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Howe you shall knowe which vivent longest of a man vel muliere

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Howe you shall knowe which vivent longest of a man vel muliere

When you would knowe qui ve|i|vent longius of a man or a woman vel & his wife you shall knowe take the numbers of either of theire names severally, as here are set Downe in the table following as for Adam 4. for Agnes 5. & so of the rest. & you must knowe perfectly where the man were a batcheler or a widower before he maried her or where he were contracted absolutely to any other before or noe. Yf yea then where he were contract to on or to moe then on and if he were a widower howe many wifes he hath buried, on or two or more. & for every maide or woman to whom he was contracted or married where he gave them of or she them, you must ad for every sutch on the number of on to the letters of his or her name for looke what is to be done for the man the same leekwise is for the woman. And when you have added the numbers of the letters of theire names togeather then begin with the older & say as if Agnes be the older & will: the younger & boath batch{e}lers not at any time before contracted to any other, then the number of Agnes is 5. & will: 6 & boath put togeather make a xi. <p. 376> then say Agnes Will. Agnes Will: a xi. times & looke where the number doth end that party shall die first as here the number endeth on Agnes, therfore Agnes shall die first.

Mary & Jhone being man & wife which shall die first. Mary the number of her letters are 4 & the number of the letters of Jhone are 5 & Jhone is the elder & she was a mayd & he a bacheler & neyther of them was contracted to any other before, & the number of boath of the names being added togeather make 9 then because Jhone is the elder I begin with Jhone & say Jhone mary Jhone mary 9 times & the number doth end on Jhone. Therfore dico quod Jhoanna prius morietur.


Mary a maide contracted before to on, whom she maried not but she gave him of, or he gave her of, here Mary must have on added to her name, & wheras it was but 4 before it is nowe 5. & \John/ a widowe & hath bur{ied} on wife & not contracted to any other, here John also must have on added to the number of the letters of his name & wheras it was but 5 {be}fore it must be nowe 6, then put boath her letters number & his togeather & it makes a xi & Jhon is the elder therfore begin with Jhon & th{en} the number doth end with Jhon Ergo Johannes pr{ius} morietur.

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And here note that for every wife, the man had before, you must ad on to the number & his togeather of the letters of his name, yf he have had 2 wifes then ad 2. if 3 wifes etc. or if he were contracted to 2 maides or widowes before though he maried them not, yet you must ad 2 to the number of the letters of his name, if to 3 then ad 3.

And the leeke is to be done by the woman if she were contracted to any man before then ad for every on to whom she was contracted on. & for every husband she hath buried on

Abrame. 6. Adam 4.|)| Abigal Agnes ) 5) Ane 3. Alis 4 \Alc. 3. Abig/ Antony 6. 7) Austin Aminadab. Arnold Allamant Augustin Anstice. A Avis 4 Alexandre Amy 4. Alexandre xi. / Adrian Androw Abraham 7 Asher Bennet. Betteris Beda Bartlemew Benjamin. Bendol, Balam. Balac Bridget. / Christian 9. / Christopher 10. 11. Constaunce, Cornelius Collet. Conrad Cornelia Doryte David Dorcas Dallida Dennis 6. Dan. Edwarde 7. Elizabeth 10, Edmond{e}. 6. Elinor 6. Elin. 4. Ellis Elflet Edgard, Ed{o} Eber Ephraim Eustac fraunces 8. friswith fortun felix. Grace 5. Georg. 5. Giles 5. Guy Godfrey Grigory 8. Gad. Henrie 6. Hellin 6. <p. 378> Hughe 5. Hosias. Josias 6. Jhone 5. Ih Jeanis 5. Joice 5. Jacob 5. Jeane 5. Joan 4. Jeffery 7. Isabel 6. Jilles 6. Jeorg 5. Jonathan Joab Jesus Jeroboam, Jinkin Joram Justinian 10. Judeth Isaac Joseph Julian Julius Judas Judah Issachar Job Israel. Katherin 8 Kalis Ketura, Lea 3. Leonard. 7. Luce 4 Lawrenc 7. Lewis. Luk 3. Levi. Mathew 6. Margery 7. 8. Margaret 8. Melior 6 Mariane 7. Mary 4. Mabil – 5. Martha 6 Martin 6. Manhod Maud, Maplet Manass{illeg} Moses, Morish Marmaduk Marmen. Nicholas 7. Nestor Nabal Nehemia N{illeg}talim. Olife 5. Oliver. Phillis 7. Pearce 6. Potere 6. Phillip 6. 7. a woman. Patrick Phillip 7 a woman Quintilian. Questor. Rombol. 6. Robarte 7. Roger 5. Rafe 4. Ra{p}hel 5. Rachel. 7. Richarde 8. Roose 5. Rob 3 Rawly Ruth Ruben Rosamond Rebecha. Rowland Rankin. Sibila Sisely Sara 4. Sallamon Simon 5. Simeon Sampson Saul Steven 6. Susan Sachary Silvester Swythe{n} Sarah 5. Sirach Sander. Tomson 6. Thomas 6. Tobias 6. Tymothye 8. Unifrete 8 Umfrey 6. Valentin 8. Ursely 6. Vincent 7 <p. 379> William 6 Water Walter 6. Wolstane 8 Winflet Wassail. Zenophon. Xenocrates Xerxes. (Yead 4. / |Zabulon|

The names common boath to men & women.

fraunces Joice Silvester Vincent. fortune Constance Collet Dennys Timothy Phillip Adrian.

Transcribed text from MS Ashmole 174, pp. 375-379

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