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Mr William Marsh [March] (PERSON33018)

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Sex: Male

Birth: 1577-12-22-1579-12-20 (est.)

Death: Not recorded in the casebooks

Spouses:None recorded in the casebooks

Residences:‘England > Bedfordshire > Dunstable (parish) > Dunstable (town)’, c. 21 December 1612, 23 May 1614, 25 June 1614, 21 April 1615, 12 April 1617, 17 April 1617, 22 June 1618, 4 March 1622, 23 March 1622, 17 April 1626, 14 March 1628, 8 October 1629, 24 October 1629, 19 December 1631, 31 December 1631 & 5 May 1632

Case details

CaseDateTimeRole(s)Querent(s)Patient(s)Topic(s)Entry type
CASE407011612-12-2111:25querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE234291614-05-2015:00querentSelfAnonymousPersonal affairs (Treasure)Horary
CASE234271614-05-2316:20querentSelfAnonymousPersonal affairs (Treasure)Horary
CASE236171614-06-2519:25querentSelfJane MarshMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE244411615-04-2110:25-16:00third partyMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Personal affairs > Communications (Gifts)Diary
CASE447041617-04-1717:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Diseases of the mind (Not specified in question)
Medical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)
CASE452401617-06-2819:00querentSelfMarshMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE452571617-07-0110:00querentSelfMarshMedical (Not specified in question)
Medical > Witchcraft and devil (Witchcraft suffered (medical))
CASE466541618-05-1808:40-?patientMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]SelfMedical > Treatment (Treatment)Interrogation (Treatment)
CASE468131618-06-07-1618-06-0807:30-08:25third partyMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Personal affairs > Business affairs (Preaching)Interrogation (Visit)
CASE468111618-06-0719:28patientMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]SelfPersonal affairs > Place list (Journeys)Interrogation (Sending message)
CASE469141618-06-2206:20querentSelfMarshMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE487451619-05-1806:40querentSelfDaniel MarshMedical > Diseases of the mind (Mopish)Horary
CASE514461620-08-2416:30querentSelfAnonymousMedical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)Horary
CASE263101620-09-1119:00querentSelfMarshMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Fits and convulsions (Convulsions)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Lame, numb or paralysed (Trembling)
CASE533021621-11-0409:00querentSelfMr Robert JonesMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Wasting (Consumed)Horary
CASE537491622-03-2312:45querentSelfGeorge CatalineMedical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)Horary
CASE620721626-04-1714:00querentSelfAnonymousMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE655241628-03-1411:00querentSelfAnonymousMedical > Diseases of the mind (Tempted and suicidal, Mind)
Medical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)
CASE655831628-03-2012:30querentSelfEdward WatersMedical > Treatment (Requesting sigils, Requesting treatment)Horary
CASE694151629-09-1808:30querentSelfEllen HixsonMedical > Diseases of the mind (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE695401629-10-0807:00querentSelfEdward WatersMedical > Diseases of the mind (Uncategorised)
Medical (Not specified in question)
CASE696281629-10-2417:39querentSelfAnonymousMedical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)Horary
CASE735151631-12-1911:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Fevers, chills and sweating (Malignant fever)Horary
CASE735671631-12-3111:00querentSelfMr Robert GoldsmithMedical > Diseases of the mind (Lightheaded (passions), Mind, Troubled)
Medical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)
CASE745261632-05-0513:00querent, patientSelfSelfUnknown (Unknown)Horary

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