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Mr Matthew Claver (PERSON10637)

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Sex: Male

Birth: 1552-05-20-1560-07-21 (est.)

Death: Not recorded in the casebooks

Spouse:Claver, c. 21 November 1603

Residences:‘England > Buckinghamshire > Foscote (also Foscott)’, c. 10 April 1601, 10 April 1601, 3 July 1602, 26 July 1602, 1 September 1602, 23 November 1602, 24 November 1602, 6 April 1603, 21 April 1603, 31 May 1603, 6 June 1603, 5 October 1603, 31 October 1603, 5 November 1603, 21 November 1603, 19 December 1603, 3 April 1604, 24 September 1604, 27 March 1605, 22 July 1605 & 5 August 1605

Case details

CaseDateTimeRole(s)Querent(s)Patient(s)Topic(s)Entry type
CASE106131600-05-1911:30querent, patientSelfSelf, Mrs Elizabeth Longueville [Elizabeth Claver]Medical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE112381600-09-0211:45querent, patientSelfSelf, Margaret ClaverMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE191551601-04-1014:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Nausea and vomiting (Rising)
Medical > Parts of the body > Torso (Stomach, Anus, Genitalia)
Medical > Parts of the body > Head and neck (Head)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Burning and inflamed (Hot)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) (Itch)
CASE203111602-01-2713:30querentSelfMrs Anne ClaverMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE174281602-07-0310:20querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)
Medical > Diseases of the mind (Not specified in question)
CASE175801602-07-2608:15querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE178181602-09-0113:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE182731602-11-2311:45querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE182801602-11-2412:38querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE147541603-04-0610:06querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Lame, numb or paralysed (Trembling)
Medical > Parts of the body > Head and neck (Head, Ears)
Medical > Parts of the body > Torso (Torso, Back, Stomach)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Wind (Wind)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Hearing problems (Tinnitus)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Gripings, gnawings and stitches (Stitch)
CASE136481603-04-2110:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE137831603-05-3109:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE138131603-06-0610:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE156811603-10-0511:40querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Parts of the body > Head and neck (Head)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Lame, numb or paralysed (Trembling)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Hearing problems (Tinnitus)
CASE141061603-10-3111:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE141281603-11-0511:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE141831603-11-2112:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (New ague)Horary
CASE141841603-11-2114:00patientClaverSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE143261603-12-1912:15querent, patientSelfSelfUnknown (Unknown)Horary
CASE209571604-04-0311:00querent, patientSelf, Margaret ClaverSelf, Margaret ClaverMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE163661604-09-2411:00querent, patientSelf, Margaret ClaverSelf, Margaret ClaverMedical > Parts of the body > Torso (Heart)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) (Trembling of the heart)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Hearing problems (Deafness)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Pain and pricking (Pain)
Medical > Parts of the body > Head and neck (Head)
Medical > Illness (general) (Infirmity)
CASE284531605-03-2710:40querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Hearing problems (Deafness)Horary
CASE294411605-07-2217:15querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE294831605-07-3009:30patientMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Self, Sir Edward TyrrellMedical > Current state (‘stat(e)’ or ‘stat(us)’)Horary
CASE458741617-12-2214:28querentSelfMrs Florence Smith [Old Mrs Smith]Medical (Not specified in question)Horary

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