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Young Mrs Frances Fortescue (PERSON19648)

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Sex: Female

Birth: 1596-08-09 (12:30)

Death: Not recorded in the casebooks

Spouses:None recorded in the casebooks

Occupation:‘Medical practitioner’, c. 26 June 1616

Residences:‘England > Buckinghamshire > Mursley (parish) > Salden (Salden House still survives, NE of Mursley, nr Milton Keynes)’, c. 4 November 1606, 9 November 1610, 10 May 1613, 20 August 1615, 18 May 1616, 4 August 1616, 25 October 1616, 20 December 1616 & 30 May 1618

Case details

CaseDateTimeRole(s)Querent(s)Patient(s)Topic(s)Entry type
CASE300871605-12-1816:00patientSir Francis Fortescue [Mr Fortescue]SelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE300951605-12-2012:00patientLady Grace Fortescue [Grace Manners]Self, Lady Grace Fortescue [Grace Manners]Medical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)
Medical > Illnesses (named) (Green sickness)
Medical > Parts of the body > Torso (Side(s))
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Respiratory problems (Cough)
CASE265101605-12-2708:30patientLady Grace Fortescue [Grace Manners]SelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Bloating and swelling (Swelling)
Medical > Parts of the body > Torso (Belly, Stomach)
Medical > Parts of the body > Head and neck (Face)
CASE276921606-06-3009:40querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE281731606-10-0215:15querent, patientSelf, Lady Grace Fortescue [Grace Manners], Sir Francis Fortescue [Mr Fortescue]Self, Lady Grace Fortescue [Grace Manners], Sir Francis Fortescue [Mr Fortescue]Medical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE263971606-10-0407:15querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE302431606-11-0408:45querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE256051610-11-0908:00patientSir Francis Fortescue [Mr Fortescue]SelfUnknown (Unknown)Horary
CASE256091610-11-0911:25patientLady Grace Fortescue [Grace Manners]SelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE413441613-05-1014:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE422221615-08-1116:20querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE422521615-08-2015:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE434021616-05-1814:45 or 15:00querent, patientSelf, Mr Adrian FortescueSelf, Mr Adrian FortescueMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE437211616-08-0408:45querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE441761616-08-0408:45querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE437231616-08-05-1616-08-0602:45-06:39querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Fits)Decumbiture
CASE438731616-09-11-1616-09-1216:00-10:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Fits)Decumbiture
CASE438741616-09-11-1616-09-1216:00-10:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)Nativity
CASE440131616-10-1907:25querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)Horary
CASE439961616-10-2510:25querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE440601616-11-0708:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Treatment (Treatment follow-up)
Medical > Parts of the body > Head and neck (Head)
CASE440861616-11-1313:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Fits)Horary
CASE441301616-12-0511:45-14:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Treatment (Treatment)Horary
CASE441731616-12-20-1616-12-2104:00-08:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Fits)Decumbiture
CASE441741616-12-20-1616-12-2104:00-08:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Fits)
CASE441751616-12-20-1616-12-2104:00-08:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Fits)
CASE441771616-12-20-1616-12-2104:00-08:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)Nativity
CASE441781616-12-20-1616-12-2104:00-08:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)Decumbiture
CASE467461618-05-3015:45querent, patientSelfSelfSex, family and generation (Pregnancy)
Medical > Diseases of the mind (Not specified in question)
Medical (Not specified in question)

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