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CASE78411: Prescription for Lady Magdalen Egerton (PERSON48400)


SRN For ye Lady Magdalen Egerton Iune 30. h. 2. p. m. 1633.

Aloes Cicotrina ß. Turbith, and Agarick an. ʒij. Myrabolanj Chebulæ ʒij. Rubarb. ʒj. {v} Masticis calamj aromaticj an ʒj. fiat Massa cū syrupo viola. in 5. pil. dos. once in 2 dayes. at 5. of clocke before Supper. ad to it of p{ill} Rud ʒj.

A dry Diet Drinke to dry vp ye Rheume. corroboratinge ye Animall & vitall spirits Parts.

Take ye barke of lignū sctū. sarsaperilla, sassafras. roote, calamus Aromaticus of sach iij. Sliced cinamoms nuttmegs. & galingall an. j sliced Angelia canded, enula campana canded myrabulo{u}s condited ij. Bisket Bred made with anyseed iiij beaten & pouderd. verven & Celandine. dryed an. . ij. wood bittony Margerā, & rosemary flowers dryed {illeg}ac. . ij. an ß. Pruons .ß. Licoras Aniseeds & reasons an. vj. flower de Luce roote & flag roote boath dryed & sliced let all these be boyled in 20 pints of spring water boyle it till 4. pints be wasted then adde to it Bittony water, Margerū & Rosemary waters an. lib. ß white wyne lib ij boyle it a little more then strayne it & stop it close in a sweet Iug pot.

Take of this euery morneing vj. & the like at 3. in ye after noone & supping with 3 slices of Dyet bread drink vj. more & so vse it as long as any Lasteth.

Let her suppers be during this tyme of bisket bread & reasons of ye sunne. & sometymes ponadoes, with a little bisket bread or 3. slices of dyet bread. \& may drinke after it her dyet drinke before prscribed/ at other tymes either citrons, Lemons or oringes Canded or condited & once in 2 or 3 dayes to take before an houre before such a slight supper. 5. smal pils.

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Aloes cicotr \ʒij/ rud, \Rud ß/ fætid turb an ʒij. salis gēm ʒß fiat mass pil cū syr de S rad q suff dosis ʒj

<p. 511>

The Electuary.

Take of wood Bittony, Dianthos Conserve of \old/ Red Roses, Condited Citrons an. j. Ivory, harts horne specierū de geis powderd an ʒj. venice treacle ʒij. Trochiskes of vipers. ʒj. Let all be well mixed & incorporated with ye syrupe Acetositate citrj.

Dosis as much as a Nuttmeg in ye morneing fasting. & then prsently drink after it vj of ye former dyet drinke puting into this draught only in the morneinge Syrup of Roses 2. Spoonfuls. & not in yt in the afternoone.

Transcribed entry from MS Ashmole 211, pp. 510–511 (p. 510 upper left, p. 510 bottom, p. 510 upper right, and p. 511 upper left)

Cite this as: Lauren Kassell, Michael Hawkins, Robert Ralley, John Young, Joanne Edge, Janet Yvonne Martin-Portugues, and Natalie Kaoukji (eds.), ‘CASE78411’, The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,, accessed 13 November 2019.