent desier he hath to be Resolved therof. And no question ought to be moved upon talke or speches had or temptandi causa. for Any cause. but upon a true entent and very true desier to be Resolved therof. Whether yt be done sodainly. or upon longer deliberation yt is not materiall soe that he doe it absolutly upon a true entent & desier to be Resolved. for mens hominis movetur secundum Cursus Cælorum/

¶4998To knowe a mans Entente and wherof he will demand or wherefor he coms. Thou shall marke the ascendant and his Lord. and the plannet that is Lord of the terme face or triplicity of the grade assendentis. and wher the Lord assendentis be Joined by or aspecte to any on of them. for According to that plannet shall the entente of the asker be/

¶4999And Ptolomy and Doritheus say. that you shall loke to pars fortunæ in what house he is. and according to the house that is in shalbe his entent. or demaund. as yf be in ascendant then he coms to demaund of him self and of som matter toutching lyf

¶5000yf be In 2o. he will demand of mony & substance

¶5001yf in 3o. of his brother sister or kinred or of a Jorney

¶5002yf in quarto he will demand of his father or of treasure

¶5003yf in 5o of a child or messanger

¶5004yf in 6o of a Servant or sicknes or of a beaste

¶5005yf in 7o of a wife woman, maid or enimie |or of fightinge or losses|

¶5006yf in 8o of ded mens goodes or landes

¶5007yf in 9o of a Journei priste clark lawier or Religion or of som matter of arte. or of som writinge.

¶5008yf in 10 of Justice or of obteyninge a suete or of som great man

¶5009yf in 11o. of a frind. or frindshipe or love

¶5010yf in 12o. of troble Imprisonment of a great beaste or of witchcrafte &c/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 25A>

¶5011The Indians say locke howe many degres of any sign is ascendant. and cast to every house 2 degresse and a halfe and marke wher the Number endes begininge with the signe ascendant: and wher the Number endeth the Lord of that signe. According to the house that he is in shall showe wherfore he commeth


¶5012Suppose ther is 12 degres of ascendant. of thes 12 degres I give to every sign too degres and a half begininge with . and the Number endeth on Leo which is in 5o and signifith children. Then I loke wher I find the . and he is in 7o. which signifith women. therfore I say he coms to demand of a woman. to have her to wif.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 28>

General notes to be observed. before All Judgmentes.

¶5013youe shal understand. that in al Judgmentes ther ar 3 thinges or plannetes to be observed for the Querente. and 3 thinges for the thinge Enquired of or for.

¶5014for the querent alwais observe. thes folowing the Ascendant dominus ascendentis planeta in ascendente Luna excepte youe find yt otherwise set downe in their several chapter

¶5015for the thing enquired of or for you shall observe. the Lord of the house to which it belongeth The plannet that signifith the thing demanded And the plannet that is in the house that signifith the thinge that hath any dignity and is not Remotus but nerest to the ascendant of that house.

¶5016And in Judgmente of dizeases. youe shall understande that yf the plannet that is cause of the dizease. vz that is Dominus 12e or 6. secundum tempus. be also the plannet that the Doth separat from or apply unto that plannet hath then a doble signification. as thus. is in and is Dominus 12e. secundum tempus e. and the dothe Lately separat from her causeth a doble melancoly humor. that doth overcom the blod. and the partie is splenatick and full of melancoly and doth pine and consume awaie. Yf in such a case the withall be in a melancoly signe. then is the melancoly so moch the more: and ther is 3 partes of melancoly to one of blod/ yf in such a case also the doe also apply to in then is it yet the more/ yf Dominus hore be also or or in a melancoly signe then is yt somoch the more alsoe

¶5017Yf also ther be in 6o or in ascendente a melancoly plannet or a plannet in a melancoly sygne then is the melancoly somoch the more. yf also ther be a melancoly signe Ascending. then yt is somoch the more

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 38>

capitulum 6m the manner howe to give Judgment wher the father or mother coms for the sick without consente of the sicke/

¶5018youe shall understand that we calle the generalle figure that which alwaies Riseth upon the question that is made by the consente of the sicke persone. wher the firste house which is the Angell of the Easte standeth alwaies for the querente for the urine And for life and that the reste of the houses followe in order as in the Chapter of the firste house.

¶5019And we calle that the figure of the Question/ wher the question is made without consente of the sicke. as by the brother Sister kinswoman. father. mother unkell Aunte graundfather or graundmother or by the wife for her husband without his consente. or by the husband for his wife without Consente of his wife. or by the master or mistres for their Servaunte without the consent of the Servaunte. or by the Servaunte for his master or mistres beinge sicke without their Consente. in all thes or in the moste parte of them youe |shall [add. MS Ashmole 363]| have severalle ascendents by Severalle houses signifynge the partie for whom the question is made. And all thes we call the ascendant or houses of the question/ And not of the figure as in the Chapters of their |seuell [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Severall houses shall Appeare.

Nota In gyvinge of Judgmente upon the figure of the question

¶5020Allwais in gyvinge Judgmente upon the figures of the question. youe shall Joine the firste house of the figur which is the Angell of the easte. and the firste house of the question and their Lordes for life and for the querent.

¶5021And the 6 house of the figure. and the 6 house of the question and their Lordes for the strength of the Sicknes and contynuance therof. as in the chapter of the 6 house

¶5022And the 5. house of the figure and the 5. house of the queston and their Lordes for the strength of the Lyver. And to knowe which of the 4 vertues Is weakned

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 39>

¶5023And the 7 house of the figure And the 7 house of the question and their Lordes for to knowe wher the dizeas shalbe gryvouse unto the Sick or noe. And wher the sick wilbe Ruled or noe &c as in the chapter of the 7. house

¶5024And also youe shall Joine in Judgment the 8 house of the figure. and the 8 house of the question and their Lordes To knowe wher the Sick shall Lyve or die as in the Chapter of the 8 house.

¶5025Also you shal Joine the 9 house of the figure and the 9 house of the question together to knowe wher the partie hath taken Any phisick before or noe / and wher yt was profitable to him or noe. And for the phisision, and so forth as in the chapter of the 9 house/

¶5026Also youe shall Joine the 10 house of the figure and of the question and their Lordes together to knowe wher the finger of god be on the partie or noe &c as in the chapter of the 10 house

¶5027Also youe shall Joine |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| together the 12 house of the figure & the 12 house of the question And their Lordes. to knowe wher the partie be bewitched or noe./ or possessed of an evill sprite or feyrie strok &c as in the chapter of the |12 [MS Ashmole 363]| house

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 40>
yf the father or Mother com for the sick or if the grandfather or grandmother com for the sick

¶5028In a Question wher the father or the mother coms for the sicke or yf the grandfather or grandmother com for the sicke without consente of the sicke, as many tymes they doe not bringeinge the sicke child with them In such a Question The firste house of the figure which is the Angell of the Easte and his Lorde shalbe the Ascendant for the Querente. But the 5 house and his Lorde which is the house of children shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the sicke not being presente. But yf they bringe the sick child with them. then the firste house and his Lorde which is the Angell of the est. shalbe the ascendant of the Question for the sicke ells not and then the question is generalle. But in this case wher the parentes come without consente of the childe not bringinge the sicke with them. The 5. house shall be the Ascendant of the question for the strength of the sicke. as in the chapter of the firste house/

¶5029The 10 or 4. house and their Lordes shall showe the cause of the Dizease According to the tyme/ and shall stand for the 6 & 12 houses of the figure as in the chapters of the 6 & 12 houses.

¶5030The 9. house of the figure shall stand for the 5. house to showe the state of the Lyver as in chapter of the 5. house

¶5031The 12 house of the figure shall stand for the 8. house |of [add. MS Ashmole 363]| to signifie wher he shall Live or Die as in capitulo |8æ [MS Ashmole 363]| Domus.

¶5032The firste house or Angell of the Easte shall stand for the 9. house for the phisision and to knowe wher the partie hath taken Any phisicke or medisons all Ready or noe as in the chapter of the 9 house &c |& [add. MS Ashmole 363]| of the reste/.

Example 1589. the 8 of Aprile Tuesday pm at 30 post j The father for the sonne. without his consente

[Astrological Chart]

¶5033The signs of Death in this figure. ar the application of the to . lord of the 12 house. which is the 8 house of the question/. for is in her falle in the 6. house of the question. And is Al{um}ptain of the Ascendant |\{}/ [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Doth applie to Lord of the 8 house of the figure. and is Retrograde in an evill place at a to the 8 house of the question which signifi Death And in was causer of the dizease with in . causing moch cold extingguishing the heat of nature & a fever of too fites.

¶5034\he died the Saturdai folowinge/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 41>
The father mother grandfather or grandmother for the sicke

¶5035Alia questio wher the parentes made the question for their daughter of a xi yers of age 1595 the 13 June Friday pm at 5. post 12. without her consente

[Astrological Chart]

¶5036This maides dizease was caused of in separans a in . of moch melancoly and Reume and she was |much [add. MS Ashmole 363]| pained in her head stomake in the belly and in the Reines/ and yt wente downe into her Lyms. she was heavi sade & melancolike cold and drie and moch out of quiete And roninge into the grene sicknes for the powars of her body were stopt thorowe moch cold and cold melancoly. This maiden I cured by the grace of god by givinge her Confection of hamech and the pils of mirabolans.

¶5037A Third Example of on Katerine Knighte of 14 yers 1595. 26 februari Wednesday pm at 30 post 3. the mother for the Daughter. without the consente of her daughter.

[Astrological Chart]

¶5038The dizease of this maiden was caused of in | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| separatur a o in . of moch salte flem & collor. she had moch pain in the stomak and could not digeste her meate she was pained in the braine and in the belly and side & had a kind of Drie skrufe lyke a leprosy on her leges. and I Cured her thus per dei adjuva{men} Recipe Sir. f{um}terre prassii {An} oxymellik ii. Aquarum bitton pulegii Camomilli Aneti absinthii An iii. fiat potus pro 6. Dosibus mane et sero |Th [add. MS Ashmole 363]|

¶5039Then I purged her thus. Recipe. catartici Imperiali semis Confecti hamec ʒii Aquar borag {Antli} An. j. fiat potus pro uno dosi this gave her 3 vomites and 10 stoles. And she was well god be thanked./

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 42>

|8 [add. MS Ashmole 363]|Judgmentes upon the question mad by the father or mother for their child without the Consente of the Child / and after this manner youe muste give Judgment upon all other questions. that com without Concente of the Sick. |capitulum 7m|

¶5040Yf both the Lordes of the Ascendentes. vz the Lord ascendentis of the figure and Lord ascendentis of the question. be stronge & in Angulis or in succedentes fre from both the 8 houses & from their Lordes. then it signifith that Nature is stronge in the parti and he will not Die

¶5041But yf both those Lordes |ass. [add. MS Ashmole 363]| of the Ascendents be weke and infortunate. Retrograd or combuste or in the 8 houses or Joined to eyther of the Lordes of the 8 houses yt is Death. as in capitulo mortis

¶5042And yf on of the 2 Lordes of the Ascendents be stronge and fortunate and fre from and from both the 8 houses and their Lordes. And the other be combuste |and [add. MS Ashmole 363]| weake or infortunate or in eyther of the 8 houses or Joined to eyther of the Lord of the 8 house. Then | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| thou shalte give Judgmente |Iudi [add. MS Ashmole 363]| of Life and Death indifferently And According to him of them that beareth the greateste Signification in the figure. as yf he be Dominus hore or Dominus 6e. or Dominus 12e or the plannet to whom the Doth apply. And According to the strength and aspecte of the . or yf the be in 8o or doe apply to Domino 8e or be combust or in via combusta or in of or . or in 8o or in 6o. then Judg Rather death then Lyf. et econtra. yf the be fre & stronge.

¶5043yf the doe separate from the and apply to . being dominus 6e 12e or 8e in the question the partie wilbe franticke

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 43>

¶5044yf be dominus 4e et 12e figure and in 8o figure and apply to a plannet in 8o figure that is going to the of and dominus ascendentis questionis be in his Detriment or fall or combuste or obcessus a malis or in or aspecte of eyther of the Lordes of the 8 house yt is death without faille/

¶5045yf Dominus ascendentis figuræ and dominus ascendentis questionis be both cadente or in 8o figure or questionis. or in Any place wher they doe not behould the ascendant of the question or of the figure And the Laste grades of a signe in eyther of the Ascendants and Dominus 8e in 6o figure yt is Death

¶5046yf the doe separat from the Lord of the 8 house of the question And Doe Apply to the of in 8o figure in 7o figure in And dominus ascendentis et figure be both in 10o figure in uno Signo. the partie will be at deathes Dore and lyk to Die And yet verie hardly shall escape/

¶5047yf Dominus ascendentis questionis be in 8o figure And Dominus ascendentis figure in 6o figure and applieth to Any planet in 8o |Figure [add. MS Ashmole 363]| questionis being Lord of Eyther of the sixt houses yt is Death

¶5048yf the be in the 6 house of the figure And apply to Lord of the 6 house of the figure. being domina Ascendentis And in 11o which is the 7 house from the Ascendant of the question |(vz 5a pro filio vel filia) [add. MS Ashmole 363]| the partie hath som Impostum And will die therof.

¶5049yf Luna Doth separat from in Lord of the 6 house of the queston and apply to Lord of the 6 house of the figure in . 8o figure the child will be frantik and soe die

¶5050yf dominus 6e. ut be in 8o figure and dominus ascendentis in his falle or detriment. the partie will Die before the disease Dothe Leave him. or ells he wilbe sick Again and soe dy

¶5051yf do separat from in in 12o. being Lord of the 6. house and in 6o in o and doe Apply to dominus {illeg}|8e| figure. and to also being in with in 7o figure thoug dominus ascendentis ut be in 8o figure in Signo 8e yet the parti shall not die for ther coms help from god.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 44>

¶5052yf both the Lord ascendentis be cadent or in their detriment or fall. or in or of or . or of the Lord of eyther of the 8 houses. or in eyther of the 8 houses yt is Death.

¶5053But yf Dominus ascendentis questionis ut . be in 8o questionis in or in his Detriment or fall in signo 8e and domina ascendentis figure in 8o figure in not in signo 8e, and in Ascendente questionis in and apply to in 7o figure in . though be at a |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| to the Ascendant of the 8 house and doe not behould the Lord of the 8 house and be Dominus 8e in 9o and be dominus hore also yet the partie shall not Die at that |t{illeg} [add. MS Ashmole 363]| tyme of that sicknes

¶5054yf be domina 8e questionis or figure and in a cadent house and do apply to eyther of the Lords of the 6. house by or and both the Lordes Ascendentis in a cadent house yt is Death.

¶5055yf dominus ascendentis figure be in 8o questionis not Remotus and apply to domino 8e figure though dominus Ascendentis questionis be in Ascendente figure in signo not Remotus yt is Death without faill. 21 ascendant. 25

¶5056yf Dominus ascendentis figure be dominus 8e figure and in 8o questionis in signo not Remotus and Dominus ascendentis questionis in 8o questionis |no|(I| figuræ) [add. MS Ashmole 363]| not Remotus and neither of them behould the Lord of eyther of the 8 houses And be Domina 10e and apply to domino 9e in 10o by or The partie shall be lyk to dy. yet he shall not die. for it seames good prayers prevaills with god. and god gives Longer Life.

¶5057yf the Doe apply to domino 6e. the Diseas is not at hieste nor at worste, but will growe. whether yt be of the question or of the figure/

¶5058yf the be Domina 8e figure and in 3o figure at a to the 8. house and doe Apply to domino 9e. being in 7o. or 8e figure. yt is a signe that | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| som phisision will give the party som thing that will mak the sick frantik. and soe the partie will die of that Disease/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 45>

¶5059yf the be in 8o figure in not Remota separat a domino 6e figure and do apply to domino ascendentis figure by or as to in in 11o figure And Dominus ascendentis questionis in 8o questionis also. yt is Death.

¶5060yf the be in 9o figure in entringe the way of combustion and be domina 8e figure applicans in 8o in Remotus being dominus 4e figure and dominus 12 et 11 figure though Dominus ascendentis figure be in 5o figure in at a to in 8o. yt is Death

¶5061Dominus ascendentis figure or questionis in 8o figure or in 8o questionis whether he be in signo 8e or noe. so that he be not Remotus. or being in 8o Do behould the 8 house by yt is an evill signe especially yf be perigrin’ or vacua in what place |of [MS Ashmole 363]| the heavens soever she be. yea though she com next to the Lord ascendentis after she hath byn’ vacua yt is an ill signe/.

¶5062yf Dominus ascendentis figure ut be in 8o questionis. and dominus ascendentis questionis in the 12 house of the figure. and yf eyther of them doe behould the 8 house of the figure And goe from Domino Ascendentis figure to Domino ascendentis questionis. though the be in 3o figure & Doe not behould eyther of the houses of Death. yf dominus 6e. be in Ascendente figure not Remotus the partie will dy but firste he will amend and be Reasonable well And then yt will fall sick again and |then [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Dy

¶5063yff both the Lords ascendentis be Unfortunat Retrograde or combust or in their falle or detriment or in 8o figure or questionis. or be in or of eyther of the Lords of the 8 houses. or yf on of the Lords ascendentis be in a Cadent house or in 6o. questionis or figure and the other combust or infortunat or in 8o or Joyned to eyther of the Lords of the 8 houses yt is Death.

¶5064yf dominus ascendentis figure or questionis be Lord of the 6 house of the figure or of the question and in 6o. figure or questionis being domina 8e figure or questionis and Do separat a domino ascendentis figure or questionis. or from on of them and apply to the other. dominus ascendentis figure et questionis being both in a cadent house going to a yt is Death without faille. applicat in 12o/.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 46>

¶5065yf dominus ascendentis questionis be in a cadent house as in in 9o and dominus ascendentis figure be in 8o questionis and be domina 8e figure or questionis and in 8o figure and doe not behould the ascendant though she Doe Apply to Domino Ascendentis figure being in 8o questionis yt is Death or ells the partie will escape very hard/

¶5066yf dominus ascendentis questionis be in 8o figure and dominus ascendentis figure in 5o figure and be domina 8e. figure in 3o figure and doe goe from the and be void. And after com to a plannet in 8o. that is going to the of Dominus 8e questionis or figure yt is death & ther is noe Remady excepte god healpe./

¶5067yf dominus ascendentis questionis be in corde . |9 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| going to the in 8o figure and dominus 8e figure be dominus hore and in 8o retrograde though he be in his owne signe as in . And separat a domino 8o questionis & apply to domino ascendentis figure being in 7o figure and exalted in the signe of the 8 house and in 6o. yt is Death after longe sicknes

¶5068yf dominus ascendentis figure be combust going to the in 6o in a cadent house & dominus ascendentis figure be strong in his dignitis. triplicitie term |or [MS Ashmole 363]| face & dominus ascendentis questionis be also strong in his dignity or |goh [add. MS Ashmole 363]| going to his Exaltation in a succedent house as in 2o questionis & be domina Ascendentis questionis seperans a in 6o. and from domino 6e. figure as from . and be void. & next com to | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| again and also to Dominus Ascendentis figure combust in 6o. And in ascendente figure |R [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Redy to fall into the third house and at a to the Ascendant of the 8 house of the figure And Dominus 6e figure in ascendente figure Retrograde not Remotus and a betwen Dominus ascendentis questionis and Dominus 6e figure as betwen and . then the partie will mend and after fall sick Again and die.

¶5069yf Dominus ascendentis questionis be in or aspect of . whosoever be dominus ascendentis. the partie is or wilbe frantick. . applicat . domina 4e/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 50>
Wher the unkelle or Aunte doe make the question for their brothers sonn. or for his sisters sonn or daughter sicke without their consente.

¶5070In such a |Case [add. MS Ashmole 363]| question the third house of the figure shalbe the ascendant of the question for life and for the partie sicke and for the head & braine/

¶5071The 8 house shalbe for the 6t. for the cause of the sicknes or the second secundum tempus.

¶5072The 10. house of the figure shall stand for the 8 house for death.

¶5073The 6. house of the figure for the stomake

¶5074The 12 house of the figure for the back & Reins

¶5075The 9 house of the figure for the leges and fete/

¶5076Questo per memetipsum facta. 1606 the 15 of october Wednesday pm at 40 post 5. at what tyme Jhon forman my brother Richardes sonn that dwelte with me complained & more told me of it. I asked the boie what he ailed & he said he was not well he had pain in his head. and said no more But |I [MS Ashmole 363]| presently set this question to knowe his dizease

[Astrological Chart]

¶5077he had the plague in his groine & harte. & was deply infected & did vomit up all. and the tokens cam forth black after he was ded & the blains before. he died the mondai folowing at a xi in meridie upon whose death I had moch troble

¶5078The dizease was caused of in in 6o questionis. |\vz à 3a./ [add. MS Ashmole 363]| deth in the house of sicknes. & the sicknes caused of death.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 52>
The Husband for his Wives grandfather/. without the consente of his wife. and without consente of |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| the sick or |without the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| consente of the wife of the sicke

¶5079Anno 1600 the 2 of August Saturday. am at a xi mr Knight of Lambeth Asked the question for Jefferi pace being sick wher he should live or dy. this Jeffery was. mr knightes wives grandfather. & he asked yt without the consente of his own wife who was kind unto him And without |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| consente of the sicke man and without consent alsoe of the wife of the sicke and therfor we find this by experience to be in the Number of common questions. that the firste house shalbe for the sick. and the 8 house of the figure shalbe the 8 house of the question/ for Death.

[Astrological Chart]

¶5080This man Died the next morning about 8 of the clok being the 4 3 of August Sunday.

¶5081 in the Last gradus of going out of the signe showeth som spedy alteration of the parti

¶5082 applicat Domina 8e et 12e and aspecting the house of Death saith he will Die

¶5083 in ascendant Joined to the gradus ascendentis being Dominus 4e. & fallinge from his exaltation saith yt is a signe of Death.<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 starts here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 54>
The master or mistres for the Nurs.

¶5084<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 ends here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >Sometymes the master or mistres doe make a question for their Nurse beinge sicke. Lyinge in the house. without the Consente of the Nurse being sicke. In such a case youe shall Doe as in a generalle question for the sicke & as foloweth.

¶5085Questo 1601 the 4 June Thursday am at |hora [add. MS Ashmole 363]| 15 post 10 facta pro Agneta Course |10 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| of 26 yers. by her master without consente of her

[Astrological Chart]

¶5086Dominus 8e in ascendant. an ill sign for Death is in the house of life

¶5087Dominus ascendentis applicat |of [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Dominus 8e yt is a signe of Death

¶5088 applicat dominus 8e per yt is Death.

¶5089She died the saterdai nexte folowinge

¶5090her dizeas was caused of in separatur a in e which signified moch collor to abound and overcom the blod and she had a burninge fever and died frantike.//./

¶5091The ascendant of the question is the Angell of the east or firste house. for the sicke for the querente for the urin and for life. as in the chapter of the firste house

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 55>
Howe the partes of mans bodie ar distributed to the plannetes and howe the plannetes doe Ruelle over them and of their power and influence in them/

¶5092 is the highest plannet and of nature he is cold and dry melancolike of the earth earthie flegmaticke slowe. and Doth induce and engender in man cold and drie melancoly with a superficiall flem. and showeth and causeth grif Dispaire & |feare and [add. MS Ashmole 363]| melancoly. In the ascendant|11 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| fere and grif & dispair in the 4 house|12 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Indigestion & apt to vomit. In the 5. house|13 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| pain in the Inward of a man: and the whites and false conception in a woman and distemper of the matrix. In the 6 house|14 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| a long and Dangerouse sicknes and the goute sciatica or dropsye In the 7 house|15 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| in a drie signe a Tympani. ina moiste signe a dropsie. In the 8 house pain in the hipes In the 9 house the strangury or collicke In the 10 house the stone In the 11 house stoppinge about the harte & grif In the 12 house pain in the head |and [add. MS Ashmole 363]| or shoulders

¶5093 Ruleth the Right eare the splene or milte and the bones & causeth them to be cold and drie. also he hath the hearinge the fleshi parte of the stomake. the Inner parte of the eare & that above the eare & behind the eare & the synues the gristells the bladder the mawe And the vertue Retentive And beinge in pisces he causeth the black plague & the french pox. also he hath the bottom of the stomak. he causeth also Indigestion the graie stone. and the melancoly passion. of this I have writen 2 greate bockes of all the 7 plannetes thorowe out the 12 signs. what diseases everye on doth cause severally in all the 12 signs he hath also the teath.

¶5094 is hote and moiste. and doth Ruell the blod and causeth the Encresse therof. he Ruleth the liver digestion and the lefte eare. the Right hand. the left arm the brain pan the Ribes the Bowells. and causeth impostums {squuauntia opxri} pleno {menia} plurasies fever {Smeclius}. the Cardiakell {illeg} and Cardiak passion. and fluxes of the menstrues |of the blod [add. MS Ashmole 363]| |and of vomiting of blood [add. MS Ashmole 363]| and all diseases Cominge of moch blod & of corruption of the blod And of vomitinge of blod/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 56>

¶5095 is hote and drie collorick furie and induseth heat & drith in the members. he Ruleth the vains the kidneis the coffer of the galle and the galle and overflowing of the calle. the Rains moch sand in the back the buttockes the backe decursus spermatis. the worme in the head the sides the blod of a wonde habet et vim Irascibilem and the blod when on is let blod and all thinges that doe heat extremly and ar bytter & Red belong to . he causeth streins wrentches bruses stripes gravell the stone in the back. {Heusmes} burninge fevers Nauseam Iracundiam Jelosie suspition/ prodigallity dronkenes & unshamfastnes thefte fighting quarlinge. And causeth moch unnaturalle collor. and causeth a flux of nature and the bloddiflix in

¶5096 est callidus et siccus and |Ruleth [MS Ashmole 363]| the harte. the righte ey. the marrowe the thighes. and sprite of life the organs of the senses inwardlie, the sinewe and nervens. the fantasticall vertue & vertue Attractive and the head because he |() [add. MS Ashmole 363]| is exalted in and the left ey in a woman. And causeth faintnes werisomnes the strangurie surfet ill diet gren sicknes &c

¶5097 est calida et humida and maketh the blod moiste and Ruleth the Reins kidneis stones and testicles. the vulva the matrix et semen genitale et vim concupiscibilem the flesh the fat the lower parte of the belly the navelle the pecten os sacrum the backe bone the loins the mouth. et habet vim & spiritum naturalem et genitalem. the attractive vertue the smellinge and the Taste. and all thinges that doe soften and conglutinate doe belonge to and . and causeth the gonorea. love luste

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 57>

¶5098 est temperatus. And he hath Rule and dominion over longes and lightes the tunge the memory the speach the understandinge and wites the mouth the senses |and [add. MS Ashmole 363]| the vertue Receptive And Animall sprites the handes the hanches and flanck and belly the throte bole, the nerveis The Almondes in the throte the Uvula / and is melancolik and causeth |melancholie [add. MS Ashmole 363]| feare mania. and Dispaire and vexation of the minde diseases of the lunges coghes and moche wind in the stomake & the collick

¶5099Luna is cold and moiste and Ruleth the braine the sperma and marrowe in the bones and Ruleth also the lefte ey in a man and the Right ey in a Woman. the matrix and womens Courses menstrualle. she hath also the back bone the stomak et Excrementa omnia the force and strength of growinge Vim et spiritum naturalem et genitalem. the lefte side of the stomak et virtutem expulsivam. And causeth the lunary passion the mother. and Impedimentes of the matrix. and fluxes in a moiste signe. and vomiting in a cold and drie signe/

Nota de Luna

¶5100Si in principio Egritudinis Luna fuerit in signo mobili Tunc egritudo erit variabilis

¶5101Si | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| in signo fixo, infirmitas erit in uno statu sed multum durabilis

¶5102Si | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| in signo Communi. erit egritudo mediocriter. but of and on / better and worse. somtims well and somtimes ill.

¶5103In Augmento Lunæ sepius Egritudo terminatur ad bonum

¶5104In defectu Lune si infirmitas Accidit alicui/ terminatur ad malum sepius

¶5105Quia prima ætas Lunæ est calida et humida

¶5106Secunda ætas. est Callida et sicca

¶5107Tertia |ætas [add. MS Ashmole 363]| frigida et humida

¶5108Quarta |ætas [add. MS Ashmole 363]| est frigida et sicca

¶5109Noli membrum tangere ferro quando Luna est in signo quod illi membrum dominatur. for yf youe doe the induceth such a moisture at that tyme into that member that <MS Ashmole 389, p. 58> it will hardlie after Again be heled but growe to a Cancer or to som putrifaction. or other ill/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 64>

Of the Master or Mistres for the servaunte

¶5110|16 [add. MS Ashmole 363]|The 8 chapter showeth master and mistres. yf they make the questione for their Servaunte sicke. or send his urine forth without the Consente of the Sick bodie

¶5111In this question youe shall note that the master asketh for his Servaunte. And the master and mistres ar signifiede Naturally by the 10 house and his Lord. but not that the 10 house shalbe the Ascendant of the question. because yt signifith the master or mistres And not their Servaunte but the sixte house from the Ascendant \or first/ house shall |be [add. MS Ashmole 363]| signifie their Servaunte. which is the {third} \6/ house of the figure and properly the house of Servantes and all the Signifiers shalbe taken from the 6 house of the figure. and not from the 10 house. |         [add. MS Ashmole 363]| Therfore we say.

¶5112The 6 house of the figur |in [MS Ashmole 363]| such a question is the ascendant of the question for the sicke for the urin and for life with the first house of the figure/

¶5113The xi house of the figure. for the state of the diseas as in the chapter of the 6 house

¶5114The first house which is the Angell of the easte and the 8th house of the figure for death. ut in capitulo 8e Domus

¶5115The 5 and 10 houses of the figure for the state of the Lyver and for the 4 vertues. ut in capitulo 5e Domus.

¶5116The 4 and 9. houses of the figure for the apoticarie & his Druges ut in capitulo 4e Domus.17

¶5117The 7 house of the figur and the 12. for the sick man howe he shall lik of the phisision ut in capitulo 7e Domus

¶5118The 9 house of the figure and the 2 house for the phisision ut in capitulo 9e Domus.

¶5119The 3 and 10 houses of the figure for the fingar of god as in the chapter of the 10 house.

¶5120The 12 and 5 houses of the figure. to knowe wher he be bewitched as in capitulo 12e Domus. /

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 65>

¶5121Ensample wher the mistres mad the queston for the Servaunte being very sicke without the Consente of the Servaunte 1596 the 30 of September Thursday in meridie at 30 post 12.

[Astrological Chart]

¶5122This fellowe his mistres had beaten him som 4 or 5 dais before and brock his head and som too Dais after they sent for a Surgeon To Dresse him. and he said the skulle was broken And then the Surgeon Dressed yt and after that his face did swelle that he Could not see. and with all he had moch pain in his head and stomake and a Rising of his lightes. And moch pain in his belly & reins and was full of wind, veri ferfulle and gryved moch and had also a hote burninge fever that came on him withall And was cold Inward and hote outward and he was very weke and sicke lik to die. but yet he scaped and Lived. But his mistres fearinge he wold Die made this queston because she had beaten him. fering the Daunger that might Ensue therof because she had beaten him soe/


¶5123In this figure |18 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| and |19 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| ar Lordes of the house of life. and is strong in the xi house of the question and doth not behould the houses of Death. |which [MS Ashmole 363]| is a good signe that he may live

¶5124But the in is an ill sign but that she is in the ascendant of the question. which signifith he may scape with moch a doe/. for here the which is lady of the 8 house of the figure apply to Lord ascendentis of the queston and receives the . that is life Receives Death, but because is combust going to the . he cannot receive the vertue or influence of the which is Death but gives yt to Again. then the goeth to Lord of the 9 house of the question & Receyves yt by phisickes means. |he lyved/|

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 66>

The 9 chapter showeth of the Servante when he commeth to make the queston or bringeth the urine of their master or mistres beinge Sick without the Consente of the master or mistris.

¶5125In such a question youe shall understand. that the 10. house shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the master or mistres beinge Sicke. for the urine and for life. thoughe the 6 house be for the Servante to signifie his Diligence & good wille towardes his master or mistres/ And the firste house of the figure shalbe |for [add. MS Ashmole 363]| for the querent

¶5126The 3 and 6 houses shalbe for the Sicknes as in the chapter of the 6 house.

¶5127The 5 house and the 8 of the figure shall be the house of Death. as in the chapter of the 8 house

¶5128The 2 and 5 houses of the figure shall showe the state of the Lyver and the 4 vertues which of them is weknes as in the chapter of the 5. house.

¶5129The 9 and 6 houses of the figure shall be for the phisicion. & wher he will take phisick as in the chapter of the 9 house

¶5130The ascendant of the question which is the 10 house of the figure and the 7. house of the figure for the finger of god as in the chapter of the 10 house

¶5131The 12 house and 9 houses of the figure to knowe wher they be be witched or noe. or wher Any evill sprite Doe possesse or |haunte [MS Ashmole 363]| them or no as in the chapter of the 12 house

¶5132The first and 4 houses of the figure for the apoticarie & his Druges. as in the chapter of the 4 house/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 70>

yf the Sonn or daughter com for the father or |theire [add. MS Ashmole 363]| mother without their Consente/ capit{e}/

¶5133In a Questione wher the sonne or daughter, commeth for the father or mother or for the grandfather or grandmother beinge sicke without their Consente. ther The 4 house and his Lord shalbe the Ascendant of the queston for the sicke for life and for the urine. as in the chapter of the firste house

¶5134The 11 house of the figure which is the 8 house of the question vz from the 4. house. shalbe for Death as in the 8|C|hapter of the 8. house

¶5135The 6 house from the 4th which is the 9th house of the figure shalbe for the infirmitie. and stand for the 6. house of the figure. and to showe wher the Dizease will Encrese or diminishe or stand on the partie or alter to som other Dizease. and yt shalbe the 6 house from the father|20 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| that is sicke |and not [add. MS Ashmole 363]| for whom the question is made & not the 6. house from the sonne. | [add. MS Ashmole 389]| |that [MS Ashmole 363]| maketh inquisition for his father. And the Judgment shall be as in the chapter of the 6. house/

¶5136The 8 house of the figure, which is the fifte house of the question. shalbe for the state of the Lyver and |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| 4 vertues as in the chapter of the 5. house and 4 vertues/

¶5137The firste house of the figure which is allwais the Angell of the east. And in this Judgment standes for the 10 house of the question.|/| shall showe wher the finger of god be on the partie or noe / as in the chapter of the 10 house

¶5138The 12 house of the figure which is the 9th. house of the Question shalbe for the phisision. and to knowe wher the partie hath taken Any medison or noe as in the chapter of the 9. house/

¶5139The 2. house of the figure which is the 11 house of the question for the manner of the Cuer as in the chapter of the 11 house

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 71>

¶5140The 7. house |which [add. MS Ashmole 363]| which is the 4th house from the 4th. for the appoticarie and his Druges And composision of his medisone as in the Chapter of the 4 house

¶5141The 5. of the figure which standes for the 2 house of the question. for the expence as in the chapter of the 2. house

¶5142Example wher the sonn cam for his fa \mo/ther sick without his consent |asked advise: [add. MS Ashmole 363]| 1594 6 Feb Wednesday am at 7./

[Astrological Chart]

¶5143This dizease was caused of in . separat a . vz of melancoly and red collor and she wonferfull and fretfull and had a hote burninge fever. and was with all exceading drie, and the fever continued Longe on her 12 or 14 howars alwais when the fit toke hir, and she wold sound often in the fit. she had moch pain in her head in the Reines and in the belly and she had taken som grife. she escaped and did Lyve. after she was well prepared & purged

¶5144a second Example wher the sonn cam for his mother sick without her consente of 68 yers to knowe wher she wold live or die / 1597. 28 november Monday in meridie at 12 {Α Αλ}

[Astrological Chart]

¶5145This womans dizease was caused of in separatur a . she had taken grife and was ferfull and sweete flem Rising into her Lunges and throte like Catarrhus redie to stop her wind. for yt was caused of melancoly and blod causing swete flem. she died not being hart sicke. by a glister given her of the Docters. yet I will not say they kild her. but I sai {they} doe evill to give a glister in such a dizease I refer the Judgment herof to those that shall red this bock and have skille in Arte/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 72>

¶5146A third Example wher the sonn commeth for his mother of 64 years without her consent 1599 the 2. of march Friday am at 10/

[Astrological Chart]

¶5147This Dizease was caused of in separat a |in [MS Ashmole 363]| of moch melancoly and stinking flem mixed with the blod. and she did scour and vomite and had moch pain in her shoulders backe and syde/ And did pine And consume awaye and died herof som 8. Dais after/

¶5148Sol dominus ascendentis questionis is in 8o questionis and the going out of is then void & coms next to Domino 8e questionis. which signifith Deth because receives dominus 8e. but receives not . And againe dominus ascendentis is redy to passe within 2 degrees the Line |(or Custe [add. MS Ashmole 363]| of the 8 house/

¶5149 also Lord of the est Angle |which [MS Ashmole 363]| is naturally the house of life is in his fall & Detriment but retrograde going to the of Dominus 8e figure without reception. signifith Death.

¶5150Ane woodd of 70 years 1600 mr woodes mother in colman streate being sicke he made this question without her Consente. to knowe her dizease & wher shee wold live or die 1600 the 16 march Sunday. am at 30 post 8.

[Astrological Chart]

¶5151here the sonne makinge the question for his mother without her Consente we take the Ascendant and his Lord for the querente.

¶5152The 4 house and his Lord for the parti de quo querit. because yt is his mother. wherby we find that the disease is caused of in ultimis intrant . separans a in . which causeth moch collor and melancoly & collor mixed with cold water & the blod. Causing moch stopping in her Lunges stomake & throte Redy to stop her wind Like Catarrus. causing pain in the head stomake hips & lefte lege a sciatica and a fever of too fites she sweetes moch and is very fainte she takes noe reste. and the heat is nowe greter then the cold. but the cold wilbe greter then the heat soe sone as coms into . ferfull & fretfull and many fites.

¶5153And because dominus ascendentis mulieris receives Dominus 8e questionis in his house. and receives but in his terme, that she will die of this disease/ or escape very hardly

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 78>

The Wife for the husband or husband for the wife capitulum 10m

¶5154When the wife Doth com and make the question for her husband beinge sicke of his Diseas or for Lyfe or Death without the Consente of her husband Then youe shall understand that the 7. house is for the wife, And shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the querente for the urine and for life. and the like is when the husband makes the queston for his wif sine consensu/

¶5155The 2. house of the question and of the figure for Death which is the 8 house of the figure and the 8 house of the question. for death as in the chapter of the 8 house

¶5156The first house of the figure which is the Angell of the Easte for the sicke person. to knowe wher the sicke shalbe eased of his Dizease or noe. and to knowe howe the sick shall Lik of the phisision, And wher the phisicke shall Doe him good or noe. And wher the Sick wilbe Ruled or noe. as in the chapter of the 7th house/

¶5157The 6 house of the figure and of the question. shalbe for the cause and state of the infirmity as in the chapter of the 6. house

¶5158The 9 house of the figure and 9 house of the question |are [add. MS Ashmole 363]| for the phisision &c as in the chapter of the 9 house

¶5159The 5 house of the figure and of the question for the state of the Lyver & 4 vertues as in the chapter of the 5 house

¶5160The 4. house of the figure and |the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| 4 house of the question which is the 10 house of the figure and of the question for the finger of god as in the chapter of the 10 house

¶5161The 12 house of the figur and 12 house of the question To knowe wher he be be witched or noe as in the chapter of the 12 house

¶5162The 4 house of the figure which is the 10 house of the question & the 4 house of the question which is the 10 house of the figure for the end and for the Apoticary &c as in capitulo 4e Domus

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 79>

¶5163Example|21 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| wher the husband beinge sick the wife without his consente came and made the question for him. wher he wold Lyve or die 1596. 13 August. Friday pm at 45 post 2

[Astrological Chart]

¶5164his dizeas was Caused of in and of in of moche Burnte melancoly. vz of 3 partes of melancoly. on parte of Red collor and on parte of blod. so that his blod was burned to melancoly. venemouse he was extrem sicke lik to die he was full of blisters like to the stinging of nettells over all his bodie. and he was exceading dry and was moch pained in his belly. his leges handes and extream partes did swelle he escaped with moch a doe after longe sicknes. but they all gave him over to Death first

¶5165Here in this figure the first house of the figure and the 7th ar for life. The firste house which is the Angel of the easte because it is the house of Life naturally and is her the 7th house of the question (because the wife made the question) and therfore he shall signifie, howe the sick man wilbe Ruled and is Lord of this house and he is in in the 5. house of the figure and in the 11 house of the question and signifith he wilbe Ruled well. and he shall have many frindes in his sicknes. And because Doth not behould Eyther of the 8 houses nor ther Lordes nor is not oppreste by or Any evill plannet yt is a good signe he may overcom yt in the end/

¶5166Again which is Dominus ascendentis questionis althoughe he be in 8o figure yet he is in corde . And although that domina 8e figure be also in 8o in the last grades of going to the of

¶5167The is betwen and the . |so [add. MS Ashmole 363]| that the Doth protecte from the hurte of Death. for wilbe in corde still. till the be paste . untill the force of Death be over paste. | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| for presently after the chaunge |(post ) [add. MS Ashmole 363]| wilbe | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| in the other side of the . so that wilbe Allwais betwene the & ./

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 80>

¶5168Another Example wher the wife came for her husband beinge sick without his consente to knowe his Diseas and of Life and Death 1597. the 16 of march Wednesday am at 5. post 9. questo

[Astrological Chart]

¶5169<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 starts here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >This man had fistula in Ano. and thorowe the foolishnes of his surgeons was put in hazard of his life by the medisons they had Dressed him with. and he was sore sick and had a strong fever and was full of collor of in And in . & very fretfull and Angrie and his blode was inflamed. soe we caused him to be purged and let blod And he escaped & doth lyve/

¶5170<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 ends here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >The first house and the 7. for the querent for the urin & |for [add. MS Ashmole 363]| life

¶5171The 2. house and the 8 for Death. as in the chapter of the 8 house

¶5172The 6 and 12 |house [add. MS Ashmole 363]| for the Continuance and cause of the Dizease as in the chapter of the 6 house./

¶5173The 11 house and the fifte for the Lyver. and 4 vertues and for the medison as in the chapters of the 5. and 11 houses.

¶5174Here and . the Lordes of the Ascendant. ar for Life and they ar both stronge and fre from evill and from both the 8 houses and from their Lordes and |\that/ [add. MS Ashmole 363]| showethe he will not Die. for althoughe Luna. which is Lord of the 8 house of the question Doe apply to which is Lord ascendentis of the question. she cannot hurte because receives in in her exaltation/ and likwise receives in his exaltation. soe that ther is mutuall reception betwen them/./.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 81>

¶5175A third Example. wher the wife made the Question for her husband for his Dizeas & for Life and Death. without consente of her husband 1597. the xi of June Saturday am at 15 post 8. questo.

[Astrological Chart]

¶5176This man his dizeas was caused of in obcessus of and Cauda. and of in that is of moch blod and melancoly and melancoly had the dominion. causinge a fever of 2 fites. a cold fite and a hote and he had moch pain in his Reines and in his bones. and his liver and stomake were stopte. he waxed more sick and died|22 [add. MS Ashmole 363]| the 17 of June/|23 [add. MS Ashmole 363]|

¶5177The signes of Death her ar manifeste for Lord ascendentis of the queston is in 8o questionis obcessus and alsoe applieth from the 8 house to . but ther is reception betwen and the which aspecte could not have hurted had ther bin’ no other signes of Death. but which is Dominus hore. and also the Lord of life naturally of the Angell of the east is going out of aspected to in his |Detriment [MS Ashmole 363]| in a cadent house which signifith he will Die

¶5178Example wher the husband cam for the wife beinge sick without her consente. 1597. the 10 of June Friday pm at 40 post on. vita aut mors. Α. Αλ.

[Astrological Chart]

¶5179Loke to the Lords of both the 9 houses and on of them is oprest by and thother by and dominus ascendentis is opprest by and ./

¶5180This womans Dizease was caused of in separat a |\/ [add. MS Ashmole 363]| in of moch burnt melancoly and blod. and yt did rise up in her throte lik catarrus And so stopte her wind for certain Docters gave her 2 glisters & kild her with the third. and I had alwais forbydden her to tak any glister. yet she wold not do by | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| my counselle. but followed others advise and died not being harte sick. throwe folly of her phisisions

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 90>

|24 [add. MS Ashmole 363]|The firste house of the figure which is the Angel of the East, And we cale yt alwais the Ascendant of the figure, because yt is alwaies for the querente whosoever maketh the question, but yt is not alwaies for the partie de quo queritur.

¶5181Also. under thes Judgmentes is considered the Judgmentes and considerations of the firste house of the question for whom soever the question is made.

Capitulum 12m

¶5182In consideration of the firste house of the figure, which is naturally the house of life in all questions for whom soever the question is made / especially wher the sick bodie eyther commeth or sendeth or consenteth to the sendinge of the urine or of the messanger: to knowe his state or diseas or of his Life or Death

¶5183But when the sick consenteth not to the sending out of his urine or to the question that is Demaunded for him but that som on moveth the question/ or causeth on to goe forth to knowe the |Cause of the [add. MS Ashmole 363]| dizease of the sick. And the sick not witty nor warie therof. In such a case youe must Demaund of the commer wher the sick man Doth knowe of his comminge or did bid him com. yf he say: yea. then The firste house of the figure which is the Angell of the Easte shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the urin for the sick body and for life

¶5184But yf the messanger Aunswere: Noe: then shall youe Demaund whoe sent him. And whoe was the Causer of his cominge for the sicke. wher yt was his father or mother Sister or brother unkell or Aunte or Coosine master or Mistres or his wife &c. for Accordinge to the mover of the question or sender of the Messanger shall youe knowe wher to find the Ascendant of your question As for Ensample. Yf the father or mother mak the question for their sonne or daughter sicke Then the firste house shall be for the querente. And the 5 house which is the |Asss [add. MS Ashmole 389]| house of children shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the sick. As in the chapter of the 5 house.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 91>

¶5185Likwise yf the sonn or daughter com for their parentes <Unidentified Hand C>being sick without consente of their parentes. for many Tymes on is soe sick {illeg} that he hath noe minde or will To send to the phisision. or is not willinge to send to the phisision: neither will he consente that Any bodie shall goe forth for him In such a case. the firste house shalbe for the querente. |but [add. MS Ashmole 363]| but the 4 house shalbe for the father or mother for whom they com and shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the sicke as in capitulo 4e Domus

¶5186Also yf the master or Mistres com for their Servaint sick without his Consente. then the firste house is for the master or mistres beinge querente. And the 6 house shalbe for the Servaunte sick. as in the chapter of the 6 house/

¶5187yf the Servant com for his master or mistres sick. |then [add. MS Ashmole 389]| without their Consente. Then the firste house shalbe for the Servaunte which is the querente And the 10 house shalbe for his master or mistres sicke. as in the chapter of the 10 house and as in the chapter where the Servainte commeth for his master or mistres/

¶5188yf the Wife com for her husband. |and [add. MS Ashmole 363]| without his consente beinge sicke. Or yf the husband com for his wife being sicke without her consente in both thes. the firste house which is the Angell of the easte shalbe for the querente But the 7. house shall be the Ascendant of the question for the parti sick. as in the chapter of the 7 house. and as in the chapter of the wife for her husband or of the husband for the wife

¶5189yf the brother or sister com for their brother or Sister being sick without the Consente of the sicke. then the first house shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the querente And the third house which is naturally the house of bretheren and sisters unkells Auntes & cosins shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the sicke. As in the Chapter of the third house. and as in the chapter of brothers and Sisters./

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 92>

¶5190And youe shall alwais note, That the Ascendant of the question is alwaies found, by the partie for whom the question is asked as yf the sonn aske the question for his father, without the Consent of his father then. the 4 house shalbe the Ascendant of the question for the father beinge sicke. and not the firste house which signifith the sonn. et econtra. And soe of the Reste as aforsaid

¶5191Also the firste house hath the head and the face, and showeth what pain or grife is in the head face or eyes &c. And this house houldeth in the Latitude of 52 degrees and in the longitud of 19 grades. 12 degres above the horizon, And 18 degres under. And then begins the 2. house which houldeth the Throte &c Note this well./

¶5192The head and face &c ar subjecte to many dizeases. as to thes folowinge for Ensample. vz.

  • Alopetia, which is a falling of the hair.
  • Aegilops, which is a superfluouse flesh in the corner of the eye by the nose
  • Albernalieth id est polippus. a superfluouse peace of flesh in the nose
  • Algarab. which is an Impostumation in the corner of the ey.
  • Alyntifer is also a tumor or swelling with inflamation in the eyes
  • Aphte. which is |an [MS Ashmole 363]| ulceration in the pallat of the mouth &c
  • Argemata. vel Argema. which is a sore in the ey., wher the whit groweth over the black of the ey, & the whit is Red. and in Lattin it is called Albugo or Nebula/
  • Atarsati id est macula. when the ey is blodshod|t|e
  • Asaphata, be whelkes or pushes in the rotes of the hair & be Red
  • Asse, which is a darknes of the sighte. when the sonn is downe &c
  • Asernar. that is a fatty matter in the browes
  • Asaphata, be whelkes or pushes in the rotes of the haire and be red.
  • Analepha Cataleptia Epileptia which are 3 kindes of the falling sicknes. in the on they vome or vomit at mouth. in another they piss or defille them selves & in the third neither.
  • Acor. or Acoris which is a scurfe in the head like brane or otmell/
  • famus. is such a kind of scurfe also &c/
  • Alboras. id est the white Morfewe/.
  • <MS Ashmole 389, p. 93>
  • Appoplexia. which is a stopping of all the ventrikells and passages in the hed vz of the brain. wherby on soundeth and soe oftentimes Di sodenly
  • Zoda. which is an old head ach
  • Vertex. which is a giddines or |turning [MS Ashmole 363]| of the braine
  • Impostumation in the head. Deaffnes, headach. saltflem faces. singinge in the head & divers other diseases to longe To speak of. but thes we have set Downe for som cause/

¶5193And the firste house is for the querent whosoe ever make the question and for life and for the urine yf yt be for him selfe

¶5194And to knowe wher the dizease wilbe Tediouse to the sicke or noe: And where thou maieste take him in hand or noe.

¶5195And wher yt be good to meddle with the sicke or noe.

¶5196And also to knowe wher he be fretfull or patiente

¶5197And wher he wil be Ruled or noe/

¶5198And wher he be frindly or fortunate to him selfe or noe

¶5199And wher he will take Any phisicke or noe/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 94>

Judgmentes on the first house per forman./

¶5200yf the firste house and his Lord, be fortunate and fre from Combustion, and from eville plannetes as from and And from a combuste or Rettrograd plannet. And from the Lord of the 8. house and 6 house and the also free from evill as f|A|forsaid. and apply to a good plannet Then the Dizease will not be troblesom unto him nor Tediouse. but he wilbe |some [add. MS Ashmole 363]| sone well and thou maiste take him in hand for he wilbe Ruled.

¶5201yf ther be a good plannet as or in Ascendente not Remotus: nor combust nor Retrograde nor in their fall or Detrimente aspect the Lord of the 8 house. yt is the bettare soe that the said plannet in the Ascendant be not Lord of the 8. |howse [add. MS Ashmole 363]| 6. or 12. house / & the patient will helpe him selfe with all & be ruled

¶5202yf ther be an Eville plannet in Ascendente not Remotus as or or or a combust or Retrograde plannet or beinge in via combusta or Retrograde planet or A plannet that is in his fall or detriment or combust Then yt signifith evill in the begininge of the Cuer. And yt is not good to take him in hand for he will not be Ruled. but will hurt & hinder him selfe /

¶5203yf Any plannet that is combust Retrograde or in his falle or detriment25 doe behould the gradus ascendentis by or or be in or of the Lord ascendentis. yt is not good to meddell with him. for thou shalte have moch |{ideor} [add. MS Ashmole 363]| adoe with him: And he shall have evill’ counselle And eyther evill sprites or evill folkes, will |tempte [MS Ashmole 363]| him or perswade him from good unto evill, And to Doe that which will turne to the worste

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 95>

¶5204Yf dominus Ascendentis be |an [MS Ashmole 363]| unfortunat plannet of him selfe as or yt showeth that the sick him selfe is an unfortunate |person [MS Ashmole 363]| by nature & unlucky, And borne under an evill constellation, And is froward and overthwarte And selfe wild and will not be ruled by good Counselle, but is more subjecte by nature to Doe evill then good. And to followe evill counsell then good.

¶5205Yf dominus Ascendentis be not unfortunate by nature. but by Accidente as yf he be a good or indifferente plannet as . and be combust Retrograde or in his fall or detriment or Impedite or in or of or or of a plannete that is combust or Retrograde or otherwise infortunate yt signifith the sicke althoughe he be not unfortunate by nature yet he is unfortunate by Accidente And he will not be Ruled/ but he is subjecte to followe evill counsell And he will change his phisision

¶5206yf dominus Ascendentis be infortunate combust Retrograde or in his fall or Detrimente or Impedite or in of an evill planet as of or {} or of a planet that is combust \or/ Retrograde or otherwise infortunate. yt signifith the Sick is froward and will not be Ruled, but he is som evill and unfortunate person by nature or Accidente, and he will chaunge his phisision

¶5207yf dominus Ascendentis be Joined to an unfortunate planet by then ther is som evill and unfortunat parson about the sicke, which will cause him doe eville and give him eville counselle And make him chaunge his phisision

¶5208yf dominus ascendentis be unfortunate and Also be Joyned to an infortunate planet or yf an unfortunat planet be in the ascendant not Remotus Then the sick is unfortunate of him selfe and unlucky to dealle withall, And also he is Joyned to som evill person. and hath som eville And unlucky parties About him which give him evill councell and by whom he is to moch Ruled.<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 starts here and MS Ashmole 363 provides the best reading. >

¶5209If or or a combuste retrograte or some other infortunate planet or planets or aney planet that is in his fall or detriment be Lord of the ascendent then medle not with him for he will not be rulled for it seemeth that some evill person hath rulle over him, and that the sicke is evill and froward of nature and condition and frets much.

¶5210A fortunate planet in the ascendent signifieth the phisitian shalbe profitab{le} to the sicke, yea if it be or though they be retrograte then the sicke shall rejoice much in the presence of the phisition and find greate ease and it will be good to take him in hand.

¶5211If the ascendent or his Lord be fortunate or afflicted ether by the bodlie presence of aspect of an evill planet, or that the ascendent or his Lord, or both of them be evill or unfortunate by nature. And the 7. howse also and his Lord unfortunate then the fault shal be in the sicke person if he be not cured. for the ascendent is for the urine and for the querente and the 7. howse for his sicke, where he shall be eased thereof or noe

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 32r>

¶5212Dominus ascendentis, in 11a fortunate on aflicted eyl{illeg} \aspecting the ascendent/ thou maiest take him in hand, for he will find greate frinds and frindship in his sickness.

¶5213If there be an evill or combuste planet in the ascendent as or it signifieth to the sicke for that the presence of an evill planet in ascendent or in or aspect of the Lord ascænd. signfieth overcoming of the sicke and the weaking and hurting of nature and overcominge and opprossing of nature and the strength of the pertie.

¶5214If Dominus ascendentis be weake in his detriment or falle, as , in . or in and in 9o or 8o the partie is exceading weake of nature and also weake by his sicknesse

¶5215Dominus ascendentis in corde or with in on degré of in 11o and freé from evill and from or . thou maiest take him in hand and he will be rulled, so see and in tyme thou maiest cure him, but he hath a marvelose distempered body.

¶5216If Dominus ascendentis be an unfortunate planet, as or and in his fall or detriment as in and in and in 7o and or be in ascendent and applie to or then it is a manifiste signe that the partie is unfortunate of him selfe, both by nature and accidente and will not be rulled by good Counsell, but is an enemie to him selfe, and his owne hinderance, and doeth augment his owne disease, and greefe. And yet because or is in the ascendent it showeth he hath much good counsell given him, and hath maney good friends aboute him, but will followe none of there counsells, although he sayd and promise he will but will disdiate him selfe and doe that which he ought not and that which is forbidden, and will followe his owne minde and hurt himselfe, but he should eat nothing that he hath a mind unto, nor doe aney thing that he would doe but contrary to his mind in all things.

¶5217Dominus ascendentis unfortunate in his fall or detriment, or combuste in 7o or in signo 7o and Domina horæ, combuste also in 7o being Domina 6e goinge from <MS Ashmole 363, f. 32v> Domino ascendentis to Domino 7e his disease is caused by overmuch heating him selfe in having to doe with his wife or other some woman, where upon he tooke could in his backe being hote the which congeled the blod, in the raines of the backe and by reason of much coller and melancoly before in the vaines before being mixed with the blod impostimated, and putrified and so causeth the raming of the raines and shmarting of the urine by reason of f sand in the backe and the yeard is very sore and the backe weake and he desireth much letcherey which may cause a revolution of nature and so bring him to a comsumption.

¶5218If Dominus ascendentis be in 7o and Dominus 7æ in ascendent not remote, as Domina ascendentis in 7o in or in 6o in signo 7e and Dominus 7æ in in ascendente retrogradus applicans . by reception, it is a signe that the sick partie desireth the presence of the phisition, and let wise men Judge of the rest

¶5219If Dominus ascendentis be combuste or infortunate joyned to Domino 12e. whosoever be Dominus 12e yet is a signe that the partie is forcespoken or bewitched or haundeth with some evill sprite or person.

¶5220If Dominus 12 in such a case be Dominus 4e then it is by the father or mother.

¶5221If he be Dominus 5e then by his sonne or daughter.

¶5222If he be Dominus 3e then by his brother or Sister.

¶5223If he be Dominus 7e then by on open enemie, or his wife or husband.

¶5224If Dominus 12e be but Lord only of the 12. howse then by some privie enemie.

¶5225<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 ends here and it provides the best reading. >yf in such a case Dominus 12e be dominus 10e or that dominus ascendentis be combust or oppressed by the or of dominus 10e then the sicke is punished by the finger of god. And it is a supernaturalle Cause from god, meddle not with him. till his Daies of Punishmente be out. and that the Lord hath taken his hand from him And lefte to punishe him

¶5226yf dominus 12e be dominus 2e or if dominus ascendentis be combuste of Dominus 2e and in of Dominus 12e. then yt is by som secreate counselor

¶5227yf dominus Ascendentis be combust or infortunate by of the Lord of the xi house. Then he is stroken by the Angelle of god or by som good sprite. or his sicknes is imposed on him by som good Angelle/ or som speciall good frind is the cause therof.

¶5228yf dominus Ascendentis be unfortunate of him selfe or in his fall or detriment and in the 8 or 6 house or in A cadent house and not Joined to Any other plannet excepte yt be to the Lord of 6 or 8 house then he is cause of his owne sicknes.

¶5229yff dominus Ascendentis be combust or infortunate of dominus 6e then his servantes ar cause of his sicknes especially if or be dominus 6e or yf they be Lord of the houses aforsaid and doe infortune the Lord ascendentis as is aforsaid.

¶5230Be Alwaies wary and take heed when or is Lord of the house of the plannet that doth infortunate the Lord ascendentis As yf Dominus ascendentis be infortuned by dominus 12e 9e or 6e and or be Lord of those houses wherin that plannet is that is Lord of that house. for then yt is somoch the worse because they be eville by nature.

¶5231And note what plannet soever yt be, that doth infortunate the Lord Ascendentis being Lord of any of those houses, the more he is infortunate of him selfe, by nature or Accidente, the worser yt is As yf should be dominus 12e in or Retrograde or combust and in a cadent house & doe aspect the Lord ascendentis, or be in with him or in a or or Then the disease is caused by the Dyvell, or by witchrafte excepte yt be som manifeste hurte by som beaste or knowen person/

¶5232yf dominus ascendentis be dominus 5e, she toke her sicknes in childbed yf yt be a woman especially yf be in 5o./

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 99>

¶5233yf dominus ascendentis be dominus 12e and also dominus hore and in 7o Retrograde in and in | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| applicans in it signifith the partie is {g}|e|nimie to her selfe and cause of her owne disease and her mind is moch trobled, and som evill sprite doth followe her, and it cam by feare / 9 ascendant 8 retrograde

¶5234The of and on of them being dominus hore. dominus ascendentis 12e or 6e or the plannet from which the Doth seperate or apply to causeth the stone And the strangury and pain of the Reines bein in .

¶5235dominus Ascendentis being dominus 12e in applicans in in 11o. the partie desireth the company of som speciall woman that he is enchaunted unto/|.| yf it be A woman then som on hath enchaunted her to love him, And she is sicke for that she cannot have the compani of the man. for she Desireth yt moch & longeth for venus Acte

¶5236yf in such a case be dominus 8e And dominus ascendentis go to the of with all. then the partie will Die for longing for the man yf she have him not.

¶5237yf dominus ascendentis be in or of the gradus ascendentis the sick partie is enimi to him self and will be Angri with him self. and moste commonly they will take noe phisick/

¶5238yf dominus ascendentis be combust and in a or to the gradus ascendentis. then the sick parson will stand in his owne lighte and be enemie To him selfe and Angrie with him selfe/

¶5239yf dominus ascendentis be dominus 12e in , and going from the of dominus 5e and separat from also in and apply to yt seameth the woman thorowe enchaintmente hath Layen with som man, by whom she feareth she is with child, and she alsoe desireth moch the Compani of the said man/

¶5240yf dominus ascendentis be dominus 12e and in his owne house as in 12e Retrograde & be also Lord of the 10 house & doe |sp [add. MS Ashmole 363]| separat a domino 7e as from in in 8o and also from dominus 5e as from in . and in seperans a in and applying to dominus hore in 11o. then yt seams the partie hath Layen with her master, And she is with child by him and she desireth moch lecherie and the compani of a man. &c

¶5241dominus ascendentis in ascendente and goe from domino 7e to domino ascendentis by Reception the phisision shall |protite [add. MS Ashmole 363]| profit the patiente & wine greate commendacon{s} & the patient wilbe well Ruled, &c. sit sapiens Judex/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 100>

¶5242yf Dominus ascendentis and dominus 7e doe on begine to goe from the full or aspecte, and goe from domino ascendentis and apply to a plannet in ascendente then is the parti in Love/

¶5243yf dominus Ascendentis be in of Dominus 11e and dominus 11e be fortunat |and in a . or . of Domino [add. MS Ashmole 363]| in such case or yf ther be a fortunat plannet in 11o that doth aspect the Ascendant or his Lord. Then the good Angells of god doe uphould favour and healpe the partie. But yf dominus 11e be {n}|u|nfortunat and in a or of Domino ascendentis or yf ther be An evill or unfortunat plannet as |or [add. MS Ashmole 363]| or in 11o, then the Angells of god doe cause him to be punished and vexed for som misdemenor or offence that he hath Done. But yf Dominus Ascendentis be fortunat and in of Dominus 11æ. being alsoe fortunate, And an unfortunate plannet in 11o. Then all though the good Angells doe favour And help the partie, yet ther be som evill Angells that doe also vex the partie

¶5244Dominus Ascendentis combust and separat a domino Ascendentis and apply to the partie wilbe frensie | [add. MS Ashmole 363]| especially yf dominus ascendentis goe to the | [MS Ashmole 363]| of combust in .

¶5245yf dominus Ascendentis or dominus ascendentis questionis be in or aspect of and apply to . the parti is or will be frantick. yf Dominus ascendentis and be in the full aspect or within on Degree he is frantick. yf they doe apply on to the other within 7. degree he wilbe frantick. yf they be seperated Above on degree to 4 degree he was frantick

¶524626yf dominus Ascendentis be in his detriment or fall as in in a of in 12o & in 6o applicat . and in . in ascendente then the woman hath noe Luste to the Acte of concupiscens for yt is gryvouse unto her to suffer her husband to ly with her. And also the nature of her husband doth corrupte her body and burne her matrix and consumes her body, because he is not Naturall unto her. And she hath also the Ronninge of the Reines a smarting of her urine And the gren sicknes &c/

¶5247yf dominus ascendentis be unfortunate retrograde in his fall or detriment and in the 2 house as in retrograde 2o. and goe from Domino Ascendentis by and doe apply to domino 4e in 8o by . the and dominus 4e be{ing} both combust or subradiis in 8o and dominus 4e. be also Lord of the 9. house or in with domino 9e. eyther in the tyme of the question. or when thou goest first to visit the sick or first doste Administer to him. Then meddle not with such a partie in Any wise. for yf thou doe thou <MS Ashmole 389, p. 101> | [add. MS Ashmole 389]| shalte bestowe thi monie and Labour in vain And when thou haste Cured or Recovered the partie, thou shalte have nothing for thy paine, but ill wordes moch Lawe strife And controversy and infamie and imprisoment And be put in perill of thy life for sewinge for that which was promised thee. goe not to Lawe with him for yf thou doe yt willbe Thy utter undoynge & overthrowe/. never meddle with such a on/. figure 1584. 23 September Wednesday pm at 30 post 2./

¶5248yf dominus Ascendentis be combuste retrograde in his fall or detriment. And dominus 4e also combuste retrograde in his fall or detriment and apply to domino 4e. dominus 9e in Ascendente. meddell not with the partie. for ther will followe much troble And controversy Anger lawe And imprisoment and greate Expences And thou shalte have nothing for thy labour but ill will and hatred & put in perill of thy life for Doing them good. . . 24 2o 7 in 4o

¶5249yf dominus Ascendentis be combuste And goe from . and apply to . by any Aspect what soever being Dominus 5e and apply to the or of in 11o. Then the child or woman kind hath bin Ravished, And the nature of the man Resteth and rotteth in the matrix of the maid or child and is the cause of her paine And yt gryveth moch And hath mani sore panges and fites like on possessed or bewitched/.

¶5250yf dominus Ascendentis be in Ascendente in his owne signe in signo Ascendente not Remot as in and at a full to in 10o/ the cause of the sicknes was thought taken for on she Loved which forsake her/.

¶5251yf be dominus ascendentis and in retrograde in Ascendente and domina 6e in separat a in in 7o applicans in the partie hath surfeted with taking of cold fruite or some cold thinge/.

¶5252yf dominus ascendentis do separat from domino 6 by any aspect then hath the dizease byne on the partie from his childwod and he had yt by influence of the heavens in his byrth yf be dominus ascendentis and do separat from dominus 6e in retrogradus per then the partie is both dumbe And deaf and hath bin soe from his childwood And yt is not to be Remadyed

¶5253yf or be in ascendente in the tyme of the question let the phisision give noe Judgment for evill therof may ensue and suspio & infamy. though he give never soe true a Judgment and thoughe the parties seam or be never so honeste

¶5254yf be dominus ascendentis and apply to the or of give noe Judgment |for evill therof may ensue and suspion and infamy, though he give never soe true a judgemente, [add. MS Ashmole 363]| &c ut supra/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 102>

¶5255yf dominus Ascendentis by dominus 12e or 6e and in or and in 7a 10a. or in ascendente and apply to or being in or by or being in 11o 10o 7o. 5o or 3o Then the partie desireth moch lechery and the moch use of women. And the desier therof is cause of the dizease for those signes Doe cause moch lechery and companie of women And doe cause Revultion of nature And gonorea passio heat of the Reines And hote pisse. yf be dominus ascendentis in such a case such men will meddelle with beastes and yong children/

¶5256yf dominus Ascendentis be dominus 6e and combuste in 10o in signo 10e not Remotus in in 9o separat a et et applicat in 10o in |signo [MS Ashmole 363]| 10e then the cause of the mans dizease is thoughte And discontent taken about som on that he Loved, who seames to have |forsaken [MS Ashmole 363]| him, especially yf ther be a or or separat betwen Domino ascendentis & domino 7e or betwen the plannet that Doth separat from and the plannet to whom she doth apply.

¶5257yf dominus ascendentis be in 7o or 6o. and dominus 7e in Ascendente not Remotus as domina ascendentis in 7o. and dominus 7e in in ascendente retrograde applicans by Reception. yt is a signe that the sick partie Desireth the presentes of the phisision. And the phisision Longeth to see the sick person/ And eyther of them is enimie to themselfe &c/. 2 ascendant/

¶5258yf on plannet be dominus ascendentis and also Dominus 6e and in 10o and doe beh{ould} the ascendant nere then the 6. house the partie may be cured of his infirmity yf Doe Apply to the said plannet dominus ascendentis et 6e. 5. in 10o/

¶5259yf dominus ascendentis be in 6o. the sicke wilbe Loth to take any medison and will find faulte with the medison and say they ar never the better for it or that it Doth hurte their body or Augmente the paine And soe they willbe the cause and prolongers of their owne sicknes and their sicknes is not naturalle but caused by yll Diet surfet or ill order. or is the cause of their owne sicknes

¶5260dominus Ascendentis in 9o in a of the Ascendant fortunate or in of dominus 9e. let the parti be his own phisision. for that which he doth for him sellf or to him selfe or what soever he Longeth for, will Doe him more good, then Ani medison he shall take at Any phisisions handes. let such a on devise his owne medisons./

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 103>

¶5261dominus Ascendentis in 9o unfortunate at a to the Ascendant or in of Dominus 9e. then let the phisision take head, that he suffer not the sick to have Any thinge that he desireth or longeth for nor to take Any medison Sirup or drink of his owne devisinge, or that he thinkes is good for him selfe. for he is an Enimie to him selfe, And all his owne doinges And desiers will hurte him selfe. therfore let those that be Aboute the Sick or that tend and kepe the sick not suffer him to have Any thinge that he wold have but doe the contrary

¶526227yf dominus Ascendentis doe separat a domino 9e. the Lord of the 9. house being unfortunat as from in 3o. yt seameth the partie doth leave some ill phisision which hath had her in hand, and hath given her moch evill And contrary phisicke And hath don the patiente greate harme et econtra/

¶5263yf dominus 9e doe separat a domino Ascendentis. the phisision doth or will give the sick of.

¶5264yf dominus ascendentis or doe separat a domino 9e. dominus 9e being a fortunat plannet & in a fortunat place. then the sicke Doth leave or will leave som fortunat phisision that wold have Don her good. and she leaveth the taking of som good and profitable phisick that wold have Done her moch good/

¶5265And as often as the Lord Ascendentis doth behould the 9 house or his Lord by or being in Angulo or 4o or in a succedent house fortunat yea though he behould not the Lord of the 9. house yt is beste for the sicke to be his owne phisision/

¶5266dominus Ascendentis in applicans and applying to in in signo 7e the man Desireth moch lechery. but is chast against his will.

¶5267As often as youe find Dominus Ascendentis in of applicans both being in fieri signs or on in a fieri signe And the other in in 7o 10o or in Ascendente yt is a signe that the party desireth moch Lechery And the desier therof causeth the diseas & many tyms Doth cause moch pain & disease and swyming of the head pain of the Reins and a Revultion of nature And moch distemprature of the body

¶5268dominus Ascendentis in ascendente in a or of the Ascendant. the partie is frindly to him selfe and in sekinge for his Health or taking Any thing after his owne mind for yt hurtes him not, but doth him good/

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 104>

¶5269yf the doe apply to domino Ascendentis, yt is a signe the partie will mend shortly for yt is a signe of health

¶5270yf be in signo Ascendente in 12o/ And apply to Domino ascendentis and dominus Ascendentis be also Dominus 12e and signifier of the cause of the Dizease and Dominus Ascendentis applieth to the Ascendant also, yt is a signe of health shortly And that he will mend/ 25. ascendant 18 29 41 retrograde/

¶5271Luna Domina Ascendentis in 12o applicans in And no evill plannet in Ascendente nor in 7o. she will be ruled Resonably and doe as she is bydden and soe Recover her health.

¶5272yf dominus Ascendentis questionis be in the 12 house of the figure and dominus 9e questionis and do apply to domino figure though dominus Ascendentis be in the 8 House of the question: yet yt is a signe of Life and health and the medisons shal doe the partie moch good

¶5273yf be domina ascendentis and doe goe from Retrograde in being dominus 12e and apply to in retrograde the partii willbe frantik, or is mad or frantike allreadie. yet may be holpen by phisicks arte

¶5274yf be domina Ascendentis, and applieth to domino 7e. the parti is in love and is sick for love. yf be dominus 7e then he taketh thought for on she loveth

¶5275yf be domina ascendentis and in in 6o in Signo 6e separans a domina 5e in 5o and applieth to domino 3e in 3o. showeth that the woman toke her disease by thoughte taken for som discourtasy of her husbande she being in childbed, and she is trobled with the mother

¶5276yf doe separat a domino Ascendentis or a domino hore, and apply to domino 12e. he wil chaung his phisision/ that first takes him in hand before he be wholle.

¶5277yf doe separat from in 12o and apply to the of . and doe also apply to the or of being dominus hore, the parti wilbe frantick or mad. before the sicknes Leave him, And before yt be at hiest.

¶5278yf doe separat from the Lord of the house that she is in as from in 12o. being combust applicat and at a to . then hath the parti surfeted with muskadell and oysters

¶5279yf be in and doe separat from in dominus hore {illeg} with the partie hath surfeted with sturgeon and Renishe wine

¶5280yf be in 3o and do separat from in 11o being dominus hore. dominus ascendentis in in 9o applicat in 9o the woman was freytied and toke her disease with fear of som that came to serch her house for starch

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 105>

¶5281yf be in and do separat from dominus hore and dominus 4e retrograde in 11o in and applieth to dominus Ascendentis in retrograde fallen into the 6 house and at a to in in ascendente and Lord of the 2. Houses then the parti is cause of his owne Disease & grife through freting and chafinge ferfulnes and tremblinge & great disquiet & discontent and she hath taken thought and grife because she cannot have her owne mind, And she is pained in the back and in the head &c/.

¶5282yf be domina ascendentis in 12o and doe separat a in o in 8o or 9o being dominus hore not remot and applying to in retrograde perigrin in 4o And be Domina 12e et 5e and latly separat from . then the woman hath had many shiftes And hath often byn with child, And brought none to good for her matrix is full of melancoly humors. and in such a case doth alwaies Destroy the birth & fætus for he is dominus 7e 8e et 9e and Dominus ascendentis applicat o Dominus 8e in such a case showeth Death and Destruction of the fætus.

¶5283Dominus ascendentis to the 5. house and goe a domino 5e. then the woman toke her Diseas in child bed and she hath not bine well since she had a child.

¶5284Luna in separans a et . and separat from domino 5e in 2o. then the woman hath not bine well since her laste child. but is moch trobled with som flux of her menstrues And hath moch stopping of the Lunges with flem pain in the back and Armes/

¶5285yf be dominus Ascendentis in to in dominus 8e then the party feareth to die and is aferd of Death

¶5286yf |in [MS Ashmole 363]| Ascendentis in not Remotus signifith ydell toyes and that the mind is trobled & vexed, and seeth many visions & is tempted/ &c/

¶5287yf be dominus hore or dominus ascendentis or dominus 6e or planeta a quo separatur or in Ascendente or in of Dominus hore or of dominus ascendentis or of dominus 6{e} The partie hath taken grife sorowe thoughte and discontente & is heavie melancolyke & moch trobled in mind

¶5288Dominus 7e in Ascendente unfortunat the compani that be aboute the sicke shall hinder And hurte him for all ar not his frindes

¶5289yf be dominus 7e and in ascendente in perigrin & Retrograde and not Remotus. the sick will not be Ruled but will speke evill of the phisision and find faulte with his phisick be it never soe good.

¶5290Dominus 7e in Ascendente whosoever be dominus 7e yea thoughe yt be in retrograde not Remot signifith health to the partie and that he wilbe Ruled by the phisision for then the sicknes is in the house of health. But yt muste be with this condition that dominus ascendentis be also in 7o. and apply to domino 7e or to Domino hore or to domino 10e. but the sick wilbe enimi to him selfe. and mistruste him self & the phisision. & give ill wordes of the phisision and she is corrupted by her husband & the dizeas will stand long on her

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 108>

¶5291Dominus 9e in Ascendente the phisision is in the handes of the patient and the patiente may commaund the phisision for the phisision is Devoted to the patiente

¶5292Dominus 9e in Ascendente at a full to the 9 house. the phisision is in the handes of the patiente and the patient may commaund the phisision, And the phisision desireth to pleasure the patiente, and is willing to Administer to the patiente & to give him phisicke. for som farder entente or more good will or for pitties sake

¶5293Dominus 9e in ascendente fortunate phisicke shall Doe the patiente moch good

¶5294dominus 9e in ascendente unfortunate vz combust Retrograde or in his detriment or falle or in of or phisicke will hurt hime yf he take Any. and she hath taken alredy some evill Drinke medison or potion

¶5295Dominus 9e in Ascendente in Any of his dignitis not Remotus and fre from combustion the phisick shall Doe the partie good but the sick wilbe moch perswaded to followe his owne mind and will thinke their owne mind is beste yet they will doe as the phisision will have them, with persuations except Dominus Ascendentis be an evill or infortunate plannet of him selfe as dominus 9e in or ./

¶5296yf or be dominus 9e and in ascendente not Remote and in 9o. and apply to the Lord of the 5 house. the partie Doth take or hath taken som evill medisons which will set him in a gret scouringe or vomitinge and yt seams he hath done yt allready or hath gyven him som evill purgation or thinge Contrary to his body

¶5297yf be dominus 9e in in ascendente at a to the 9. house and the goe from to the of at a to in 9o Remotus applicans then the sicke wilbe moch addicted to followe their owne mind & will not contynue Any medison Longe, but will leave yt of and grudg at the phisision, thoughe he doe all his Endevoure. and his medisons in Deed will Doe more harme then good, and will not Agre with the party, nor with her fleshe or bodie. and the discourtasy of the patiente shall grive the phisision and he shall leave her to her selfe/.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 109>

¶5298Dominus Ascendentis combuste going to the and dominus hore cadent, and dominus 6e in ascendente not Remotus and the Laste grades of a signe in ascendente and the Lord of the next signe in of Dominus 8e. yt is death

¶5299Dominus ascendentis an inferiour plannet and applieth to domino 9e by or Dominus 9e being a good plannet as or yf Dominus 9e be in Domino 9e and have Any dignity at all. then the sick person is Desirouse to take Any thinge to Do them good, and hath now met with such a phisision which by the helpe of god shall Cuer her/

¶5300yf be dominus 7e and in Ascendente in not Remotus. & in in ascendente and applieth to dominus 10e in 6o causer of the infirmity, and separat from . then is the bodie of the woman infected by her husband and her blod is corrupted and turned to melancoly. and the finger of god alsoe is on the partie. and the dizease will stan{d} Long on her, and noe medison will Doe her good, till god doth withdrawe his punishment from her Let her therfore Repente her of her sinnes and life past very hartily And Desire god to be mercifull unto her & to withdrawe his punishmentes from her. And then yf god have mercie upon her. let her seeke the phisision ells not, for yt is ells in vaine.

¶5301Luna domina 7e in Ascendente in o applicans domino 9e in 11o in , by what aspect soever yt be. then the wife of the sicke person shall infame the phisision and speke evill of him privily behind his backe to Divers folke. 18 ascendant. 10 ascendant 12 11o

¶5302Luna in ascendente separans a planeta in 10o that is strong as from in and next applieth to Domino 7e as to being dominus 7e et 6e in ascendentein and soe sone as the doth leave she com to domino ascendentis Then the partie is not at worste of his Dizease but wilbe sicker And sicker for a tyme and then will mend spedily & Doe well and take his phisick & be Ruled 10 ascendant 20 20 in in ascendente 7 10/

¶5303Dominus Ascendentis infortunate or combust or in Any aspect of and be in the 10 or 4 house and applieth to. or be in aspect of Dominus 6e. then the dizease coms by som seacreat and hidden cause and by som pryvie meanes aswell as by the Course of nature or influence of the heavens, as by som servant and the sick is partly cause of his owne dizease as by following the counsell of his servante/ by taking or drinking som evill thinge. 2 ascendant 5 . 29 applicat

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 110>

¶5304yf dominus ascendentis doe apply to Domino 7e/ as to in 9o./ the partie will followe the Counselle of the phisision. and his phisicke wilbe effectuall and worke well and he shall find ease. yf yt be by or . but yf yt be by or . then the partie will not be Ruled, but his Dizease beinge gone will Retorne on him Againe/

¶5305yf be dominus 7e and in Ascendente, and goe from : yt seameth yf the question be for the man. that the wife is cause of his Dizease for she is overthwarte & stubborne Againste him and given to moch vice and villany which is the cause of the mans grife

¶5306But yf the question be for the woman in such a case. then had the good man bine cause of her dizease by Reason of Surfet and Drinkinge wherat his wife fretteth and gryveth moch.

¶5307 in Ascendente in signifith Surfet and Dronkennes and ill Diete, being Dominus ascendentis in 7a. or beinge Dominus 7e and in Ascendente./

¶5308yf be Dominus 6e and 7e in Ascendente not Remotus. yf the woman mak the question for her selfe. then yt is a signe that the husband of the querente is cause of her Disease. for he is unnaturall unto the woman and his nature is unholsom unto her body and Doth corrupte her bodie and Envenom her matrix causing the mother, weknes of the Reines vomitinge. And pain of the head/. or ells throughe ill order or ill Diete or dronkennes he Doth somoch Disquiet her that the grife therof causeth her dizease/

¶5309yf be in the firste house not Remote in it signifith the partie is lothe to take phisick and is somwhat scoymesh and again they will not be Ruled, but will give of their phisision before they have Done that they should. and alsoe ther is som evill and unfortunate person about them/ that gyveth them moch evill councell, and provoketh them to Doe that which is not good for them, and to leave the good and followe the eville som womane Nourse or waighting maid of an ill condition/

¶5310yf be in Ascendente in and Dominus ascendentis apply to in | [MS Ashmole 363]| then the sick is Lothe and sceymeshe to take phisicke, and loveth not to take moch phisicke, & will find fault with the phisick & will hardly be Ruled to followe good Councelle but will harken to moch to som evill person aboute them/ whose councell they ar moch addicted to followe to their owne hinderance

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 111>

¶5311yf be dominus ascendentis and in with . the partie is evill of Condition and unfortunate by nature given to Dronkennes and good feloshipe & Riote and Doth consume and spend all that he hath & is Joined to mak|n|y evill persons of the same Condition/ & moch evill company.

¶5312yf be dominus Ascendentis obcessus of and of Dominus 6e yt showeth that the partie is an evill hind and unruly. self wild, and beset with moch evill compani and given to moch Dronkenes And Surfet and is causer of his owne Diseas. and is a man verie leud and evill of Condition & nature. hasty And full of mischeife & villanie and given to consume and spend all. and yf withall Doe apply to or yt is soe moch the worse/

¶5313yf be Dominus ascendentis in combust in with in 12o and be alsoe Dominus 6e and 5e in in 6o and goe from to in and dominus hore in in 10o. and in 9o and in 5o The partie is unfortunate of her selfe and fretes moch and is Cause of her owne sicknes. for she will not be ruled but gives Care to ill Councelle and she hath som grosse putrified matter in her matrix which hath Remained ther longe ever since she had Her laste child or som shifte/ and this Corruption in the matrix bredes moch wind and causeth the mother and makes her body to swelle up to her stomak Redy to vomite. and when she brekes wind she findeth ease & yt coms by fites she hath moch pain & weknes in her Raines & hanches & at the harte and alwais after she eates she swells. and the mother trobles her moch/

¶5314yf be dominus 7e and unfortunate in retrograde in Ascendente and in 7a in or in signo 7e not Remotus or in 6o. in signo 7e the sicknes shalbe lighted by the presentes of the phisision and the sick shall take pleasure Joy and comforte in the phisision and by his workinge And presentes. 2 ascendant. 2 7o. 17 retrograde/ ascendant/

¶5315yf be Dominus 7e in Ascendente retrogradus in signo not Remotus yt signifith the sicke hath a good opinion of the phisision and desireth helpe And yet mistrusteth her selfe and thinkes that she shall hardly have Remadie. And yf a woman make the question. then is her husband partly cause of her dizease. for yt seameth he is unruly and given to Dronkennes and ill company 3 in Ascendente. in applicat 6 in .<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 starts here and MS Ashmole 363 provides the best reading. >

¶5316 Dominus ascendentis in || in 9o and in 9o combuste, goeinge to the seperating from in 9o the woman is cause of her owne disease and it seemeth beinge with child she longed for some thinge the which she hath not, which caused her disease.

¶5317If in such a case beinge combuste doe come to Domino 5e as to in in 6o there the woman beinge neare the tyme of quickenninge in respect of her longeinge founded, and was in hazard of her life.

¶5318If be in Angulo in || or vz in 7o or 4o and doe seperate from in beinge in 6o 7o or 4o and applie to or in or then the partie hath the litargie, and his memorie and senses doe faile him, for he hath appoplexie with it, and soundeth often, and it is causeth of much melancolie in the hinder parte of the braine for they forgett where they be, and what they doe. and do fall or stand senceles for the tyme, especially if be in an earthie or watrie signe and in some aspect of .

¶5319If be Domina 5e and in 6o and {no} laste       Domino \the papite of the womans/ disease is from and by reason of her matrix

¶5320If be Domina 5e and in 6o and do last seperata a Domino ascendentis or from the planet that is exalted in the signe ascendent, Then the partie lately <MS Ashmole 363, f. 40v> delivered of some child, and the cause of her matrix and deliverie is the cause of her disease.      Anno 1607 the 2 of February Monday and at 9. Sara Adams of Waltam Abbey sent to knowe her disease /overnight, because she should\ |at {se}e me a{illeg}{ierj}s earlie in the morninge| and she gave the messenger her message, and the messenger came forth about 4 4|a| clocke in the morninge, and the messenger \to come to me to/ Lambeth, And about some houer before the messenger came forth the partie that send was delivered of a child, and yet she went for a maid, and none mistrusted her to be with child, and this messenger knowe not that she was delivered of a child, and coming to me for her, I asked where she was married, and the messenger said noe, she was a maid, And I sayd she was noe maid, wife nor widdowe.

¶5321If Dominus ascendentis by to in and goe from in also being Dominus 8e the woman hath dronke some poysoned thing or poysoned drinke as Ratbane, or mercury or both.

¶5322 Dominus ascendentis in 10o to in retrograte in 4o in seperate from Dominus 8e in 10 idem, she drinketh poysone.

¶5323 in 4o in seperate a in he tooke his disease by some serfitte of eating or drinking, and he vomited much.

¶5324If there be an evill planet in the Ascendent or if Dominus ascendentis be evill the sicke will hurte him selfe, and be of evill goverment and it signfieth evill.

¶5325Dominus ascendentis in 7o in his fall or detriment in with Domino 7e and in signo 6o and applieth to Domino 8e as to in 9o in the partie wilbe the cause of perlonging of his disease, and then through ill diet and ill physicke, will die thereof stocker.

¶5326Dominus 9e in 8o and Dominus 8e in 9e applicat Domine phisicke or ill medicine wilbe his death.

¶5327 Domina 12e and ascendentis in 5o in signo 5o not remota, seperans a in in 10 applicat Domine 5e vz in , also it sheweth the woman hath a flux of her course throughe feare of woman she mete whome she supposed to be {a} witch.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 41r>

¶5328The or of to the ascendent within 10 degrees causeth feare and dread and greefe, especially in but not so much in and lesse in .

¶5329The of to the ascendent or his Lord cause the a greate rage, Anger, Jelose, and suspection especially in but lesse in and lesse in

¶5330The of in to the ascendent maketh on apt to sounde.

¶5331 in 5o in applieth to in 10 and at a to the ascendent maketh a woman, apt to sound and vomite, and the mother to rise on her and trouble her.

¶5332If on planet be Dominus ascendentis and 12e and in 6o the partie is be{illeg}|witched.|

¶5333 in 5o seperate a in applieth to in the woman is much troubled with the mother and vomitts, and if be in or of the ascendent withall then t|s|he soundeth also and she hath moste moste sore and grevouse fits.

¶5334 Dominus 6e in ascendent in and seperate in ascendent in {estoum} in post applicationem in the man is franticke and raveth and hath surfethe with drinkinge and over heate his braines and he hath also a naturall disease.

¶5335 in Dominus 6e 8e in combuste in 7o seperate a in applieth to in 4o in also in 4o and in 4o the partie hath Anostrapha of his stomacke, and vomethe much, and it is of much melancoly and blod in his liver.

¶5336If be Dominus ascendentis in and the goe from then if the question before a woman, she is brused and beaten for her husband hath given her strips and blowes.

¶5337If be Dominus ascendentis and be also Dominus 6e and 5e and goe from the of to the woman hath had som blowes or stripes of her husband and straine her selfe with striving where upon she hath a shife, and a great flux of her course withall and paine her stomacke and vomits and is brused.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 41v>

¶5338 Dominus ascendentis and 12e in combuste 9e the partie is in di{spaire} and halfe frantike, and it comes on him by fitts and his blod rise up and stops his lungs.

¶5339 Dominus ascendentis in in 6o in in signo ascendente 12e and seperans from or in retrograte the partie is cause of her owne disease through much letting of blod.

¶5340 Dominus ascendentis and 12e in combuste of Dominus 12e and in 3{o} seperans a Domina 9e in signo 12e vz in & applieing to Dominus 1{2e} the man is bewitched, and in chanted and hurte by medicines also a{nd} he is takke with a paraleticall Analeptio{illeg}|ve| with a could shivering, and it begines in his raines and strikes up into his armes and scugers. an {illeg} benomes the like a palsie and benomes his senses with all, for the {illeg} tyme, and comes by fitts, when the ill sprite comes on him.

¶5341 in 4o in seperans a in applicat and Dominus 5e the partie \wom{an}/ hath framed him selfe |is troubled with the| mother, and hath a coughe and vomittes and hath {the} mother course the {railotu} Dominus 12e in and will have a longe sicknes.

¶5342 Domina 12e in in 5e seperate a in Dominus 10e the partie hath strained him selfe and hath a burning fever and sighes much, and is pain{ed} in his inward, and will growe into dispare or frendsie.

¶5343 Dominus 6e in retrograte in 5o and in and goe from and to the partie pines and consumes awaye and his strength and sense{s} trouble him and his mind also and greefe and discontente and he sp steps upon his lunges redie to stop his wind and a raine.

¶5344 allwayes in signifieth a weaknes of {the} raines and spermaticke vessells, and som wast of nature and weaknes of the raines, and of the acte of generation.<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 ends here and it provides the best reading. >

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 112>

¶5345Luna domina ascendentis in separans a in combuste applicans in signifieth a weknes & coldnes of the reins & spermatick vessells & wast of nature<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 starts here and MS Ashmole 363 provides the best reading. >

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 42r>

¶5346If be Dominus ascendentis in in in 5o and Dominus be last seperate from in 7o combuste, in seperans a applicat the man hath the running of the reines taken by lieinge with some woman, and being hote tooke cold in his backe, and hath much smartinge in his urin and infection of his blod, and much prickinge in his flesh.

¶5347 Domina ascendentis in in ascendente and in 10e in signifieth much and often risening of the blod into the head, and much water mixed with the blod, the runninge of the reines and heate in the vulva.

¶5348 ascendent in in with or goeinge to the of in and both and combuste goeinge to the or from the and goe from and and applie to the partie willbe frendsie, and it seemeth the partie surfeited with much ill drinke, or with much drinckinge.

¶5349If Dominus ascendentis be in 6o retrograte as in in in eodem signo not remotus And be Domina 5e in 7o in seperate a in 7o and a in 12o at a to in 10o in o Then the woman it seemes, latelie laie in, or was delivered of some child and this disease that she hath is onlie in her backe, from her shoulders downwards and doth allwayes trouble her after she is churched, and so often as she hath anie child, and comes with extreame paine by fitts, and it seemes to be the stopinge and revultion of her menstruall course, for she seemes to be a woman that hath manie of them, allwayes when she hath them.

¶5350If be Domina ascendentis in 9o or in signo 9e in or fallen into the 8. howse, and Domina 4e in 4o in or in free from and applie to the of in in retrograte in 5o and in 6o or in 5o though be in 6o remotus in ultimis and in 4o yet the partie shall finde speedie remedie of his disease, and fewe medicines shall helpe him and thou shalt be praised for this skill

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 42v>

¶5351And as often as you find Dominus ascendentis in his owne house fortunate, as in his {illeg} house exalted, triplicitie terminus or face and in Angulo or in 11o or 5o then the partie is not hartesicke, nether is the strength of his bodie so weake, but he is able to take phisicke, and able to beare it, for the stronger Dominus ascendentis is, the stronger is the partie, et econtra.

¶5352If be Dominus ascendentis in in 10o applieinge to the of in then it signifieth the woman or querente desireth noe lecherie, for h{er} husbands nature agreeth not with her bodie, but after she doth lie with him, she is much the worse, And he is whole, and consumeth her bodie, and he is much given to lecherie, and it makes the woman werie faint and feeble, and full of sicknes, pale and ill coloured yellowe and much out of quiet.

¶5353If Dominus ascendentis be in 9o in a full of the ascendent and peregrine in his fall or Detriment, it is not good to meddle with him, for thou shalt be angrie with they selfe if thou doe, for he is froward and unfortunate and is ill to take physic, and will not be ruled.

¶5354If be in 6o to the ascendent and doe applie to Domino ascendentis by or Dominus ascendentis in 9o at a to the ascendent it sheweth the partie is ill to take physicke, and will not take those things ahll doe him good but will find fault with his phisicke, or he hath taken it, and will say he is the worse for it and so give of, and will not pay the physition nor for his physick wherefore the phisition shalbe angrie with him self for goeing to him, and doeinge for him, yea this willbe though be Dominus ascendentis

¶5355 Dominus ascendentis in peregrine 9o at a to the ascendent and in 6o in a applicans iterum per idem.

¶5356 in 7o goe not to the sicke.

¶5357If Dominus 7e be in a or of Dominus ascendentis applicans with in the gradus of the orbs or seperated from and at a of Dominus ascendentis then the womans disease came by occupieinge or fretinge of her Matrix, by her husband which put his finger into her vulva, and freted it wheereon her course came downe. Dominus Horæ 22. applicat

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 43r>

¶5358If Dominus ascendentis be in 9o at a to the ascendent goeinge to the of in and in 6o in and applieth to the of . and in the 7o seperans a causeth the runninge of the reines, taken by lieinge with a woman and straninge of himselfe.

¶5359If be Domina 9e and in ascendente in signo in and goe from in 28 10 and app. to the of in 7o the partie hath taken some drinke or Medisen, that hath to much colded her bodie and done her much harme and will also take more evill medisens.

¶5360If be in in ascendent and doe seperate a in 10o and be in a full of in in 9o and at a to in 10o then the partie hath much sand in his backe, and greate heate in his backe, and the running of the reines, and also he over-occupied himselfe, and retched his bodie to much, and so did weaken himself, and tooke cold in his backe when he was hote; and by retchinge himselfe brought downe. the sand and by cold his reines stopt, and bred some impostume, which brought the runninge of the reines.

¶5361If Dominus ascendentis be Dominus 122 in his owne house or exaltation or in his dignities and doth begin to seperat from some other planet to whome the applies, it seemeth that the woman is in love with some other man which hath loved her, and whose love she desireth, but some thinge hath fallen out betweene them of late, that they are not friends.

¶5362For in such a case if some other planet doe applie to the planet from which Dominus ascendentis is seperate, it seemeth some other woman loveth the man whom the loved; if it be by

¶5363If Dominus ascendentis in such a case doth leave by or aspect some planet and doe withall applie to Domino 7e then the woman leavinge that partie with whome she was in love, begins to love her husband againe.

¶5364If in such a case Dominus 7e in ascendente in signo ascendente and be also Dominus 6e then is ascend. and appl. \the husband {case}/ cause of the womans disease.

¶5365 in 11o in in signo 12e seperans a Dominus 8e in in signo ascendente in ascendente and applieing to Dominus 7e in 2o in and at a to Dominus ascendentis applicans in in 10 combuste it signifieth the partie shall receive good by the physition, and by sight of the phisition her griefe shalbe <MS Ashmole 363, f. 43v> asswaged and she shalbe cured by the grace of god without Medisen.

¶5366If Dominus ascendentis be of Dominus 7e also receives Dominus ascendentis though by yet the sicke shall receive ease and comfort, onlie by the sighte of the phisition.

¶5367If the doe seperate from plannet in 7o as from in , then the woman tooke her disease by lieinge with some uncleane man. &c

¶5368If Dominus ascendentis be in 6o and goeinge out of one signe into another as 4{o in} the partie is cause of her owne sicknes by goeinge out of one Rome into another, or out of one house into another, for enteringe into which is his detriment and in 6o sheweth she went into an evill place.

¶5369 Dominus 7e in ascendente in retrogradus applicat in Dominus horæ in 7o in seperans a applicat he tooke his disease beinge a boy with over much forninge of his nature, wherby rete{n}tive muscles of the spermaticke vessells be weakned that he cannot hould his nature, but it wasteth away from him, and againe he is given to much drinkinge which causeth much moisture in the muscels and weakned the retentive vertue.

¶5370 Dominus ascendentis and beinge also Dominus 5e and in ascendent not remotus, peregrine goeing to the of in Dominus 4e sheweth the cause of her disease springs from her matrix of some conception therein of the nature of and that is possest with some evill spirit, or that is or wilbe of some divellish nature and condition, over whome the evill spirits will have much power and much vox. and will doe som divellis{h de}votions if it live and be some extra ordinarie child, and especiallie if be in Angulo.

¶5371If Dominus 6e and Dominus 5e be in or in one signe together, and the goe from Domino 12e and 9e and applie to beinge Domina ascendentis and 8e yt seemeth the matrix of the woman or some fetus, or other thinge therin is cause of her disease partlie, And also that some Ange{ll} evill or good spirit doth also molest her, and she is fearfull and ty{illeg} tymerous.

¶5372When and or anie 2 of them be in Angells, the partie \so that the / be one and i. in severall Angells, the partie is or wilbe possest or {illeg}ed with some spirit

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 44r>

¶5373If be Dominus ascendentis and 5e in in ascendent and the goe from Dominus 4e and applie to the of , it sheweth, a fluxe of blod from the matrix of some bruse or straine, which weakeneth, the partie much.

¶5374If doe seperate from in he hath the Gonorea.

¶537529 in 10o in goeinge to the of in in 10o the seperate from in the partie is in desperation and beinge \and hath the Gonorea./ in 7o in in the partie is half lunaticke and in dispaire and much payned in the backe and braine.

¶5376When Dominus 7e is a higher planet, then Dominus ascendentis and also more stronger then Dominus ascendentis if the woman make the question it is a signe that the nature of the man is to stronge for the woman, and it doth confound and consume her bodie, and she is allwayes sicklie within 24. howers after she lieth with her husband, and so pines away and her complexion and colour altereth and changeth.

¶5377When is eyther Dominus ascendentis Dominus horæ or in ascendent or in or aspect with Dominus ascendentis or of Dominus horæ, or of the planet, a quo seperatur or in applicatione or that the doth goe from or to the partie hath a coughe or riseinge of his lungs, redie to stop his wynd, or some impediment in his lungs or breste, and is fearefull and tymerouse.

¶5378If in like manner be eyther Dominus horæ or planetæ à quo seperatus or in ascendent etc as aforesayd, the partie hath taken griefe and discontent of mynd, and is melancolicke.

¶5379If be as aforesayd, and goe from or to in the partie hath some imposthume breedinge in his bodie.

¶5380If be as aforesaid, and goe from or to {illeg} \seperate a then the partie/ hath surfeited eyther by drincking or eatinge or by cold taken when he was hote or with the strangurie and much sand.

¶5381If be Dominus ascendentis Dominus horæ, or the planet a quo seperatur or doe applicat or in ascendente or in 6o or in or aspect with Dominus horæ or Domino ascendentis or 6o the partie hath some bruse stroke wrentch, straine or such <MS Ashmole 363, f. 44v> like and hath the stone if he be in or Gonorr|e|{a} or some fluxe of blod, in

¶5382If be eyther Domina horæ, or ascendentis, or planetæ à quo seperatur in 6o or ascendentis or as aforesayd, then the partie hath the Gonorea, the mother or waste of nature.

¶5383If be Domina horæ or ascendentis or in 6o or goe from or . or be in 5o or in with Domino ascendentis or the woman is troubled with the mother or some fluxe of her course, if she be in or and under the earth: if she be in her course is stopt and she hath the suffocation of the matrix.

¶5384The in the 5. house causeth the mother.

¶5385 in 5o causeth the whites.

¶5386 in 5o causeth the precepitation of the mother matrix.

¶5387 in 5o causeth some rupture of the colilidous of the matrix or some ulcer of the matrix.

¶5388 in 5o causeth a surfet of the matrix.

¶5389<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 ends here and it provides the best reading. >In the Examination of a womans disease ever Loke to the 4 and 5 houses for that showeth her mattrix and her stomake

¶5390yf be in 5o and go from the of in to the of in 8o she is moch trobled with the whites. and hath taken moch grif. and will have a flux of the redes with pain in her stomak and head and is trobled often with the mother/

¶5391 dominus 5e or in 5o. or the applying to . causeth the mother & suffocation of the matrix30

¶5392 in 5o and the go from in to in causeth a flux of the redes in a woman

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 118>
Of tydinges or Newes wher yt be true or fals good or bad.

¶539331yf ther be a fixed |signe [MS Ashmole 363]| in the ascendant Direct. and the alsoe in a fixed signe. yt is true.

¶5394But yf ther be an oblique signe in ascendente and in an oblique signe yt showeth falsnes.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 121>
Wher a man shal Com again into his owne Countrye or noe:

¶539532Behould the firste 4 & the 7. houses and their Lordes and yf Dominus primæ Domus be in the 4 or 7. house. he shall retorne within the yeare. And yf he be in none of them. Then see howe far the Lord ascendant is Distant from the Ascendant and for every signe give him a yeare./<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 starts here and MS Ashmole 363 provides the best reading. >

Of tyme, and what tyme Plannets signifie.

¶539633The Lord ascendentis in ascendent signifieth dayes.

¶5397Dominus ascendentis in 10o signifieth howers.

¶5398In 7o Monethes.

¶5399In 4o yeares.

¶5400The 4 Angells signifie the tyme present.

¶5401The 4 succedentes signifie the tyme to come.

¶5402The 4 cadents signifie the tyme paste.

¶5403The 4 cadents are called the 4 mothers and signifie the tyme past.34

¶5404The 4 neces or cossins are called the 4 succedentes, tyme to come.35

¶540536The 4 Angulls or the 4 daughters the tyme present.

Example of tyme.

¶5406If the 4 cadents be better then the 4 daughters, then the tyme past is better then the tyme to come.

¶5407If the 4 neces be better then the 4 cadents or mothers, then the tyme to come is better then the tyme past.

¶5408Moreover if the judge be good. viz if the plannet of the day and the signe that signifieth the tyme be changed into such a place, where they signifie but a short tyme to continue. yet after it hath discontinued and bene in dispaire, yt shall come againe.

¶5409But if the Judge be good, and the figure of tyme in an unfortunate house, it signifieth good to come or longe tyme: but the goodnes shall not fall.

¶5410And if an ill signe be in a good house, although it should not be longe to37 continue: yet if the Judge be good and fortunate, it signifieth longe <MS Ashmole 363, f. 45v> tyme and it shall longe continue.

¶5411If the 4 succedent be better then the 4 cadents, then the tyme to come is better then the tyme past.

¶5412If the 4 daughters viz the 4 Angells be better then the 4 ne{illeg} viz the 4 succedents, then is the tyme presente better then the tyme to come.

¶5413If the 4 succedents be better then the 4 Angells, then is the tyme to come better then the tyme present.

¶5414If the 4 succedents be better then the 4 cadents, then is the tyme to come better then the tyme past.

¶5415If the 4 cadents be better then the 4 succedents, then is the tyme past better then the tyme to come.

¶5416If the 4 cadents and the 4 succedent be better then the 4 daughters then is the tyme past and the tyme to come, better then the tyme present.

¶5417If the 4 Angells and the 4 succedents be better both then the 4 cadents then is the tyme present, and the tyme to come better then the tyme past.

¶5418And if the planet that is signifier of good to come be found in the 12 house and be good and fortunate, it signifieth that good shall come by him whom thou takest to be thy enemie.

¶5419If the signifier be evill and in 11a domo, then that evill shall come by meanes of them thou takest for thy frinds.

¶5420If the signifier be good, and in ascendent then shall that good come unto thee by course of nature, and by thy constellation, and by thyne owne industrie.

¶5421If the signifier be evill, and in ascendent then the evill shall come by course of nature, by thy constellation, and by thy owne negligence, procuring or seeking.

¶5422If the signifier be good, and in 2o then that good shall come to thee thorough some money matter.

¶5423If the signifier be evill end in 2o then that evill shall come to thee thourough some money, or thy substance shalbe cause thereof.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 46r>

¶5424And so of the rest of the howses, wherein thou findest the signifier goood or ill

  • doe signifie yeares and longe tyme.
  • doe signifie monethes and shorter tyme.
  • doe signifie dayes and little tyme speedily.
  • Albus Acquisitio Caput dra. Fortuna ma. Tristitia } doe signifie yeares.
  • Rubeus Conjunctio Carcer Populus } doe signifie moneths
  • Fort. mi. Lætitia Cauda Amissio via puella } doe signifie dayes.
  • The 4 Angells are moveable. yet signifie longe tyme yers.
  • The 4 succedents are fixed. yet signifie lesse tyme.
  • The 4 cadents are common, yet signifie smaller and lesser tyme, weeks and dayes.

¶5425And if thou wilt knowe in what moneth shalbe such an effect marke the figure where the computation is ended after thou hast nombred all the figures. And if it be then it is in the tyme when the is in that is from the 10 day of march, to the xi day of aprill.

¶5426Also when thou hast token all the points and nombred all the figures, if it fall on , that is from the si. of aprill to the 10th of may, and so of the other signes.

¶5427And when it signifieth yeares, if it be in a signe that betokeneth yeares. Then marke well whether it be a fixed moveable or common signe.

¶5428And if it be a fixed signe, it signifieth moste yeares.

¶5429And if a common signe mean yeares.

¶5430And if a moveable signe it signifieth last yeares.

¶5431A signe fixed in Angells signifieth yeares.

¶5432A fixed signe in succedents signifieth moneths.

¶5433A fixed signe in a cadent house signifieth dayes.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 46v>

¶5434A common signe in Angells signifieth 6 monthes.

¶5435A common signe in succedents houses signifieth 2 weekes.

¶5436A common signe in cadents signifieth halfe dayes. 6 howers.

¶5437A moveable signe in Angells signifieth half weekes.

¶5438In a succedent house signifieth half dayes.

¶5439In a cadent house signifieth half howers.

¶5440And for the most assurance hereof to knowe all this things aforesayd, take all the points of the figures, and see in what signe or figure the number of 96 doth fall and marke it well for that signe or figure shall judge the tyme demaunded of thee, as he is found in cadent, Angells or succedents.

¶5441And to know the points of the figures, it is to understand wee call that punctus; whereof the point of the judge falleth, and if there be 2 points applie both those points to one figure or signe, and seke it in the question and then count that to be strongest for thy entent.

Anni Planetarum.
  • Anni majores sunt. 120
  • Anni maxime – 1460. } et significant vitæ longitudinem
  • Anni medii sunt – 69. cum dimidio
  • Anni minores sunt – 19.
  • Anni maxime sunt – 520.
  • Anni inter maxime et majores – 194
  • Anni majores – 108
  • Anni medii sunt – 66
  • Anni inter majores et medii sunt – 76 and 5 dayes
  • Anni minores sunt – 25.
  • Anni maxime sunt – 264
  •       majores – 66
  •       medii – 140 s
  •       minores – 15
  • <MS Ashmole 363, f. 47r>
  • Anni maxime sunt –. 460.
  •        majores –. 76.
  •        medii –. 18
  •        inter medios et minores.. 44.
  •        minores – 20.
  • Anni maxime sunt –. 428
  •        majores sunt –. 79
  •        medii sunt – 49
  •        minores sunt – 12
  • Anni maxime sunt – 5|1|51
  •        majores sunt – 52
  •        medii – 45
  •        minores – 8
  • Anni maxime sunt – 465
  •        majores – 57
  •        medii – 43
  •        minores – 30
  • Anni Capitis Drag. maxime sunt – 3
  •        medii . – 3
  •        minores – 3
  • Anni Caudæ maxime sunt ..– 2
  •        majores ...– 2
  •        medii ..– 2
  •        minores ...– 2
To knowe when the day and the hower shalbe in which the effect of anie thinge signified, by anie aspect or shall fall out or hapen.

¶5442Enter the Table followinge with the difference of the degrees of an aspect or the longitude of anie starre or planet, and take the dayes orderlie with the howers, which beinge added to the dayes and howers of the revolution, <MS Ashmole 363, f. 47v> doe shewe the verie daye and hower in which shall happen. the ene{m}{ie} of that or aspect.


¶5443Anno 1571 Februarie the 16 did cast his beames by a aspect on the 4 degreé of the 16 degree beinge the terme or cuspe of th{at} house, therefore from the 4. degree, to the 16. degree there is 12. degree the which 12. degree I enter within to the table followinge, on the right ha{nd} and there I find 146 dayes 2 howers. and 19 minutes, which being added to the 16 day of februarie and almoste 7 howers, it doth amount to 162 dayes and almost 9 howers; The which dayes if you doe nomber from the beginning of Februarie, the nomber doth fall on the third day of August next followinge, about 3. of the clocke afternoone which is the unfortunate day and hower for the performinge of the of and in like manner you may find the performaunce of anie other aspect.

The yeares that the figueres doe signifie.
  • Acquisitio 16
  • Fortuna mala 12
  • Letitia 7
  • Tristitia 12
  • Albus 14
  • Caput || 14
  • Carcer 10
  • Puer 9
  • Rubeus 14
  • Populus 16
  • Via ii. 2.
  • Fortun. mi. 9. 7.
  • Cauda || 14. 1
<MS Ashmole 363, f. 48r>
grades of distance. dayes. howers minutes.
1. 2. 12. 24. 4. 8. 12. 13.
3. 4. 36. 48. 12. 16. 35. 46.
5. 6. 60. 73. 20. 1. 58. 10.
7. 8. 85. 97. 5. 9. 21. 33.
9. 10. 109. 121. 13. 17. 45. 56.
11 12. 133. 146. 22. 2 8. 19.
grades of distance dayes. howers minutes.
13. 14. 158. 170. 6. 10. 31. 42.
15. 16. 182. 194. 14. 19. 54. 6.
17. 18. 206. 219. 23. 3. 17. 29.
19. 20. 231. 243. 7. 11. 40. 42
21. 22. 255. 267. 16. 20. 4. 15.
23. 24. 280. 292. 0. 4 27. 38.
grades of distance dayes. howers. minutes
25. 26 304. 316. 8. 13. 50. 2.
27. 28. 328. 340. 17. 21. 13. 25.
29. 30. 353. 365. 1. 5. 37. 49.
  • Amissio 16 dayes.
  • Puella 5 dayes.
  • Conjunctio 11 howers.
<MS Ashmole 363, f. 48v>
An ægrotat nec non.

¶5444If any come unto thee for one, facinge such a one is sicke, and I would knowe his disease, if thou mistrust the partie, that he comes to prove thee, or in some false messuage. And wouldest know whether the same partie be sick{e} or noe, thou shalt looke to the signifier of the sicke partie, that is to the Lord ascendentis of the question, and to the and ad planetam, a quo seperatur.

  • Dominus ascendentis questioni
  • Luna
  • Planeta a quo seperatur

¶5445This 3 are for the querente if the sicke person make the question or be the cause thereof himselfe, for himselfe, Then they shall signifie where he be sicke or noe.

  • The Ascendente
  • The Moone
  • Dominus Domus is

¶5446This 3 doe signifie the spirit the soule and inward mind of man and woman.

  • The Lord of the ascendent
  • The Lord of the house of the
  • The Sunne

¶5447This 3 doe signifie the bodie and outward and inward members of man and woman and state thereof.

But first where the partie be sicke or noe, de quo queritur, you shall looke to the signifiers of the bodie of man and state thereof.

¶5448If the signifiers of the state of the bodie, be in signo nor convenientis sed pugnandi suæ naturæ, vel sit in Domo cadenti et præcipue in sexta ægrotat.

¶5449Si significatores sunt diu{illeg}|rni|, and under the earth in the daie tyme, or if they be nocturnall and above the earth in the daie and under the earth in the night. ægrotat.

¶5450If the signifiers of the bodie male afficiantur, retrogradus, combustus aut in detrimento aut debilis in terminis malorum, a{ut} <MS Ashmole 363, f. 49r> in configuratione mala cum aliquo contrario planeta et malo ægrotat.

¶5451If the signifiers of the body be weake in the 6. or 8. house and unfortunate he is sicke.

¶5452If the signifiers of the bodie, doe applie unto the Lord of the 6. or 8. house and be infortunate or weake withall, and not received of Dominus 6e or 8e to whome he doth applie he wilbe sicke or die.

¶5453If the signifiers of the body, or any 2 of them be weke and obscessus a malis aut fixarum congressa male se habeant, tum quidem ægrotare {seconstall}.

¶5454But if sufficeth not for thee to judge him sicke by one of theirs judgements aforesayd, but by the most part of the Judgements, abovesayd.

¶5455And if thou find him well in body, then looke where he be sicke in mind. ut in folio 378.

An convalescat cito infirmus nec non.

¶5456looke fol. 402.

¶5457Si Luna et significatores infirmi pessimè se habeant, nec infortunarum radiis oppressi, Imò si melior sit eorum conditio infectione et configuratione, bona quam mala, citò valetudini restituetur, maximè si{illeg}significator ab infortuniis seperatur, et fortunis applicet, vel a fortunis vel planetis ejusdem naturæ obscessus sit.

¶5458Sed si in applicatione significatoris ad fortunas vel fortunarum ad significatorem priusquam conjungantur, mala alterius configurr|a|ntes occurrens interponetur, tum in aliam ægritudinem ægrotus nudet \nectet/ antequam convalescit.

¶5459Idem asserit signum commune, precipue bicorporeum in 6a aut signum Domini 6e.

¶5460Si significatorum major{illeg} pars ab infortunio et omni mala affectione libera sit, iterim cum cæteri male se habeant adhuc salus est speranda. Verum si significatores irradiantur quod eorum mala sit ad |nequiorem| applicatio, tum si cadentes sint significatores, de morte est timendum. Notandum quod si multiplicem contingit, videre significationem tum vitæ tum mortis, Judicium proferatur opportet pro ratione, plurimum significatorum et fortiorem.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 49v>

¶5461Si Dominus ascendentis intrabit sextam, liberabitur ab ægritudine e{um}

¶5462Si Dominus 6e intrabit ascendens, evadet in ingressu.

¶5463Sextæ Domus signum mobile, ejusque Dominus in signo mobili morbi brevi p{illeg}|ro|tendit.

¶5464Si vel est Dominus ascendentis et transierit combustionem cum si{gnos} orientales, liberabitur, si occidentales non liberabitur a morbo.

¶5465Dominus ascendentis subito ad planetam fortinat{illeg}o aliquo modo proveniens b{re}vem affirmat morbum.

¶5466Si sit Dominus ascendentis et in cum infra 10 grades et orientalis li{be}rabitur: si sit occidentalis et distat a plus 18 gradus liberabitur si minor 18 morretur.

¶5467Ascendens Alunteg. ascendentis Sol. Luna. omnes hii significatores solui. 2o horum liberi ab infortuniis 1o liber. ab infortuniis et alii 2o 2o horum infortunatorum at hon per aut poterit infor{t.} per Dominum 8. 4. 2. in nullo aspectu cum Domino 8e evadet.

¶5468Looke ferther for this in the chapter, an vivet aut moritur infirm{illeg} fol. 564.

Of a sute or requeste to obtaine it.

¶5469If thou wilt obtaine aney sute or request of aney man or have on to {doe} any thing for thee, and not denie thee or to percure one to goe, to speake for thee, to some man or to grant thee something that thou would aske or have lend house or such like whatsoever, then observe these rulles following. 38600.

¶5470S|G|oe not forth for any of this causes abovesayd or aney such like, when Dominus ascendentis is eyther combust, retrograte peregrine, or in his detriment or fall, except for if thou doe, thou shalt not obtaine thy sute nor disi{ier} nor that which thou goeste for \or/ goeste about to doe or effecte, nor will the partie thou goest unto, doe that which thou requeste, of him <MS Ashmole 363, f. 50r> but will denie, though he have no reason for it, be thy sute or requeste never so honeste or reasonable and although he showe thee never so much countinance or proves thee never so farre, yet he will not doe it.

¶5471And againe never goe forth about aney busnes or matter when Dominus ascendentis is unfortunate and doe seperate a Domino 7e or when Dominus 7e is a greater planet, or more fortunate or stronger then Dominus ascendentis and especially, if Dominus 7e doe not applie to Domino ascendentis for thou shalt in such cases have a flatt deniall, and shalt not obtaine thy sute thoughe it be small or never so reasonable.

¶5472But thou wilt goe to aske begger crave or to obtaine aney thing of one or to have him to doe aney thing for thee, as above sayd.

¶5473Then at thy first going forth let Dominus ascendentis be a greater planet then Dominus 7e and let Dominus ascendentis be fortunate, and not combust, nor retrograte nor peregrine, nor in his detriment or fall, but stronge and well placed and lett Dominus 7e applie by to Domino ascendentis by reception if it be possible, for if the Lord of the 7. house be weake, retrograte or peregrine, and doe receive the Lord ascendentis it is the better for then he giveth vertue to Domino ascendentis And let applie to the Lord of the house that signifieth the thinge thou demandest or wouldest obtayne.

¶5474And if thou wouldest obtayne some sute, let her applie to Domino ascendentis

¶5475If money or goods to Domino 2e.

¶5476If a letter, benefit, or personage, or matter in Lawe to Domino 9e.

¶5477If the goodwill of a prince or nobleman, or some office or dignitie, then to Domino 1e or to

¶5478If treasure, or any thinge of thy father to Domino 4e.

¶5479If inheritance or legae{illeg} or goods of the dead, to Domino 8e.

¶5480If a frind to Domino 11e

¶5481If a house, or to be a horsekeep to Domino 12e or to be a Guilour or keeper of prisons to Domino 12e.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 50v>

¶5482If a service or a servant to Domino 6e.

¶5483If a dreame or to goe a voiage to Domino 9e by reception.

¶5484Or ells goe at such a tyme as Dominus ascendentis is a greater planet then Dominus 7e and when the doeth seperate a Domino 7e and applie to Domino ascendentis and receives the Lord ascendentis in all this cases thou maieste attaine thy sute {or} purpose, as I have proved by experience.

¶5485But take heede that neyther nor be in ascendent or 7o retrograte nor combuste nor in their detriment or fall, for that signifieth denial

¶5486If be Dominus ascendentis at thy goeinge forth combuste or entringe into combustion and seperatinge a . Dominus 7e though be {illeg}|p|eregrine in 9o and in applicat by or if be in ascendent retrograte or peregrine not remotus, Thou shalt not obtayne thy suite or entreate thy frind, nor foe to doe, yet thou wouldest have done.<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 ends here and it provides the best reading. >

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 134>
Wher a mans house hath bine searched or noe by officers

¶5487Ascendens et dominus eius pro querenti. and for his house 7a domus et dominus 7e pro Inimici 10 Domus et dominus 10e for the Justices & officers

¶5488yf dominus 10e and dominus 7e be unfortunat {illeg}|A|nd in ascendente or |2o [MS Ashmole 363]| the officers and his enimies have bin in his house and have serched yt and have entred into his goodes if they be in 2o/

¶548939yf any unfortunat plannet be in ascendente cum domino 7e or cum domino – 10e. they have serched his house

¶5490yf they be in 2o they have taken a wai his goodes & entred into his goodes especially yf dominus 2e be in 8o. with all/.

¶5491Luna domina 7e in 7a remota in signo 8e seperans a domino 2e in 9{a}. they have not serched. in separat a in | [MS Ashmole 363]| applicans .

¶5492 dominus ascendentis in 11o. and in o in ascendente applicans . et in ascendente in . and in in ascendente. they have not serched the house<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 starts here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >

¶5493yf ther be a good and fortunate plannet in ascendente as in dignitatibus suis. they have not serched<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 363 ends here and MS Ashmole 389 provides the best reading. >

¶5494yf ther be an infortunat plannet in ascendente as or infortunat and Dominus 7e alsoe with them or dominus 10e with them in ascendente they have serched

¶5495|If there be a good and fortunate planet in ascendent in dignitatibus suis, they have not searched. [add. MS Ashmole 363]|

¶5496yf dominus 2e be in 8o unfortunat and dominus 7e in 2o the goodes is entred in to the Enimies handes and the enimy is in thy house of substance & takes thy goodes

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 136>
Beste to doe A thinge or noe/

¶5497When on makes a question. wher yt be best for him or her to doe a thinge or noe. whatsoever yt be. generally

¶5498youe shall loke to the To the Ascendant and his Lord And to the plannet the applieth to And to domino horæ. which ar all for the querente–


¶5499yf the be in or aspect with or . or with a retrograde or combust plannet or applieth to a plannet that is evill placed as in 12o 6o or 8o or that is in his Detriment or falle. or that is Joined by or aspect to an evill plannet. Then doe yt not for evill will com therof.

¶5500for yf the be in with or apply to ther wilbe som suspition of som thinge or som anger strife brawlinge fightinge mocking or scorninge –

¶5501yf apply to by or aspect ther wilbe sorowe sadnes hevines disconte Envie, and no mirth but a hevie countenance & lyttel welcom & no good but solitarines do it not.

¶5502yf apply to ther wilbe hatred and sadnes and moch evill. Doe yt not.

¶5503yf the be perigrin. or in her fall: not aspect to or Doe yt not.

¶5504yf the be combuste or in the wai of combust Doe it not. for ther wilbe shame or hurte

¶5505yf be in a Cadent house and not behould the ascendant by or . Doe yt not. Except dominus ascendentis be fortunate and wel placed and doe behould the ascendant with some frindli aspecte. and som good plannet in 7o or Joined to the Lord of the 7. house

¶5506yf ther be an evill plannet in 7o. or Joined to domino 7e except yt be dominus ascendentis. goe not or doe it not.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 136a>

¶5507Luna in 6o or to the ascendant. Doe it not

¶5508Luna at a to the ascendant. Doe it not

¶5509Luna in Doe yt not

¶5510Luna in 12o Dominus ab ascendente and dominus ascendentis in 7o in his fall or detriment or combuste & Dominus hore in 8o Doe it not for moch evill and perrill that may ensue.

¶5511yf apply to a Retrograde plannet in a cadent house and in his fall or Detriment or combuste goe not.

¶5512yf doe apply to being dominus ascendentis and in 7a Retrograde in his Detriment or falle. goe not or doe yt not for thou shalt make thine enimies of thy counc{ell}. wherby thou shalt hinder thy selfe. or be prevented

¶5513Dominus ascendentis in 7o retrograde or combuste or in his detriment or falle Doe yt not for he will hinder him selfe. by haveing to moch familiariti with his enimies. and thorowe his owne negligence because of his own hinderance discredit & sorowe whosoever be Dominus ascendentis.

¶5514Luna in 8o. Doe yt not.

¶551540Luna domina ascendentis in a cadent house in terminis malorum not aspecting the ascendant. and Dominus domus retrograde although yt be in in 10o. and applying to the or of or though they be in 10o also. yet Doe yt not or goe not. for thy Jornay shalbe in vain. for the matter is opened and thou shalte be glad to flie or be Taken. 1584 November 23 Monday pm at 7. for yt will fale out ill with youe/

¶551641Luna in applicans in being dominus ascendentis. & dominus 7e combuste then yf it be to goe to |lie with [add. MS Ashmole 389]| a woman goe for thou maist chanch to lie with her or thou Retorne. because dominus ascendentis hath power over the Lord of the 7 house. she will yeld unto thee 1597 11. July Wednesday am at 30 post 6. best to goe to Jean demetrius or noe/ goe.

¶5517 in 10o at a to the ascendant. being Retrograde doe yt not

¶5518yf any Retrograde plannet behould the by . Doe it not for yt signifith som hinderance or negligence

¶5519 in 7o retrograde applicans Do it not for evill will ensue ther of.

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 137>

¶5520Luna dominus ascendentis in 10o in applicans combuste in in 6o. thou maist goe to a woman. she will use the frindly. especially yf or be in 7a. 1593. 20 november Tuesday pm at 30 post 5. mary todcaster

¶5521Dominus ascendentis in of or or of a retrograde plannet combuste or in his Detriment or fall or of the Lord of the 8 house or 4 house Doe yt not.

¶5522Dominus ascendentis in his fall or detriment combuste retrograde and cadent ab angulo Doe it not

¶5523Dominus ascendentis in his fal and in 7o and applying to domino ascendentis by or and in 12 doe it not. for ther will followe moch strife. Lawe perill and danger troble and Imprisoment before yt be ended.

¶5524Dominus ascendentis at a or to the ascendant. the querent shalbe at defiance with him selfe. and find fault with his owne doinge. and be the cause of his own infortuin strif and harme

¶5525Dominus ascendentis dominus hore and all 3 cadent ab angulo. or in 8o. Do yt not.

¶5526yf 2 of them be in 8o or cadent ab angulo. and the 3a in 7o in his fale or detriment combust or Retrograde Doe yt not

¶5527yf a Retrograde plannet be in ascendente not Remotus afflicting the ascendant. Doe it not or goe not procead no farther for ther wil be sorowe and an ill end/

¶5528Dominus ascendentis in a cadent house perigrin as in 9o. and in terminis maleficorum applicans . domino ascendentis & in ascendente. Doe yt not for although ther can com but Lyttell ill. yet ther will com no good nor profit but Disgrace./

¶5529A retrograde plannet in ascendente in his fal or detriment though it be and dominus in a cadent house though in his owne house though it be in 6o Do it not

¶553042 in 7o perigrin Doe yt no/

¶5531 dominus ascendentis in 10 at a to the Ascendant doe yt not for thou wilt be An enimie to thy self

¶5532 dominus hore in retrograde in 3o and not behould the ascendant goe not. for thou shalt have troble and vexation/

¶5533 dominus ascendentis in 10o perigrin at a applying to the Ascendant and 20 in 8. perigrin 7o. going from and in a fall of in in 12o and after applying to domina 12e in 11. yet goe not for thou shalt be imprisoned and have moch brable

<MS Ashmole 389, p. 138>
Best to goe or staye for a servante/

¶553443yf the queston be made. wher yt be best for on to goe a|A| Jornay or to stai & not goe. or Beste to goe from her master. or to stai. or best to marry or noe. or to take such a one or noe. or to Doe a busines or no/. or wher that house. Land place or Contrie be better for him to stai or abide in. or to leave yt & goe to som other place or partie

¶5535Aspice dominum ascendentis et . etsi eos Inveneris. separantes ab infortuniis, et applicare fortuniis. then let him doe as he is Determined. then let him doe it

¶5536Sed si eos Inveneris separantes a fortuniis et applicare Infortuniis then let him not Doe it. but forbeare it.

¶5537yf doe separat from infortuns. then yt is also better to goe then to tarry. et econtra

¶5538but yf Luna be separat from a fortunat plannet yt is better to staie then to goe

¶5539yf doe separat from on infortune as from or or from a combust plannet or plannet that is in his detriment or fale or Retrograde or perigrine. And applyeth to a nother infortune. as to a plannet that is retrograde combust or in his detriment or fall or perigrin. or to or . Then yt is neither good for him or her to goe. nor tarry. for both be naughte Then see whether the Infortune she went from. be more or greter then that which she applieth unto: and chose the leste. yf that which she wente from be lesse. then |that [MS Ashmole 363]| she applieth unto. Then stai wher thou art. but yf that she applieth to be lesse then that she went from. then goe awaie for yt wilbe better although not moch

¶5540yf be dominus hore and to domino ascendentis in 6o. then the servantes of the house or place whether she goeth shall mocke & deride her privily and suspecte her of som thinge/44<A lacuna in MS Ashmole 389 starts here and MS Ashmole 363 provides the best reading. >

The Examination of ones life and state, & fortune he hath had
  • The Ascendent
  • Dominus Ascendentis
  • Luna
  • Planeta a quo seperatur

¶5541pro querente., be it man or woman.

¶5542If Dominus ascendentis be an evill planet by nature as and the partie querente is evill by nature.

¶5543If Dominus ascendentis be a good planet by nature, as or the partie by nature is of a good and gentle disposition and nature.

¶5544If Dominus ascendentis be an indeferent planet by nature, then the querent is indeferent in his nature, and condition by nature as of according as they be affected and aspected.

¶5545But if the planet be evill by nature as or and be in a good place, in the heavens. as in Angulo or in succedenti and stronge, in his dignities, then the querent although he or she was infortunate by nature, yet they have had good fortune and are come to some thinge by accident.

¶5546As if Dominus ascendentis be or and in ascendent then he is com to some good fortune by his good behaviour.

¶5547If in 2o by goods that he hath gotten, & econtra.

¶5548If in 3o then by his bretheren, sisters or Kindred.

¶5549If in 4o by his father, & econtra.

¶5550If in 5o by his Childeren, or for his childrens sake.

¶5551If in 6o by sicknes, surgery, small beastes or servants.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 53v>

¶5552If in 7o by some mariage, or woman or by the warres.

¶5553If in 8o then by the goods of some one, that is or shall die.

¶5554If in 9o by physic or by travaile or by the cleargie or learninge.

¶5555If in 10o by service of some gentleman or nobleman.

¶5556If in 11o by frindes.

¶5557If in 12o by trouble, husbandrie, imprisonment, and great loss.

¶5558If Dominus Ascendentis be or and in an evill place as in, 12o 6o 8o 3o 9o peregrine unfortunate, or in there fall or detriment then although the partie was {in}fortunate by his birth, yet he is or hath bene infortunate by accident as:

¶5559If or be in their fall or detriment and in 6o sicknes and servants hat done them much hinderance.

¶5560If in 12. manie troubles and vexations and imprisonments and losse of great beasts hath hindered them much.

¶5561If in 7o suertishipp, and whores and wives have undone them, or done them much harme.

¶5562If in 8o the death of some one hath hindered them much.

¶5563If in 9o then lawe hath undone them, or travell, or some stranger whome she loved

¶5564If in 3o then his bretheren and Kindred hath undone him.

¶5565If in 2o servants doe purloine them, and banquettinge, and good cheere dothe undoe them.

¶5566If in 4o their parents doe, or hath undone them.

¶5567If in 5o their children have, or doe undoe them.

¶5568If Dominus 5. be infortunat, in his fall or detriment, peregrine and in ascendente then the sonne or daughter consumes them and breeds them much sorrowe.

¶5569If Dominus ascendentis be or and unfortunate by accident, as in his detriment or fall, peregrine, combuste etc and in 10 the partie hath bene, and is unhappie in gentlemens or noblemens service, and consumes himselfe in others mens service.

¶5570If in 11o then by Keepinge companie, and good cheere and frends doe undoe him, or hath undone him.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 54r>

¶5571The like is to be considered of which are indifferent by nature.

¶5572If they by fortunate by accident, as in angulo, or in dignitatibus suis, then they have bettered their state or fortune.

¶5573As if they be in 10 stronge, then by service of gentlemen or Noblemen.

¶5574If in 4o by their father.

¶5575If in 8o by the death of some one good is fallen to them or shall fall unto them.

¶5576And so of the rest as aforesayd, if they be unfortunate, perigrine, combuste retrograte etc. infortune is come unto them by and accordinge to the house they are in as aforesayd.

¶5577If be Dominus ascendentis which is unfortunate by nature and in in his face in 8o and did laste seperate from the of both beinge in 8o yt signifieth the woman was unfortunate by the death of her husband, for did receive in the but receives not which showeth the husband loved her, but she loved not her husband, but did consume and confound her husband and his substance, and she is a whore and a lude person.

¶5578If be in 2o If Dominus ascendentis beinge in 8o be combuste of Dominus 10e the goeinge to it sheweth she will have displeasure of the thinge shortlie, or of some greate personages.

¶5579If be in 2o stronge in dignitatibus and Dominus d be seperate ab and seperate from by applicat it sheweth that someone that hath Keept her in her husbands dayes, doth and hath consumed her substance, and brought her husband and her to povertie.

¶5580Dominus 12e and in 7o in she is crost in all her actions by the fates.

¶5581 in Dominus 8e and in ascendent in a of retrograte or in Angulo then some feiriis or ill spirit, will haunt the partie, or els he wilbe made, and growe into dispaire.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 54v>

¶5582If be Dominus 7e et 8e and in 9o in his fall or detriment it sheweth that his enemies shall seeke his death by inchantment.

¶5583If Dominus 12e be in 9o in or of the ascendent or of his Lord the Enemie shall seeke his death by enchantment.

¶5584Dominus ascendentis in 7o he is an enemie to himselfe, and procureth his owne harme.

¶5585Dominus ascendentis retrograte he is negligent, slouthfull and unstable unfaithfull and houldeth noe promise.

¶5586Dominus ascendentis in his fall or detriment, he will consume all and come to povertie

¶5587Dominus ascendentis peregrine, he will travell, especially in 9o or 7o or in 3o he will travell into forraine places, and spend all and will \be/ poore.

¶5588Dominus ascendentis peregrine in ascendent he shall or doth live as a stranger in his owne Countrie, or in the place where he or she dwelleth.

¶5589Dominus ascendentis peregrine in 2o 8o 6o 1o 2o he liveth as a stranger and solitarily in the place where he dwells.

¶5590Dominus ascendentis peregrine in 11o he liveth as a stranger amonge his frinds.

¶5591Dominus ascendentis peregrine in 4o he liveth as a stranger with his parents or father.

¶5592Dominus ascendentis in 6o unfortunate, he wilbe cause of his owne sicknes

¶5593Dominus 9e in 6e unfortunate he hath bene harmed by medisons.

¶5594Dominus 10e in ascendent fortunate, he shall have God to his guide and to guide him in his|all| his doeings and shall doe nothing rashlie, and god will and doth defend him, from many evills, and he doth serve one doth love him well.

¶5595Dominus 10e in ascendent unfortunate, god doth not blesse him in his actions nor prosper him, and he is gracious \but the heaveans/ and fates are against him.

¶5596Dominus ascendentis in 10. unfortunate, god nor the heavens doe not favour him he lives not in the feare of god.

¶5597Dominus in 10. fortunate, god and the heavens doth favour and prosper him, and he is gracious in the sight of god.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 55r>

¶5598Dominus Ascendentis and Dominus 10e in the heavens doth favour him and god doth much for him, and the maister doth much for him.

¶5599Dominus Ascendentis and Dominus 10e in or god and the heavens doe not favour him, but are against him, and his busines nor enterprises prospers not.

¶5600Dominus Ascendentis fortunat and in {11}o or in with A|O|nr 11e the Angells favor him and fates and doe prosper him.

¶5601Dominus Ascendentis in 11o or in or 9o \of/ Dominus 11e infortunat, the Angells of god nor the fates doe not favor him, but are against him in all things.

¶5602Dominus ascendentis fortunate and in 12o, he shalbe and is fourtunate amonge base people, and amonge Rogs theves and vagabonds: and gets much discreadit and hinderance amonge |and s{w}arthy lookeing beast| |Dominus {illeg} unfortun{illeg} & in 12{o} is unfort{u}nate by {illeg} among {base} people, t{illeg} rogges {theves &} vaga{bonds} & gets mu{ch} discreadit {&} hinderan{ce} among th{em}|

¶5603Dominus Ascendentis unfourtunate in 2o he will consume and spend all money and substance

¶5604Dominus Ascendens fourtunate in 2o he shalbe lucke to find and get money and substance.

¶5605Dominus Ascendentis fourtunate in 8o, he shalbe fourtunate to get enheritance and lenes by those that dye.

¶5606Dominus Ascendentis infourtunate in 8o he shall consume and spend his enhereditance, and shall be infourtunate to get any things by those that dye.

¶5607Dominus Ascendentis in 4o in his face or dignitie as in in with in the partie shalbe much haunted and vexed with evill spirits that will tempt her to hange or drowne her self.

¶5608If or Dominus Ascendentis in such a case doe applie to Dominus 8o perigrin in 12o in by or then will spritel in such a case will provoke and tempt her to hange or drowne her selfe in a well.

¶5609If in such a case be in Ascendente in perigrine yet she shalbe saved when she is hanged. from death, and cut downe before sche is dead and shall also be taken out of the water being dead and revived againe

¶5610Luna in 4o in signifieth vexation of the minde and of spirits which haunte the partie and secke to bringe him to dispaire and to hange him selfe

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 55v>

¶5611If Dominus 11e 10e be in 10e in his owne house he or she shall com to greate honor or dignitie in his owne counterie.

¶5612Dominus Ascendentis in Ascendente or in 10a in his owne howse, Idem

¶5613Dominus Ascendentis in 10o {illeg}|7|o or 4o or in ascendent in his exaltation, he shall com to greate dignitie out i|o|f his owne counterie, and out of the place where he was borne.

¶5614Dominus 9e in 10o in his owne howse he shall com to dignitie by helpe of learninge and arte.

¶5615Dominus Ascendentis in 5o in his dignities showeth good by childerine

¶5616 Dominus 10e in and in 10o the woman shall com to greate honor, by the helpe of frends and arte.

¶5617 Domina ascendentis in 5o in her dignities showeth much goodly by childe{s}

¶5618 Dominus Ascendentis in 5o having aney dignitie not combust showeth good by childerine

¶5619 Domina Ascendentis in 5o in her dignitie maketh a woman some what fantasticall and disirous of honnor and of childerine but a niggard to her frinds and liberall to her enimies delighting in Juells and presiows stones, and to be talking but can hardly keepe aney secrae{ts}

¶5620 Domina ascendentis in in 7o she shall be given much to love and lust and disires to be honored and well spoken of and prove and disireth to have maney loves. and is soone in love and allwayes in love with one annother, besides her husband and hath much delighte to make mariges, to banckquet, to spend and consume and in pride, and giveth maney giftes to her loves and a secreate and common hou|o|re and strumpte a wild creator in her prime conversation but hipocritically covers it, to the world, and semes to speake very honeste

¶5621If in such a case doe behould aney planet in 9o or the Lord of the 9 howse then she shall love so maney clergiemen and enemy planet in a common signe signifieth 2 persons.

¶5622If in such a case beinge in in 7o doe behould aney planet in 10o or Dominus 10e she shall love so maney gentlemen

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 56r>

¶5623If in such a case behould aney pla. in 6o or the Lord of the 9|6| howse by or aspect she shall love so maney of her servants basse fellowes especially if Dominus 6æ have noe dignitie.

¶5624Dominus 6e in ascendent or in 7o the servant loveth his mistris.

¶5625Dominus Ascendentis in 6e or in with Domino 6e the mistress loveth the servante.

¶5626Dominus ascendentis in 7o or in 6o in signo 7e the querent is a hore.

¶5627If Dominus ascendentis be good and fortunate in his dignities well placed, he shall have good fortune and the stronger he is the better fortune he shall have.

¶5628If Dominus ascendentis be unfortunate and evill, he shall have evill fortune.

¶5629 in ascendent in signo ascendente in he will be in danger of drowninge et idem in or .

¶5630If be in 12o et in ascendente also, and in a of the ascendent then it wilbe by his horse in a river, where his horse will caste him, and he will scape drouning verie hardly.

¶5631 Dominus ascendentis in in 3o at a to the ascendent he wilbe stabed with a dagger in some eving about the brest and will hardly scape killinge, et idem in and .

¶5632 Dominus ascendentis in in 3o and Dominus horæ, in 2o he will be the atturnie. in the common Lawe, and he will have a red foxen berd, and some what broad face, and wilbe a slie and subtill fellowe and a covetous.

¶5633 in within 4. degrees of in 2o he will have some white or marke in his left eye.

¶5634 in in 4o signifieth a captine of Sea.

¶5635If Dominus ascendentis be peregrine, unfortunate in 9o and some planet doe seperate from him, that is in 7o in signo 8e it seemeth she hath buried some husband, by whom her state was first overthrone.

¶5636 Dominus 7e in retrograte orientall, and in 7o signifieth an old man a bruer, one that loves good all droncknes, and woman a great horemaister.

¶5637If or be in 9o in there dignities, and Lord of the house, the partie is apte to studie magicke. and to see and to speake with spirites and to attaine to greate wisdome and knowledge.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 56v>

¶5638 Domina 9e in in 5o in her dignitie the partie delightes much in magicke, astronimie, and negromonic, and to call spirits and angels, and to write bookes of physicke, astronimie and magicke and other arts.

¶5639 in 9e or Dominus 9e fortunate in 9o spiritibus imperat.

¶5640 dant grandes divitias si sint in ascendente in 2o 4o 10o 8o 7o

¶5641Dominus 2e in exaltatione sua, erit valde dives.

¶5642Dominus 2e in suo domo idem.

¶5643Quando Dn \Dna/ conjunguntur infortunæ, fit ex eis fortuna perfecta, sicut ex duarum fortunarum conjunctione.

¶5644Non prodest aspectus et in fortunarum sicut nec {obat} or fortunarum.

¶5645Cuicunque fuerit us in radice in Domo ni erit magni intellectus, longeque cogitationis, sapiens et philosophus.

¶5646 in makes one f|s|wift and quicke, in goeinge, nimble, apte to dance and leape, but he shall be quicklie wearie.

¶5647If and be all in the one degree, he shall be a prophet or some hermet, and much beleeved.

¶5648If all the planet be in moist signes, as in and the partie shalbe fatt, and continually troubled, with some fluxe or scouringe, or with her menstruall course, especially if a moiste signe be in ascendent

¶5649A dry signe as in ascendent and all the planets in dry signes, the partie will have a drie bodie, and be allways costive and subject to the stone, to drie diseases, crampes, pilles, hemorodes etc.

¶5650 Dominus 6e in in 6o with and in in 6o the partie shalbe longe troubled with some scourninge or other fluxe that she is troubled with, and she should be a privie whore |as of her menstrues or pills etc|

¶5651 in being Domina ascendentis and in 7o not remotus, the partie shall keepe house much, and shall not be able to goe abroad, because of some scourninge {illeg} or other flux that she is troubled with and she should be a prvie hore.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 57r>

¶5652If in 5o be a moist signe, and Dominus ascendentis 5o be both in moist signes she shalbe much troubled with a fluxe of her course.

¶5653Dominus ascendentis peregrine in 11o in in and both combust or subradice and to in and at a to in 4o he loveth 2 other mens wives, or shall love them; by whom she shall have children, and the first of them shall make him consume himselfe, and put him in hazard of his life. The second woman shall love him and spend much on him, and in the end he shall marrie a young woman of his owne kindred.

¶5654 Dominus ascendentis in occidentall retrograte peregrine, and be also Dominus horæ, the woman shalbe a Ladie, if he be in signo 10 but she wilbe poore, and full of miserie, and lead a hard life.

¶5655If he be a man he shall be a Knight, but he shalbe poore and needie.

¶5656Dominus ascendentis in signo 10o in dignitat. suis, he shalbe a Knight, and come to worshipp and honour and wealth; or to be a Ladie, but if they have no dignitie, they may have honour and worshipp, but no wealth..

¶5657The 4 Anguls gives worshipp, dignitie and honour, or office.

¶5658The dignities of a planet gives sealth.

¶5659A planet therefore in Angulo peregrine, without dignitie giveth office, worshipp or dignitie without wealth.

¶5660A planet in Angulo havinge dignities, giveth worshipp, honour and office with wealth.

¶5661A planet havinge dignitie in anie part of the heavens, giveth wealth, but not dignitie.

¶5662Undecima figura .i. Domus 11e et Dominus ejus, significant fortunam.

¶5663If Dominus ascendentis and Dominus 11e be good planets and stronge, and in in ascendent or in 11o 1o 7o 4o 2o 5o he shall have good fortune.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 57v>

¶5664If Dominus 11e be fortunate in 11o or in ascendent 10e 7o 4o 5o 2o he shalbe fortunate in that place, that is signifieth by Domino 11e or by Domino ascendentis being fortunate.

¶5665If they be in 7o he shall have good fortune by marriage

¶5666If in 8o by havinge the goods or Lands of one that shall die

¶5667If in 10o by servinge some nobleman, or by some greate personage

¶5668If in 4o by his father or mother.

¶5669If in 9o by some travellour or stranger, or by some learned man

¶5670In 5o by children.

¶5671Dominus ascendentis and in 4o the partie shalbe of greater fame after death, then he was living, and the elder he waxed, the richer and mo{re} famous he shalbe, and he shalbe much seene in naturale causes, and in the course of nature.

¶5672 Dominus 7e in ascendent in not remotus, retrograte in his terminus occidentall the woman shall marrie and of greate blood, that shall consume her livinge, and leave her in the end.

¶5673 Dominus ascendentis in 8. orientall in the triplicitie and face, the partie shall come to greate Lands and livings by the dead.

¶5674But if in such a case doe seperate a Domino ascendentis and applied to in ascendente orientall in his face in signo Ascendente she shall marrie with a man of greate birth, that shall consume her substance and Land.

¶5675As giveth riches and dignitie.

¶5676Soe giveth povrtie and needines, and consumeth all and causeth envie, and infamie, and miserie.

¶5677Dominus Ascendentis in 8. at a to in and Dominus 7e in in ascendente.

¶5678The woman shalbe a greate adultress, and have manie husbands livinge together, or manie shall keepe her.

¶5679 and in ascendent sheweth the partie is full of words, except they be in

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 58r>

¶5680 Dominus ascendentis in 6o in the partie is full of words \{illeg}/ both by nature and accident, he is hastie, selfe wild, colloricke, a whore master and given to much dronckennes, a keeper of ill companie, and will spend all, a ranter and proud.

¶5681 Dominus ascendentis et 12e in 7o and Dominus 7e applieing to by it signifieth the partie shalbe arrested.

¶5682 Dominus 7e in in 4o retrogradus the defendant is carles and slouthfull, and retckles and negligent, a consumer and spender of his wealth and patrimonie, and will consume all.

¶5683If Dominus ascendentis and Dominus 11e be unfortunate, he shalbe unfortunate in his desires.

¶5684 Dominus ascendentis perigrine in in 8o he shalbe unfortunate to come to anie that be dieinge.

¶5685Dominus ascendentis unfortunate in 6o she shalbe and is unfortunate amonge sicke folke, or to come to anie that be sicke, or to meddle with them or to give them anie thinge or medisen.

¶5686Dominus ascendentis unfortunate in 12o let him not come amonge greate beasts, nor have to doe with them, nor to ride horses, nor buy or sell them, they are unfortunate unto him; Let him not come in prisons, nor have to doe with prisoners or Joilors.

¶5687Dominus ascendentis unfortunate in 9o let him not goe to lawe, nor have to doe with Lawyers, nor with the clergie, nor with scribes, nor goe anie longe journey or voyage, they wilbe unfortunate to him.

¶5688Dominus 9e unfortunate in 9o or in ascendent idem.

¶5689Dominus ascendentis unfortunate in 7o in signo 7o let him not marrie for marriage wilbe unfortunate to him, nor let him not use the companie of women, for he will consume him selfe and substance on them.

¶5690Dominus 7e unfortunate and in ascendent or in 7o idem.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 58v>

¶5691An Infortunate planet, in 7o idem.

¶5692Dominus ascendentis in ascendente, in signo not remotus, unfortunate, he wilbe unfortunate of him selfe all his life, and in all his action{s.}

¶5693If an infortunate planet be in ascendent not remotus. idem.

¶5694If be combuste, he shall lose his bockes, writings and children{.}

¶5695If be combuste, she shall lose his jewels.

¶5696If be combuste, he shall lose his money and substance and his dignities and offices.

¶5697If be combuste, he shall lose his lands and cattell.

The Examination of ones life.

¶5698If be combuste, he shall lose his armour and weapons, and his castells and stronge houlds.

¶5699If be Dominus ascendentis or Dominus horæ, peregrine or unfortunate in 3o or in signo 3e Domus, he shalbe unfortunate amonge his kindred and have much trouble by them, and cause them much trouble

¶5700If Dominus 3e be unfortunate in 3o his kindred and brethren and sisters shall hinder and trouble him much and cause him much evil{l}{.}

¶5701If anie unfortunate planet be in 3o his kindred shalbe unfortunate and it is ill for him to journey.

¶5702If be unfortunate he shall lose his cattell, butter and cheese.

¶5703If be Dominus ascendentis or Dominus horæ unfortunate, and in 4o he shalbe a trouble to his parents, and a hinderance to them

¶5704If Dominus ascendentis be unfortunate, and in 4o idem.

¶5705If Dominus 4e be unfortunate and in 4o his parents wilbe unfortunate amonge and to them selves.

¶5706If Dominus 4e be unfortunate, and in ascendent his parents wilbe a greate trouble unto him, and cause him much trouble and relie upon him.

¶5707If Dominus 5e be unfortunate and in ascendent his children will trouble him much.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 59r>

¶5708If Dominus ascendentis be unfortunate in 5o he shalbe a trouble to his children.

¶5709If Dominus 5e be unfortunate, and in 5o his children shalbe unhappie and a trouble one to another, and among them selves.

¶5710If and doe behould the 5. house by or he shall have no children or none that will live, for they destroy and kill the children.

¶5711If be Dominus ascendentis and in 4o peregrine, in with and .

¶5712Dominus horæ in 7o peregrino obcessus of and that partie wilbe much troubled in mind, and will fall into dispaire or be madd about 21 yeeres of age.

¶5713 Dominus ascendentis peregrine, unfortunate in {illeg} in with in 6o he shall travell from place to place, and shalbe unfortunate amonge his owne kindred.

¶5714 Dominus 9e in in 9o he shalbe given to call and to see spirits and Angells

¶5715 Dominus ascendentis in peregrine, occidentall in ascendente obcessus of Cor {s}corpion. and of he shalbe a man of greate spirit, tall of stature, A greate spender, and subtill in evill. A greate longe bushie berd, betweene reddishe and flaxen, a swearinge fellowe, longe and leane visage.

¶5716 in in 8o in a or of Dominus ascendentis he shall marrie one that wilbe given to spend, and he shalbe a dronckard, a whoremaster, a greate gamster, and shall consume all, and shalbe troubled with the Gout.

¶5717Dominus ascendentis unfortunate, retrograte peregrine, in 7o not remotus, as 28. retrograte 7o let not the woman marrie, for marriage shalbe evill and unfortunate to her, for she shall undoe her selfe thereby in bodie, and goods, for either he that she shall marrie shall never love her, or he shall consume her substance, and leave her to shifte for her selfe, or els his nature shall not agree with his bodie, but corrupt it and consume her with sicknes, and so she will die.

¶5718{} Dominus 7e in retrogradus in ascendente in signo ascendente she shall marrie {one} husband, that shall consume much, and be a carles man.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 59v>

¶5719 Dominus 3e in 11o the partie shall have a consuminge sonne, which shalbe leud in his conversation.

¶5720 Domina 9a in 2o in a to in 7o in the woman shall marrie one, and shall another, that is some secretarie, or scribe, that shall doe her much good, for whose sacke, she shall live longe a widdowe.

¶5721 combuste in goeinge to the , he hath or will have some impediment in his tongue, or speache and wilbe dombe and not speake

¶5722 combuste in he will kicke in his speakinge and stammer.

¶5723 combuste in a watrie signe, as in he will have some impediment in his hearinge, or be deafe

¶5724If and be combuste in in a watrie signe, goeinge to the he wilbe both deafe and dumbe.

¶5725If and be in of or he wilbe blinde in the lefte \of and he will have impediment in bo{th}/ his eyes, and be blind.

¶5726If the be combuste and goeinge to the there \in of or , he wilbe/ blinde in the left eye.

¶5727If in the right eye.

¶5728If the be combuste and goeinge to the there wilbe impediment in the left eye, and the left eye will hurte the righte.

¶5729If be in of in he will have some impediment in his smellinge or taste.

¶5730If be combuste in \/ or he will have the stone in the rain{es} and the hemorodds.

¶5731If be combuste in or he will have the stone in the bladder and the hemorodds.

¶5732Dominus 10e in ascendent in signo, the partie shall dwell with a master, if she be a woman, that shall love her well, and lie with her; If it be a man his mistr{es} shall love him well.

¶5733Dominus 7e in 2o unfortunate the husband of that woman aske the question then she consumes or will consume the man, or her husband, if the man make the question he will consume the woman. |that spend all she hath and take it from her, and robbe her, if it be a man his wife shall consume and spend all.|

¶5734{illeg} Dominus Ascendentis unfortunate and in 8o if the woman aske the question, then she <MS Ashmole 363, f. 60r> consumes or will consume the man, or her husband, if the man make the question he will consume the woman.

¶5735 Dominus ascendentis in peregrine in with and cor scorpii in ascendente and and in in 2o that woman shalbe a leud and common whore and shall get much and consume all, and have much losse, much trouble, and in the end of 25. yeeres shall die miserable of the poxe.

¶5736 Dominus 4e in ascendent in non in signo ascendente in with the partie, thoughe her life was leud, yet she shall make a penitente and a good end.

¶5737 signifieth the reasonable soule, and good spirite.

¶5738 signifieth the unreasonable soule and badd spirite.

¶5739If be stronger and more fortunate then the the reasonable soule, is more stronger, then the unreasonable soule, and then althoughe that the world, the flesh, and the divell doe tempt one, and make him runne into thousand sinnes and inconveniences, yet the reasonable soule and good spirit doth call him backe, and makes him penitente for it, so that in the end he shall die in true repentance, because his conscience will vexe him for he feeles allwayes his conscience tellinge him he doth ill, and bidds him repent.

¶5740If stronger then then the unreasonable soule and ill spirit is stronger then the reasonable soule and good spirit; and such men have not the feare of god before their eyes; they neither see nor remember their sinnes and wickednes, but they runn on and never repent, but are altogether led away with the world, the flesh and the divell; and so runne into hell headlonge, they have no conscience nor feeling of grace, they make accounte of the tyme and life, and pleasure present, but not of that that is to come, they have their portion in this life.

¶5741 Dominus ascendentis or Dominus 11e in 11o fortunate, he shall have much good fortune.

¶5742 Dominus ascendentis or 11e in 12o fortunate, he shalbe fortunate in horses and greate beasts, and in Countrie, Tillage or husbandrie et e contra.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 60v>

¶5743 Dominus ascendentis or 11e fortunate in 6o he shalbe fortunate in small beas{tes} and unfortunate in Tillage and husbandrie.

¶5744 in 6o fortunate beinge Dominus ascendentis or 11e he shalbe fortunate in outtin{ge} or in bloud lettinge, and in fightinge and in fence pleaicinge.

¶5745 Dominus ascendentis or 11e and in 12e fortunate he shalbe unfortunate in surge{rgy} phisicke, cuttinge, and lettinge of bloud.

¶5746 fortunate in 3o or 9o he shalbe fortunate in travell.

¶5747 in 9o fortunate, he shalbe fortunate in longe journyes in travell, in phisick{e} and in dreaming, and {life it} \{s}he/ be in a fierie signe, he shalbe fortunate in Mettal{l} matters, and in gouldsmiths crafte.

¶5748 in 5o fortunate, he shalbe fortunate, in children and amonge woemen in travell, and to be a Nurse to children.

¶5749 fortunate in ascendent he shalbe fortunate at home in the place of his livi{ng} in beinge a scribe, a counsellor or schoole-master.

¶5750If in the 11e house be an earthie signe, let him seeke his fortunate towards the weste.

¶5751If it be a fixed signe in 11o he shall find or have good fortune without anie labour or travell or much a doe.

¶5752If it be a movable signe, he shall find fortune with much labour and travell.

¶5753If it be a common signe in 11o he shall obtaine fortune or live with some travell and labour.

¶5754If in 11o be an aireie signe as let him seeke his fortune towards the Easte.

¶5755If there be in 11o a watrie signe, and Dominus 11e abscluded in 11o in a fier{ie} signe, let him seeke his fortune Easte.

¶5756If in 11o be a watrie signe and Dominus 11e in an earthie signe in 11o let him seeke his fortune towards the easte by note.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 61r>

¶5757 in        ascendent in retrograte beinge Dominus 2e consumeth all she hath, for she will marrie with a sailour or travaillour that will consume all she hath.

¶5758If Dominus 7e in retrogradus in 8o with and in in 8o the woman shall have 2 husbands livinge at one tyme, and her firste husband shall consume all, and sell away all, and she wilbe a whore.

¶5759If Dominus ascendentis and in || in 6o or in signo 6o the woman wilbe much troubled with swellinge in the throate, and with the kings evill or such like.

¶5760Dominus 9e in ascendent the partie shall marrie with a prieste.

¶5761 in in 7o retrograte peregrine not remotus, and Dominus 7e in 10 peregrine, her husband shalbe proud, arrogant, envious, trecherous, full of words and a man of many religions, in whome there is neither, faith, honestie, religion, no truste, for he wilbetraid his father, a villan and yet a preste.

¶5762If Dominus 10e be in 4o in a of in in 7o retrograte the mother of the woman shall never love her husband.

¶5763 Domina ascendentis in in ascendent in her tripliciti, the partie shalbe proud disobedient and a whore.

¶5764If in such a case be to Dominus 4e she wilbe an enemie to her father, which will make him little regard her.

¶5765If be in a of Dominus 7e in 10o she wilbe an enemie to her husband, and also to her mother, and they wilbe enemies to her

¶5766 Domina ascendentis in in ascendent beinge Domina 12e in a of and to and applieing to in in 7o retrograte he shall die of a consuminge disease and languishinge of some poisen taken, or els by enchantment.

¶5767 Dominus ascendentis in peregrine in 9o or octavo, in signo 9o maketh a <MS Ashmole 363, f. 61v> woman movable, unstedfast and convertible in her religion a Browniste and will die of a catarrus.

¶5768If Dominus 9e be in ascendent in such a case in peregrine not remotus her religion shall cleave unto her till her death, and she shall buried out of christen buriall.

¶5769 in in 12o seperans a in 7o applicat in 12o in peregrin{e} she shall have much trouble about her religion.

¶5770 Dominus 4e in peregrine 7o in signo 8e to Dominus 9e et 8e retrogradus in in ascendent and in 4o the partie shall not be buried in christen buriall, nor noe regard made of her, and after death she shall have shame and be ill spoken of, and soone out of mind.

¶5771Dominus ascendentis and Dominus 5e both one planet and in peregrine in 8o to Domino 8e or in anie aspecte of or she shall have manie conceptions, but none of her children will live, but either she shall mistarry of them, or when they be borne, they not live longe after.

¶5772 Domina ascendentis in with in 5o the partie wilbe much troubled with swellings in the throate and will die of the plague.

¶5773 Domina ascendentis et Domina horæ in in 5o in her triplicitie and applicat in in 10o the woman shall come to greate dignitie, she shall marrie with an ould man that shall make her accounts, but she wilbe unstable and unfaithfull, and wilbe liberall, and doe good to her enemies, but will doe nothing for her friends, nor for those that deserve best of her, and doe moste for her desirous of honour, but will requite noe good deeds, full of vaine words, and goulden promises, but noe deeds, which intent will cause her woe and sorrowe and abridge her of her good fortune, and she shall have noe children.

¶5774If Dominus 11e be in 12o he shall have good fortune in greate beasts and amongste his enemies.

¶5775If Dominus 11e be in 3o he shall have good fortune amonge his brethren and kindred.

¶5776If in 4o amonge his parents.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 62r>

¶5777If Dominus 11e be in Angulo, his good fortune is at hand.

¶5778If in a cadent house, then it wilbe longe ere it come.

¶5779If in a succedent house, it shall come in indifferent time.

¶5780If in such a case be Dominus 11e it sheweth his fortune is in blacke or russeth things, or in husbandrie, or with countrymen.

¶5781If it shalbe with gentlemen or with some of the clergie and in white things, or in things mixed with redd.

¶5782If with souldiours, or to be a souldiour, and in redd things.

¶5783If with gentlemen and in yellow things, or to be a servinge man, or a gould smith.

¶5784If with woemen and in white things perteyning to woemen.

¶5785If be Dominus 11e then with ould woemen or Ladyes, and to deale in white things.

¶5786If be in 11o ostendit colorem              \Jovialem et Venerem./ Venerabilem.

¶5787If commiscet colorem, Saturn\in/um et Martialem.

¶5788If Dominus ascendentis be good and stronge, and in 10o in of Dominus 10e or retrograte of Dominus 10 then it shall happen well unto him, and he shall have good fortune amonge gentills, or with noble or worshipfull men, and they shall receive into service, or shewe him greate frendshipp, and he shall behave himselfe well to their consent, and to his owne creditt.

¶5789If Dominus ascendentis be evill in 10o unfortunate, combuste retrograte peregrine, or in his detriment or fall, or in of Dominus 10e then he shall serve som man of worth or gentill, where he will much dishonour him selfe and discreate himselfe, and have greate shame thereby, and thereby losse his service or office.

¶5790If Dominus ascendentis be fortunate and good, and in 2o in or retrograte of Dominus 2e then he shall get much, by his servants et econtra.

¶5791If in 3a then by his kindred, et econtra.

¶5792If be in 2o it sheweth Riote, and much expence vainly.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 62v>

¶5793If be in 2o it signifieth pryvie cosinage \consuming/ of his substance and noe profite.

¶5794If or be in 2o fortunate, it signifieth getting of much money and substance.

¶5795A fortunate planet in the 2. house, and 9th house, the partie shall have much good counsell given him, the which if he can observe and fellowe he may prevente much evill.

¶5796But if in the 2. and 9. house be evill or unfortunate plents, retrograde or combuste then he shall lincke him selfe to evill counsell and to evill companions, whereby he will in tyme over throughe him selfe, and undoe him selfe and misse his purpose.

¶5797If in the 2. and 9. house on good planet and another evill then the shall have both good counsell and evill given him and he shall incline unto the counsell of those with whose plannet Dominus ascendentis doth best agreé in nature and condition by or

¶5798If Dominus ascendentis be a good planet as or and in 9o or 2o retrograde or combuste or unfortunate, and in or of Dominus 9e or 2e beinge a good planet and frindlie. Then he shall have much good counsell given him, but he will followe none of it, but shalbe negligent and not regarded{.}

¶5799The wealth of the querent is considered to be according to the Lord, of the ascendent as he is stronge and fortunate or weake, or as he is in 2o or in of Dominus 2e fortunate, or retrograte

¶5800 or or in 2o direct and fortunate, signifieth gettinge of goods and wealth.

¶5801 in 2o stronge and fortunate. idem.

¶5802 in 2o retrograte or unfortunate, signifieth losses and hinderances.

¶5803Anie retrograte figure in 2o idem.

¶5804A fortunate planet in 6o signifieth good by servants and sick folcke.

¶5805Dominus \ascend./ in 10 fortunate, and Dominus 10 in Ascendente fortunate, signifieth much good office and honour and great credit.

¶5806Dominus 10e in Angulo stronge, he shall have honour in his owne countrie.

¶5807Dominus 10e in a succedent house, he shall have honour not farr from his owne countrie.

¶5808Dominus 10æ in cadenti, he shall have honor and live farr out of his owne countrie

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 63r>

¶5809 Domina ascendentis in peregrine in 6o the woman hath bene a widdow, and hath had good fortune by marriage.

¶5810 Domina 6e in peregrine, applicat Domina 5e in 9o and Dominus 6e in in 5o remota applicat the woman will have a child by one of her servants, or one of her servants will lie with her.

¶5811Dominus 10e in 8o the prince or officirers shall possesse his inheritance left him by the dead

¶5812Dominus 10e in 2o the prince or officers shall possesse his money and houhould substance.

¶5813Dominus 10e in 12o the prince or officers shall take away his cattell and moveables.

¶5814Dominus 12e in 10o his cattell or movables shall fall into the princes or officers hands.

¶5815Dominus 2e unfortunate and in 10o his money and substance will fall into the princes hands, and officers hands.

¶5816Dominus 5e in 10o her child shall live in courte if it be fortunate, or find greate favour of Nobilitie.

¶5817 supra Domino 7e and applie to another planet in 7o the woman shall forsake her husband, and live \as/ a concubine to some other.

¶5818 in seperate a Dominus 7e in in 4o and applie to in 7o retrograte in the woman shall forsake her husband, and live a concubine to some Nobleman, and at his cost.

¶5819 in 7o in in his triplicitie applicans sheweth that woman shall marrie a froward husband, that is verie unstable and movable, proud, froward, and negligent, a consumer and prodigall spender, and shall rejoice in ill, promisinge much and shall performe nothinge; a leud rantinge whore master.

¶5820 combuste in 10o sheweth a vaine, unstable froward, and unfortunate fellowe, if she be one of the Lady, of the 3 triplicitie of the signe wherein is, and a signifier of a husband.

¶5821If Dominus ascendentis and Dominus 7e be both in one signe, as and in <MS Ashmole 363, f. 63v> in 7o then the or she shall marrie one that is a neighbour verie neere.

¶5822If Dominus ascendentis and Dominus 7e be in divers signes, then the partie shall come out of some other place, whome she shall marrie, and shall not be a neighbour{.}

¶5823And the further Dominus 7e and Dominus ascendentis are asunder the further of shall the man or woman bee, whome he or she shall marrie.

¶5824A mans enemies are signified by the Lords of the 7. 8. and 12. houses and by their Lords and planets in them.

¶5825If be Dominus 8e and in ascendent peregrine applicans Dominus 12e in 8o in retrograte peregrine, then some evill spirits or feiries shall hunt the partie, and make it sicke and pinche it very much, and seeke to destroy it.

¶5826 Dominus 7e et 8e in 9o in his fall or detriment sheweth, that his enemies shall seeke his death by enchantment.

¶5827Dominus 12e in 9o in or of the ascendent or his Lord. idem.

¶5828Dominus ascendentis in 7o he shalbe an enemie to him selfe, and procure his owne harm{.}

¶5829Dominus ascendentis retrograte, he wilbe negligent, unstable and unfaithfull, and wil hould no promise.

¶5830Looke in the constellation of a woman by night. how manie plannets there be betweene the Lord ascendentis and the degree of the 7. house under the earth; so manie husbands shall she have, as if be Domina ascendentis in 3o in 1. degree, and there be in 17 4o and 21 in in then she shall have 3 husbands, and 2 of them shalbe of one name, aboute 22 yeeres of her age.

¶5831If in such a case 2. planets be in ther 2 Kinsmen shalbe scutors to her at one tyme, and in in 4o signifieth a shipwrighte and one that hath shippinge of his owne, and adventureth by sea.

¶5832{illeg}|| in 4o signifieth some sea Captaine.

¶5833And if it be in a constellation by day, then see how manie planets are betweene Dominus ascendentis and the degree of the 7. house above the earth, beginninge at Dominus ascendentis and reckon from him, from the Easte to the south, and so to the 7. house et econtra.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 64r>

¶5834Tres planetæ dant {gran}des divitias, videlicet. and

¶5835Dominus 2e in exaltatione sua erit valde dives.

¶5836Dominus 2e in sua Domo, idem.

¶5837If be Dominus 2e in his owne house or exalti|a|tione in ascendente or in 2e or in Angulo, he shalbe wonderfull riche.

¶5838Quando duæ conjunguntur infortunæ fit ex eis fortuna perfecta, sicut ex duarum fortunarum conjunctione.

¶5839Non prodest aspectus vel infortunarum: sicut non obest vel fortunarum.

¶5840Cuicunque fuerit us in radice in Domo ni erit magni intellectus longæque cogitationis, sapiens et philosophus.

¶5841Si quid significaverit aliquis planetarum in nativitatis radici, cum divisio et Dominus divisionis sit divisor, ad eum perreverit apparebit ejus significatio, sive in bona aut mala.

¶5842If and be all in in one degrée, he shalbe a prophet, or some holie hermet, and much belived.

¶5843If all the planets be in moiste signes as in the partie shalbe fatt and continually troubled, with a scouringe or some fluxe or other, and especially if a moiste signe be in ascendent

¶5844If Dominus 6e be in in 6o with and in in 6o the partie shalbe longe troubled with a scouringe or some fluxe.

¶5845If be Domina ascendentis and in in 7o not remotus|a|, the partie shall keepe house muche; and shall not be able to goe abroad, because of some scouringe or fluxe she shalbe troubled with.

¶5846If in 5o be a moiste signe, and Dominus ascendentis and Dominus 5e be both in moiste signes the woman shalbe much troubled with a fluxe of her course or have them often and abundantlie.

¶5847Dominus ascendentis in retrogradus in 11o in with and both combuste or sub-radiis goeinge from and to in retrograte in 5o and in a of in in 4o the child shall love two other mens wives, by whome he shall have children, and the first of them shall make him consume himselfe, and but him in hazard of his life. The 2æ shal love him and spend much on him. And in the end he <MS Ashmole 363, f. 64v> shall marrie a younge woman of his owne kindred.

¶5848 Dominus ascendentis in occidentall retrograte and be also Dominus horæ in signo 10o the woman shall attaine to be a Lady, but she wilbe poore and full of mind misterie, and lead a hard life, if it be a man, he shal be a poore and needie knighte.

¶5849Dominus ascendentis in 10o or 9o in signo 10e and have anie dignitie, he shalbe a knight, or come to some greate worshipp or honour; and the woman shalbe a Lady.

¶5850Dominus ascendentis and in in 4o the partie shalbe of greater fame after his death, then he was livinge.

¶5851 Dominus 7e in ascendent not remotus, retrograte in his terme, occidentall if it be a woman she shall marrie one of greate bloud, that shall consume her livinge, and leave her in the end.

¶5852Dominus ascendentis in 8o orientall in his triplicitie and face, the partie shall come to great lands, and living by dead.

¶5853But if in such a case, doe seperate from Domino ascendentis in 8o and applie to in ascendente orientall in his face in signo ascendente she shall marry with a man of greate birth that shall consume her substance and Lands.

¶5854Dominus ascendentis in 8o in and at a to in 10o and Dominus 7e in ascendente the woman shalbe a greate adultris and have manie husbands or manie shall keepe her, that shall consume her.

¶5855If one planet be Dominus ascendentis et 12e as in in 8o combuste obcessus of Dominus 10e and Dominus horæ, and of Dominus 3e and also in 9o all 3 in 7o in 9o applicans per in in 7o that partie shalbe muche vexed with spirits in her youth, by the ordinance of god, and they shall take her, and carrie her away, and she shall have power to see spirits and speake to them, but they shall not hurt her, but leave her againe.

¶5856If one planet be Dominus ascendentis and 12e as in in ascendent in with and the goe from in in ascendente and applieing to in she shall see noe spirits, but spirits invisible shall followe her, but she shall not see them, for that she shall be drenched in the lusts of the flesh and <MS Ashmole 363, f. 65r> of the world in her youth, which wilbe the cause of her overthrowe and hinderinge of her good fortune, for she shall lie with a man before she be 15. yeeres ould, and after beinge with child shall marrie one that shall not love her, and then beginns her sorrowe and miserie, she shalbe beloved of manie, and shall lose what she getts by cousoninge and falshood, and she shalbecome a common harlott.


¶5857The 4. house and his Lord, and the by day, cum planetis in 4o doe signifie the father, and by night.

¶5858The 10. house and his Lord, and by day and by night, cum planetis in 10o doe signifie the mother.

¶5859If the Almuten patris (which the planet, that hath most dignities in the signe ascendent in 4. Domo.) be in signo ascendente aut in ascendente Dominus ascendentis in 4e|o| Domo, then the father shall love the child and the child shall love his father well.

¶5860If be Lord of the nativitie by night and signifie the father, and be Lord, of the house wherein Dominus ascendentis is, the father shall love the child well.

¶5861If the Almuten matris be the selfe same planet, that is Lord of the ascendent of the radix and in 4o the mother shall love the child.

¶5862If by night be in 10o nor in ascendent nor aspect. the Lord of the Radix by the mother shall not love the child.

¶5863Dominus 10e in 4o and Dominus 4e in 12e retrograte in his detriment or falle, then the mother shall out live the father.

¶5864If by night be stronger and better placed then then the mother shall out live the father, et econtra.

¶5865If in such a case be in 5o in suo detrimento, and in in 6o in his face, the mother shall live out the father, et econtra.

¶5866And finallie if the signifiers of the father be stronger and better placed then the signifiers of the mother, then the father shall out live the mother, et econtra.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 65v>

¶5867If in a radix by day be in in ascendente applicans Lord of the 10e house, and 8. house and be combuste of Dominus 4e beinge in in his fall the mother shall die before the father through griefe, and the father shalbe the cause of the mothers death.

¶5868If and Wednesday be in ascendent it signifieth that child shalbe noe foole, but get \yet/ he shalbe full of words.

¶5869If and be in ascendent he shalbe little serviceable, but shalbe fantasticall, and a greate mocker and giber.

¶5870If and be in ascendent he shalbe true in word and deed, but will dissemble often.

¶5871If and be in ascendent he shalbe a good speaker, and converse much with his foes and enimies.

¶5872If be in he shalbe quicke and readie in learninge.

¶5873If be in 7o he shalbe a greate letcher.

¶5874If and be in ascendent he shalbe a Zodomite.

¶5875If or Dominus ascendentis be in the houses of idem.

¶5876If and be in 10o and in ascendent he shalbe a man of greate largis and expend much.

¶5877If and be in ascendent the child shalbe fortunate to good, and to greate service.

¶5878If Dominus 2e be with a good planet in a good place, he shall have much riches.

¶5879If and be in ascendent and Dominus 8e cum eis, and also in 8o signo vel domo, the child cannot live longe.

¶5880If Dominus ascendentis be in 8o combustus a or in aspect of Dominus 8o idem.

¶5881If and be in in 7o signo, the child shall live longe.

¶5882If be Dominus ascendentis he shalbe ruddie, rude, and somethinge riche, and a man of evill speech, and full of strife.

¶5883If and be in the 3. 5. or 9. house, then all things shalbe profitable to him.

¶5884If and be in 2o 6o or 8o or 12o neither good nor ill, but he shall consume much in 2o.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 66r>

¶5885 Dominus ascendentis and 12e in 7o and Dominus applicans it signifieth arreste and imprisonments.

¶5886 Dominus ascendentis in 8o in peregrine he shalbe unfortunate to come to anie that be dieinge.

¶5887Dominus ascendentis in 6o unfortunate let her goe to noe sicke folke, for she shalbe unfortunate amonge them.

¶5888Dominus ascendentis in 12o let him come amonge noe greate beasts, for they are unfortunate unto him, for either they shall hurte him or some ill will followe of it.

¶5889Dominus ascendentis and in fierie signes, giveth good sight and hearinge, especiallie if or be in or

¶5890Dominus ascendentis and in watrie signes causeth deafnes and hardnes to heare spirites or Angells.

¶5891\ and in earthie signes or fierie signes cause good hearinge of spirits and Angells./

¶5892 Dominus 4e unfortunate in 8o the father of the partie shalbe unfortunate by the death of the partie.

¶5893Dominus 4e unfortunate in 8o idem.

¶5894Dominus 4e fortunate and stronge in 8o the father of the partie shalbe made fortunate by the death of his sonne.

¶5895 Dominus 7e in the first, 10 degrees of in 12o a linnen drop.

¶5896 Dominus ascendentis in the laste 4. degrees of viz in the dignities of in 9o signifieth a woman that sells cambricke and Lawne lace, and such like faire made wares as bands, ruffs. etc.

¶5897 in or or videlicet in domo proprio, vel in domo vel facit hominem Doctissimum in omni scientia et inveniet res suo ingenio quas nunquam dicit ab alis.

<MS Ashmole 363, f. 66v>
Of the infortune of a man and the Causes of a mans infortune.

¶5898A man \beinge/ infortunate in this world in his state and affaires, so that he cannot prosper or effect his purposes, he must search the cause thereof.

¶5899Understand therefore that the infortune of all men comes allwayes by one of this 7. means or manner of wayes.

¶5900Eyther by the constellation of his birth, for that he is borne unfortunate. Or by God above nature, and then he is infortunate and punished for sinne, that nothinge doth prosper with him, because god doth punish him.

¶5901Or ells he is infortunate against nature by the divell, which envieinge his foelicitie, as he did Jobbs. doth destroy and consume his goods, and so m