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Rueles and observances before youe give Judgment

<f. 12r>

Rueles and Obseruances before youe giue Iudgmēt By A figure.

Ther be 3 principal thing Diligently to be obserued and knowene before youe giue Iudgt by a figure

The firste that youe knowe the directe howare and Iuste Instante time that the questiō was moved in / and soe Erecte your figure to the same Tyme / or ells youe shall commite Agreate {sic} Erroure /

The 2 is that the L of the howare and Dns Ass. be of one cōplection / or of one Tripplicitie or elemente or both one: or that ther be som good Asp. betwen them or ells the question is not Radicall and youe Cannot safly Iudge/

The 3 that youe haue good regard to the 7. h. and his L wher they or any of them be aflicted / by the prsent of an evill pl. or that Dns 7e be combuste, Retrog. or in his falle or Ani waie Letted, yf yt be as is aforsaid youe may not safly giue Iudgment

I haue also found by Exience. that yf on com & aske a question in hora / when the doth Apply to by or that it is not good to giue Any Iudgmente. for that Eyther ther will som greate suspition Arise Totchinge the matter / or som troble or braull to the Iudge Aboute yt. And he that giues Iudgmente shalbe vexed or be broughte To som troble Aboughte yt. or be suspected or eville thoughte of or ill spoken of Thoughe his Iudgmente be true. formā/

Transcribed text from MS Ashmole 240, f. 12r

Cite this as: Robert Ralley, Lauren Kassell, and Michael Hawkins (eds.), ‘Rueles and observances before youe give Judgment’, The casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, 1596–1634: a digital edition,, accessed 18 November 2019.