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Mr Thomas Marsh [March] [the elder] (PERSON4816)

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Sex: Male

Birth: 1566-03-09 (08:00-09:00) or 1566-03-09 (08:30)

Death: ?-1628-02-29

Spouses:Mrs Elizabeth Marsh, c. 16 August 1616 & Abbot [Marsh], 15 February 1627

Residences:‘England > Huntingdonshire > Waresley’, c. 29 April 1599 & 15 June 1599‘England > London > Unspecified’, c. 30 November 1600, 24 May 1611 & 17 December 1618‘England > Bedfordshire > Greathampstead alias Falconers Hall Manor’, c. 13 March 1619

Case details

CaseDateTimeRole(s)Querent(s)Patient(s)Topic(s)Entry type
CASE53151599-04-2719:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs (Loss and theft)Horary
CASE53291599-04-2916:15querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Predictive (General predictions)Horary
CASE53501599-05-0215:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illness (general) (Disease)Horary
CASE55241599-06-15-???:??querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Predictive (General predictions)Nativity
CASE55501599-06-2110:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Cause of the affliction)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Wasting (Lean)
Medical > Illness (general) (Disease)
CASE114721600-11-3018:00querentSelf, Mrs Elizabeth MarshMarshMedical > Illness (general) (Illness)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Lame, numb or paralysed (Lameness)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Diarrhoea and bloody flux (Scouring)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Urinary problems (No urine)
CASE352191608-10-1414:40querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs (Death and/or disease of animals)Horary
CASE352221608-10-1512:15querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE352891609-02-0910:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Preferment)Horary
CASE352911609-02-0910:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Preferment)Horary
CASE352901609-02-1011:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Preferment)Horary
CASE353701609-02-21-1634-04-01??:??querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Predictive (General predictions)
Personal affairs > Life stories (Personal history)
CASE353671609-03-1510:00querentSelfYoung Mr Thomas MarshMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE353741609-03-1613:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illness (general) (Morbus)Horary
CASE353771609-03-1807:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Cause of the affliction)Horary
CASE349611609-03-2315:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illness (general) (Disease)Horary
CASE247311610-05-1218:50querent, patientSelfSelf, Young Mr Thomas MarshPersonal affairs > Place list (Journeys)Horary
CASE249271610-06-0219:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Cause of the affliction)
Medical > Parts of the body > Torso (Stomach)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Fevers, chills and sweating (Cold)
Medical > Treatment (Treatment)
CASE253221610-08-1011:38querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Personal relations (Trust)Horary
CASE254341610-10-0515:30patientMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]SelfPersonal affairs > Place list (Journeys)Horary
CASE411231613-04-0610:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Communications (Gifts)Horary
CASE411321613-04-0617:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE414441613-05-2820:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE439281616-08-16??:??patientMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Self, Mrs Elizabeth MarshMedical (Not specified in question)Prescription
CASE259651617-01-1311:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE442281617-01-1311:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE442291617-01-1314:00querentSelfAnonymousSex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary
CASE455701617-10-0714:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE467041618-05-2618:00querent, patientSelfSelf, Mr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]Personal affairs > Place list (Journeys)Horary
CASE467471618-05-3019:40querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Place list (Journeys)
Personal affairs > Current state (Fortune)
CASE468101618-06-0719:28querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Place list (Journeys)Horary
CASE476661618-10-1508:50-11:12patientMr Richard Napier [Sandy] [Richard Napier [Senior]]SelfMedical (Not specified in question)Interrogation (Sending message)
CASE479911618-12-17??:??querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Illnesses (named) (Pox)Horary
CASE479721618-12-1717:50querentSelfAnonymousMedical > Illnesses (named) (Pox)Horary
CASE480411619-01-0717:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE482781619-02-2317:00querentSelfAnonymous, AnonymousSex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary
CASE483641619-03-1312:30querent, patientSelf, Mrs Elizabeth MarshSelf, Mrs Elizabeth MarshPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)
Medical (Not specified in question)
CASE490651619-06-2308:40querentSelfHarrisMedical > Witchcraft and devil (Strange affliction (passions))
Medical > Diseases of the mind (Troubled, Melancholy, Despair, Tempted and suicidal)
CASE508811620-05-1818:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE508781620-05-1818:40querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Medical counsel)Horary
CASE529131621-08-0214:00querentSelfYoung Mr Thomas MarshSex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary
CASE532331621-10-1117:50querentSelfYoung Mr Thomas Marsh, Mrs Elizabeth Marsh [the younger]Sex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary
CASE533381621-11-1213:15querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Preferment)Horary
CASE533931621-11-3010:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Symptoms (specified) > Burning and inflamed (Hot)
Medical > Parts of the body > Torso (Stomach)
CASE539391622-04-2118:00querentSelfYoung Mr Thomas MarshSex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary
CASE548691622-08-3016:30querentSelfYoung Mr Thomas MarshSex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary

Mentioned indirectly in consultation

CASE467051618-05-2617:00 or 18:00

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