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Mr Anthony Lightfoote (PERSON53721)

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Sex: Male

Birth: 1577-09-19 or 1578-09-19

Death: Not recorded in the casebooks

Spouses:Jane [Jean] Lightfoote, c. 17 June 1635

Residences:‘England > Leicestershire > Glooston’, c. 17 August 1625, 17 March 1629, 23 November 1630, 23 November 1630, 10 March 1631 & 27 July 1634‘England > Leicestershire > Church Langton (parish) > West Langton’, c. 11 January 1628

Case details

CaseDateTimeRole(s)Querent(s)Patient(s)Topic(s)Entry type
CASE549481622-09-1609:45querentSelfLightfootePersonal affairs > Predictive (General predictions)Nativity
CASE561211623-04-2216:00querentSelfAnthony CooperMedical > Diseases of the mind (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE578501624-03-0614:00querentSelfJohn ChristopherMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE609681625-08-1715:40querent, patientSelfSelf, Thomas Huglescote, Anonymous, William Aspland, Aspland, Aspland, Anonymous, John Sherwood, Thomas Jordan, Jordan, Alice Tomkins, Valentine Tomkins, Tomkins, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, AnonymousMedical (Medical counsel, Regimen/Diet)
Medical > Illnesses (named) (Plague)
CASE639981627-06-0507:00querentSelfMr Thomas HopkinsMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE647941627-10-1810:00querentSelf, Mr Anthony KingMr Anthony KingMedical > Illnesses (named) (Falling sickness)
Medical > Treatment (Requesting treatment)
CASE651831628-01-1112:30querentSelfMr Anthony KingMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE663371628-06-1210:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical > Witchcraft and devil (Witchcraft suffered (medical))
Personal affairs > Personal relations (Witchcraft suspect)
Medical > Diseases of the mind (Fear)
CASE679181629-03-1713:45querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE689591629-07-1315:45querentSelfRobert WardMedical > Diseases of the mind (Mopish, Frantic)Horary
CASE233591630-11-2313:00querentSelfMrs Mary ChapmanMedical (Not specified in question)
Medical > Witchcraft and devil (Witchcraft suffered (medical))
CASE233601630-11-2313:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs (Loss and theft)Horary
CASE711791631-01-0111:20querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs (Loss and theft)
Personal affairs > Predictive (How long someone will live)
Personal affairs > Communications (Conversation)
CASE715131631-03-1016:45querentSelfRobert BrownMedical > Diseases of the mind (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE716851631-03-3009:00querentSelfMrs Mary ChapmanMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE726651631-08-0607:00querentSelfJays RoseMedical > Diseases of the mind (Mad)
Medical (Not specified in question)
CASE738041632-02-1608:45querentSelfHenry VittleMedical > Parts of the body > Limbs and joints (Legs, Knees)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Bloating and swelling (Swelling)
CASE743111632-04-1315:30querentSelfThomas LightfootePersonal affairs > Business affairs (Occupation)Horary
CASE750531632-07-1018:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Current state (Fortune)Horary
CASE750541632-07-1018:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Current state (Fortune)Interrogation
CASE754931632-09-1415:30querentSelfMrs Mary WadeMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE775041633-06-0720:20querentSelfGeorge MoulsoeMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE775031633-06-0720:30querentSelfJane [Jean] Lightfoote, Lightfoote, AnonymousMedical > Witchcraft and devil (Strange affliction)
Medical > Symptoms (specified) > Nausea and vomiting (Nausea)
CASE775061633-06-0720:30querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE785191633-10-2620:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs (Death and/or disease of animals)Horary
CASE785211633-10-2719:30querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE785911633-11-1013:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)
Personal affairs > Personal relations (Trust)
CASE791281634-07-2718:00querent, patientSelfSelfMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE793691635-06-1719:00querentSelfJane [Jean] LightfooteMedical (Not specified in question)Horary
CASE793711635-06-1807:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE793721635-06-1807:00-08:00querent, patientSelfSelfPersonal affairs > Business affairs (Finance and property)Horary
CASE793731635-06-1808:00querentSelfMr Anthony LightfooteSex, family and generation (Marital prospects)Horary
CASE795321639-05-0608:00querent, patientSelfSelfUnknown (Unknown)Horary
CASE795331639-05-0608:45querentSelfMr Anthony LightfooteUnknown (Unknown)Horary
CASE795341639-05-0608:45-?querentSelfMr Anthony LightfootePersonal affairs > Predictive (General predictions)Nativity
CASE795351639-05-0608:45-19:30querentSelfMr Anthony LightfooteUnknown (Unknown)Election

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